Video Game Girls to pose in the nude!

… Guh. I think this is a stupid move. Woohoo, now we have digital porn stars. That doesn’t exist! Whoo, we’re smart to tap into a “new” market.

You’re mean, Cala. I like you.

As far as a girlfriend, I have one. Now convincing her to read Penthouse with me…

Yeah it is man, my friends and I spend large amounts of time and money on girls that we liked, but mainly got pultonic friends that just bitch about the latest asshole they started dated and why they can never find a nice guy.

So buying porn is just a little more economical for some people

Fucking bullshit. People, as a whole, like masturbating, almost as much as sex.

Be kind Steve, not everyone is a pimp like you.

Naked polygons.

Because there’s nothing wrong with going out with someone just for sex!

To me, there is. They have to have “friend” status before I’m willing to fuck 'em.

It was sarcasm.

Tecmo head guy is also full of shit.

He won’t let them make naked pictures of them, but he’ll seel full-size body pillows with them on them?

I am not seeing the logic here.

I think that line Hades mentioned between “gaming” and “pornography” has finally disappated.

My point still stands that we don’t need Playboy to see naked VG/anime chicks naked.

I disagree, “friends” are harder to get them to have sex with you.

you are mistaken, that line has been gone for a good many years

Not if they’re close enough. And I do speak from experience.

The only issue becomes the aftermath… Shakes head

And Kagon, my sarcasm detector must have been off today. switches it on

it is possible to masturbate without porn, just to let you guys in on a secret.

I knew THAT.

Steve = emogothangstwhore :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Really? You need to talk to 984. I hear he’s replacing Captain O.