Toronto Photoshops Diversity!

Here in Canada, we aren’t happy with our ‘multiculturalism’; WE MUST HAVE MORE! I just wish they would ask someone older than eight to do their photoshopping.



He’s not even looking at the camera!

I know right? He is totally giving the mom an “I’MA RAPE YOU” look too!


I like how the people who remain white have very slightly darker skin in the shopped one.

Also I can see the pixels and whatnot

Man, that is one shitty shoop. Not to mention the black dude’s really creepy look.

They might as well have put Pedobear on there. The expression is just… yikes.

Maybe you Canadians just aren’t diverse enough. We can send up Mexicans that sneak in here to you?

The neck and head just dont line up- he’s meant to be looking forward and is photoshopped to be looking sideways. Not…possible. And looks fake. Why not use a different picture?

I saw something like this, a University used a photo of a black student and photoshopped his head into a picture from a football game so the photo, used for a catalog of the school or something, showed they had black kids. The kid noticed, and had nevre been to a game so he was pissed they stuck him in there.

The lighting is different.

I’m one of the people that does that sort of thing at my University. I never add someone to a picture unless I get their permission. :kissy:

This is over a month old. There was a small brouhaha and then everybody forgot about it.

There are fewer white people where I live than Arabs now. We’re multicultural ENOUGH.


Sorry, it takes the news to a month to make it out of Toronto; the rest of us don’t live in the center of the universe. :stuck_out_tongue:


The angle of his head is so weird.


Crosses to the other side of the street.


Is that Martin Lawrence?

oh lawd…

I’m going to try and do what they did, only better…

Well I couldn’t find a good pic of any of you guys for the black dude, so I used Morgan Freeman. Yes I know it looks like all I did was cut and past it on, but i couldn’t have Morgan pose for me.

On a non-racist note, did anyone also think the guy in the before shot already looked black?