Twilight Princess. After the first six hours and the first boss fight, I can only come to one conclusion: I was right to be on a queue for two hours to pick my copy of Wii. (Of which, one hour and 40 minutes in a warm car ;))

Sure, most of the time still you just run and swish around, but the first dungeon finally got me to THE ZELDA FEEL*. (The fact the little tune when you’ve uncovered something plays from your Wiimote is just golden.)

The controls took a bit to get used to, but now that the whole process is engraved into one’s brain, you’ll have one heckuva time.

Anyone knowhow to get that one chest in the forest temple, in the room to the far left with that wall of vines just ending abruptly before the small bridge?

I rather like the game, but there’s a bunch of tiny errors which irk me. Like how you have to draw your sword before attacking, rather than being able to attack immediately, and the fact that the game keeps spamming instructions for certain attacks. That’s not very annoying now, but just wait until shield bash, which will pop up with absolutely every enemy. Then there’s the fact that you put back rupees from chests when your wallet is full, which is incredibly annoying when you have OCD and try to get all chests. I’m also sad that there’s no enemy commentary by Midna, because that was one of my favourite aspects of Navi and Tatl. And he has an amusing personality, definitely a missed opportunity there.

Also, Link’s fashion sense doesn’t include symmetry whatsoever. D:

The game itself is quite awesome though, and it seems to be goddamn long. I clocked about 7 hours before I even beat the first dungeon. Compare that to OoT.

Man, there are people in Canada waiting in lines at -20 for 8 hours and you guys get it with so much more comfort.

You’re gonna be really pissed when I tell you that they delivered it to my house.

2 days early.

With a free copy of Monkey Ball.

Small country has less freaks. Although said freaks are quality freaks ^^

I’ve already finished the game, I picked it up November 24th, finished it Friday night.

I’d talk about it, even though I have to make the whole damn thing a spoiler field. :stuck_out_tongue:

First off, final dungeon/boss spoilers. I won’t reveal any identities, just desribe how it goes, and how I felt about it.

[SPOILER]The final dungeon is neat, though short. I especially like how there’s two musical themes intermixing in the background, and as you go deeper one fades out while the other gets louder. You’ll know what I mean when you get there. The final battle, though, felt pretty lackluster. There’s four parts to it. The first part is probably the most interesting due to WHO you’re technically fighting, but again, I’ll leave that for you to find out. :smiley: The phase of the battle plays similar to the first phase of the Ganondorf fight in Ocarina of time, in that you have to reflect energy balls back to your attacker. This part is short.

Part two relies on your ability to hit a fast moving target with your bow and arrow without Z-targetting. Remember that second dual on the Hylia Bridge? Kinda like that. The second half of this phase forces you to go into wolf mode and you’ll be using Midna’s GIANT HELMET HAND to try and grapple with the boss, much like you did with the Gorons on Death Mountain.

Part three is on horseback. I’d elaborate on this more, but I don’t want to reveal much. What you have to do here SEEMS like it would be a pain, but if you’re quick this part ends pretty easily.

Final part is a one-on one sword dual. Back Slice works wonders in this fight. You have to be offensive if you want it to end fast. If you play defensively in this fight you’ll never get it done.

Though those four parts make it SEEM like a long final battle, it’s all actually pretty short. And I was also disappointed in how EASY it was. This is the first Zelda game EVER where I wasn’t beaten at least once. I got through it all on my first try. So it was kind of a let down in that department.[/SPOILER]

And now my general thoughts on the ending, and the game as a whole. Again, I won’t give away many specifics and I’ll try to be vague.

[SPOILER]The ending left me a bit underwhelmed. Granted Zelda games have never been about the ending, it’s GETTING to the ending. But even so there was little satisfaction in beating the game. It seems like the very last part of the game was tacked on, actually. I really can’t say more without spoiling everything that happened. But it feels like one of the most unimaginitive finales the series has seen. The ending, and the game itself, really, did little to add to the entire Zelda lore. The entire game feels less like a major chapter in Hyrule’s history, and more like a footnote.

The gameplay and the game itself is huge, and lots of fun. I’m not bashing that. But the story, ESPECIALLY considering how the last parts of the Wind Waker was, feels much flatter. It honestly feels to me like Nintendo had one idea for the story and started producing the game, then half-way through production they changed their minds drastically and as a result the very end of the game just doesn’t feel like it FITS.

Hardcore Zelda fans would probably roast me for that. But I’m not bashing the game, I enjoyed it immensely. But it’s just that the overall story feels a bit lacking compared to what Nintendo has done with Zelda lately.[/SPOILER]

Well those are my uber spoilery parts. I still have to get one final Heart Piece, and lots and lots of Poe Souls yet. I also haven’t tackled the optional dungeon, but right now I am busy with Castlevania Portrait of Ruin, so I’ll get to all that later. :smiley:

For now, grasshopper. For now.

The 5th swordtech changes everything.

I managed not to read any of the spoiler texts. I’m cool. And I may soon have money to get [STRIKE]Zelda[/STRIKE] Wii.

It’s now out for the GC for the 3 of us who still have one, but can’t afford the Wii. Which I might get mine somewhere between the next week thru the next month.

I picked it up for the GC (only $20). There’s something very important people must know: you can pet goats! They “baa!” in pleasure! I was overwhelmed.

Also, in one of the houses in the starting village, you can carry a dog around inside a house. Not how you’d carry around a pot or a rock, but a baby. It’s cute :slight_smile:

Link must be a Nintendogs fan >_>; First a fairyboy, now an animal friend.

At least he’s treating them better than his predecessor did with those pigs.

This is the Metroid Prime 2 of the Zelda series in a lot of ways. I can’t stand the fucking excuse they have for music and Midna is a fucking cunt and I want to eat the bitch.

Music? What music? It’s a bunch of weirdass ambience, as if someone sat on a synthethisizer and wouldn’t stand up. The little twerp does improve on dialogue, but the noises remind me of a bored porn star at times >_<;

The lack of a 2nd joystick to look around is very frustrating. No, pressing one of the nunchuck buttons doesn’t count as a 2nd joystick because you can’t perform any actions while doing that.

I just finished this today on gamecube w/ all heart pieces and poes! i thought it was sweet as, all in all. Disapointments are apart from the homosexual at flight by fowl game and annoyance of Midna, no Mirror sheild, special arrows (fire/ice/light) or hover boots. Also no 3rd sword (like big gorons sword or great fairys sword) and the magic armour cost to be used!. On the boss side of things Ganon wasnt the last boss and ganon/ganondorf were too easy.

Dungeon designs were beautiful as well as boss fights. (esp the arbiters grounds!) the boss there is the def best one in the game.

Umm…I hate to spoil your little rant but there were three swords. You just don’t have access to all three at once.

Technically your right…
But you hardly use it … you dont even get to use it in one temple!

I’m glad to announce I got TP. Still I can’t touch it till the end of February, silly Uni exams.

Funny how people complain how hard it is to find Twilight Princess.

I can’t find Wind Waker anywhere now O_o;

TP over, still need to fetch one heart piece from somewhere. The game was well worth every single one of the fifty hours spent into it.