Vagrant Story

I’m stuck! ;o ;o ;o

Y’know the place right after you leave that dungeon in Lea Monde (after that pesky dragon)? It’s some town or someshit; and you end up seeing some cutscene of some guy getting spat in the face by a dying enemy. You eavesdrop on their conversation, and then found out by some general guy and 2 soldiers. I am unable to win the battle. I’ve been using the same sword from the beginning, that scimitar thing (Fan… Fan…Fandago? Fan something) as my weapon. The problem is, each hit deals at most 5 damage.

I don’t know if 'tis true, but are some enemies weak to certain weapons, like halberd, hatchet, etc? 'cause my sword does shit to them.


The main thing that says how much damage you do is whether you’re attacking with blunt, edged, or piercing weapons. Use Analyze to see what the enemy’s weakness is and switch to that weapon. Also, do lots of forging (see the VS Shrine for a great page on it).

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Christ, stop being buttercupped Setz.

Ah yes, welcome to hell.

Your weapons get stronger in certain areas and weaker in others depending on how and against who you use them. I normally kept a sword to use aginst Humans and Beasts, a Spear for Dragon and Evil and a Hammer for Ghost and Undead. Yes, you WILL have to change equipment depending on the enemy every five motherfucking seconds, get used to it.

Right now I suggest you restart and only use the Fandango to kill Beasts and Humans (The dummy counted as a human).

But… you can’t kill the dummy.

And restart? Can’t I just go back into the dungeon and fight enemies with a new weapon to build up like, skills or someshit? I saved INSIDE the dunegeon, rather than in the town.

Setz is a walking example of learned helplesness.

Hey, thanks for helping.

I remember Sin telling you to stay the hell away from this game because it’d be too much for you and I agreed. Or maybe it was Xenogears… either way, the point is the same.

Yes, you can go back in but it’d be even more of a hassle to run all the way back to the dummy, not to mention that since you’ve used the Fandango against Beasts and Undead, you’d have to train the sword about twice as much. By restarting I meant restarting the whole game.

Just hitting an enemy of X type increases the weapon’s affinity towards that element and lowers it towards it’s opposites. I recommended a set of Human/Beast, Dragon/Evil, Undead/Ghost weapons because they are the easiest types to maintain even. Don’t even think of carrying one weapon for each type, you’ll go crazy.

Even if you do not have to kill the dummy, you can. You just have to hit it a lot, probably thrice as much as your attention span would normally allow. Try to pull long-ass combos against it, since it’ll unlock abilities while you’re at it.

Actually, I think it was both Xenogears and Vagrant Story.

Blech, but I’m four hours in. I might restart. Does the affinities grow for each type (blade, sword, spear, axe, etc), or just blunt, piercing, etc?

If you’re having trouble, one thing you can do is use the Defence Ability called Reflect Damage (I think that’s what it’s called). It makes the enemies take half damage from every attack they hit you with. Also, if you can do 5 damage with an attack, that’s actually pretty good. Just use the Chain Abilities called Heavy Shot and Gain Life. If you can chain five or six hits together, you’ll do 40 or 50 HP of damage, and you’ll heal yourself a little, as well.

Affinities are Human, Beast, Undead, Ghost, Dragon and Evil, and they grow when you hit enemies of those types.

Elemental Affinities, the usual Fire, Water, etc, grow as you strike enemies of those elemental types (Don’t even try to balance these, it’s impossible).

Damage Type (Slashing, Piercing, Blunt) is determined by the blade and the handle of the weapon. This will never change unless you forge the weapon into something else. I’d still suggest you make the Human/Beast weapon a Slasher, the Undead/Ghost a Blunt and the Dragon/Evil a Piercing, as it’s the best for most of the trip (You’ll still get fucked, but not as much).

There is no such thing as Sword, Mace, etc stats. The only thing you gain by using one type of weapon a lot is the Break Arts (By killing a number of enemies with that weapon). Almost all Break Arts are useless or at least less useful than normal attacks, except for the 3rd 1HSword Break Art, which is the only sane way of killing the last boss.

By the way: Warlock spells are shit. Magic is only good for stat boosting and healing.

Well, my first warlock one, Spirit Surge or someshit is pretty neat.

So… can I just go back to the dummy and use a different weapon than the Fandango to strengthen against humans?

Yes, I guess you could, but you’ll have to plow trough all that undead shit all over again on the trip twice, not to mention the Scimitar (Fandango) is probably your best weapon right now. Just stop whining and restart.

If I restart, it’s probably more time; 'cause I got to fight that minotaur thing again, go through the boring cinematics, and the Fandango will still be the strongest weapon.

I say if I go back and trek through, I can boost up Fandango more while going there; switch to like a spear or someshit, or another blade/sword, and train with the dummy; making less time.

Just try again using Chain Abilities, man. As I said, if you can do 5 damage with one attack, that’s good enough to win.

But I deal like not even 5. For the battle, I have 100% accuracy, sure, but it says I’ll do 0. I try it anyways, and I do at most 3 or 4. But that is rare.

Edit; not only that, but my Risk builds up quickly.

Do you have any useful Gems that you could stick on your sword? For instance, the Haeralis Gem gives your weapon a +15 bonus against Human enemies. If you cast Prostasia on yourself and use that Gem (preferably with an Edged weapon), you should be able to do at least 5 damage with a starting attack.

I’ve some one named Braveheart, some one about dragons, and some called Locus or someshit… note this is just the beginning of the game. ;o

Yeah, those won’t help you. I guess you get Haeralis later on. You do have Prostasia though, right?

I doubt it.