Trigun:Love and Peace

Does any one ever watch trigun? It’s one of my favorite animes. You dont really hear much about it any more. Its kinda odd. So any one else like trigun?

Liked the setting, liked the music, didn’t like the concept, didn’t like the execution, overall meh.

And they killed Wolfwood. Fuckers.

so what would you rate it?

Somewhere between 6.0 and 7.0. And only that high because it wasn’t so much bad as it just wasn’t good :confused:


well i give it a 8. i like the plot, but i hated the fact that they stopped at 26 episodes. I mean it stinks even more that wolfwood diessob.

Well there’s not really much else they could have done. It could have been even shorter if they followed the manga (they finish the entire first half in about three volumes).

Ya, but do you know how thick those books are? they are like one of those traveling size dictionaries.

actually that’s just because the paper is pretty low quality and there’s only a hundred or so pages

Love Hina was another 26-ep series and had 18 volumes

really i didnt know that. Thanks for telling me somthin new( Man i look stupid).

Most Animes last 25-26 chapters nowadays, super-condensation of manga is nothing new (Houshin Engi, Silent Möbius, D.N.Angel, etc). And you don’t look stupid, it’s a perfectly reasonable thing to not know that.

thanks, you made me feel better, now one of the shortest anime i have ever seen is hellsing its only 13 episodes

I absolutely loved Trigun. Great mix of comedy and seriousness, with the type of after-Earth setting I love. I also love the sense of wistfulness the series gives off, especially in relation to Vash’s mother-ish type person (forgot her name). This is the same kind of vibe Scrapped Princess gives off towards the end. Wolfwood’s death was also beautifully done. Imagine that, a hero pleading not to die, for once?.

The reasons it’s not talked about much anymore are twofold: First off, it’s more than a few years old now. Second, Cartoon Network stopped showing it, them jerks.

Her name was Rem Saverem, if I’m thinking of the same person you are.

I really enjoyed Trigun, actually. The first time I saw it, twas a little strange, but I didn’t come in on the first episode, so…

It was a pretty funny anime, not too long (which I like), had some really cool characters, etc.

Anyway, overall, if I had to rate it, I’d give it a 8.5 outta 10.

Vash being forced to shoot Legato is poeeibly the most knuckle-biting scene in anime.

It was good. It’s a top 10 type show.

ya it is. I love the old western setting also. My favorite character is wolfwood. he is a priest who kills and smokes, its kinda funny. Its really sad on the paradise episode though, i almost cried. But i love his gun it ricks, its like a 3 in 1 thing its awesome. a machine gun rocket launcher and gun holder. Whats your guys favorite character and why?

I’m not sure who my favorite character is, tis hard to choose. I’ve always really liked Wolfwood though. Pretty much for the same reasons you like him.

Actually thats not true. He had his original cross which was the gun holder, but then he got a new one which was the machine gun rocket launcher thing. And another thing legato didnt force him to shoot vash did it of his own free will. Andwolfwood dying was like what I loved.
like it fit so well with the entire series.

i knew that , i was saying that i liked the one tha had the 3 in 1 thingy, and wolfwood didnt shoot vash. i dont know what ur talking about, if ur talking about the quick draw episode, they faked it.