Video Game Girls to pose in the nude!

Makes me want to get that Issue just to see what they’ll do. Hoo boy. Should be funny.

Just now noticing Rayne is gonna be nude in Playboy?

I was hoping Ms. PacMan

But then Pac-Man’s secret cross-dressing life would be revealed to the world!

You know, I really am surprised there won’t be any DoA girls. It would be perfect with DoA:XBV

Tecmo head guy said he doesn’t want the DOA girls portrayed in the nude because it cheapens them, or something like that.

Of course, because two square centimeters of fabric make a huge difference.

Well, it does in the real world, it’s the difference between going to the beach and getting arrested.

::dekar!:: The hell?Maybe the subscribers of Playboy magazine got bored of real women?

Given the amount of plastic surgery for their models, I’m not sure you can call them real women.

There’re lotsa DOA hentais out there~ :mwahaha:

I may just scrape up some cash… nah, that costs money.

ill bet their motivation is in trying to make you dweebs buy one of their esteemed publications.

Pshaw. If I want to look at nude video game girls, I can go to just about any hentai site I know of.

I prefer PEnthouse anyway.

Yourself included.

not even close. however, yar, video game porn in such a mainstream outlet can give the user a sense of inclusion to mainstream porno society.

I do anyway. Who cares?

Fuck <b>buying</b> porn.
If you need it so bad, get a goddamn girlfriend. Seems weird comin from me, but it’s not exactly hard to do.

If it was THAT easy to get a girlfriend, this kind of thing wouldn’t exist.