Unveiling of the Guardian

I am unsure where to post a proper introduction, so I will do so here, and it can be moved later, if that is alright.

I am Guardian.
My real name is of no importance.
I am 17 years of age.
I live in America, so start feeling sorry for me, heh.

I am not too often comedic, though I do have my moments.
I am a serious type, and have my name and Avatar for a reason.

I am in love, and she calls me her Guardian. I make it my sole purpose to make sure she is okay at all times.

The Avatar is our sign. it is a Black Celtic Cross within a Heart, within a Pentagram. I made it using an art program and it took me about an hour to get everything right.

I guess that is all i want to say for now.

~ Guardian :enguard:
(Also, you have a Cecil Smile, but no Kain Smile? You all are evil, heh)


:wave: Hello, Bud! Welcome to RPG Classics! *wonders if I made an introduction, so well, :mwahaha::hahaha;:mwahaha:

I love these RPG smilies…:biggrin:

I learned the word emo today and I think you’re a good example of it. :o

Welcome. Please turn over your sanity at the door, keep an eye on your shoes, and don’t feed the mods. Beware of random flying objects, naked lesbian twins, and the angry death goddess with a scythe.

<!-- I didn’t know it was ban-worthy in the first place --!>

Yeah since this place is REAL crazy…

throws things



…what? :frowning:

Doesn’t look like a pentagram. <.< Aside from that, welcome. you might also not want to get all too serious on these boards. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, seriousness is definitely not necessary OR reccomended here. :mwahaha:

Anyway, welcome, and enjoy yourself. Do not anger the mods, either. >.>


That’s a star, a pentagram consists of lines that cross each other.

waits patiently with arms folded at the door for Guardian’s sanity

I bet your real name is Timothy.

I’m gonna just call you Timothy from now on.

Edit: Durr hurr guys don’t forget to leave your sanity at the door! Barring the fact that everyone here has ten feet of their own head up their ass about their own personal views.

I love you! :kissy: :kissy: :kissy:

Oh, and welcome Guardian! Enjoy life with the weirdos! :cool:

It’s not mutual.

I could figure that out myself, Nulani.
B-but it hurts to hear…
Goes to cry in the corner

Just make sure before you say anything that you KNOW for a FACT that everyone will agree with you, and you’ll do just fine.


It’s totaly a star.