I just came back from the theater from seeing 9. First off - I really enjoyed the film. Tim Burton brought his usual, bizarre visual appeal that acutally looked and felt something along the lines of Little Big Planet gone wrong. The 1 - 9 characters were really diverse in attitude, outlook, etc so it was fun watching them being pulled through the story. At 1 hr 20 min, it was a very short. There are some movies that do well at this length, but I felt that there was alot more that could have been developed by adding 15 minutes more. However, this also added to the overall feel of the film as you, much like 9, are tossed into this world/film with little to go on and only have what the others before you have discovered in a short amount of time.

Your thoughts?

I saw it yesterday with a few friends. I’d been really looking forward to it, haha. I wasn’t disappointed at all, I thought it was great. The characters and the animation were wonderful (I think I liked 3, 4 and 6 the best). Also I thought the scene where ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ played right before the machine showed up and killed 5 was really well done.

Though I don’t attribute any of the atmosphere of the film…or anything, really, to Tim Burton. The whole thing is based off a short film by Shane Acker, the director, and it was pretty faithful to the mood, setting, etc. of the short film. Tim Burton was just one of several producers, that’s more him funding the film than anything.

My thoughts are that people need to stop making halfassed movies specifically to cash in on quirks in our calendar system like 9/9/09, and actually write something close to their heart.

Yes, because that’s clearly the reason the film was made in the first place. It isn’t likely that they were going to release the movie anyway and then say, “Fancy that, 9/9/09 is the year of release. Perhaps we ought to release it on that date? I daresay that would be clever.” That’s all too preposterous to work.

I would also like to thank the kind Mr. Shingami for blessing us with his fine opinion this day on a work that he has not seen or likely even heard of before this thread.

I envy how blissfully stupid you are about how far people will go to do exactly the kind of thing I just talked about, but I’ve seen too much to share your optimism.

It isn’t likely that they were going to release the movie anyway and then say, “Fancy that, 9/9/09 is the year of release. Perhaps we ought to release it on that date? I daresay that would be clever.” That’s all too preposterous to work.
Your point? Even if this is true, it’s still more than enough reason to scoff at this movie. So scoff I will.


And furthermore, I never actually said my comment applied to this movie :stuck_out_tongue: As a generalization, I stand by it.

Sir, I must respectfully call shenanigans. Ah, but by putting your generalization in a thread about this particular film, you have implied that you were applying your idea towards it. Please do not test my good humour, or I will be forced to politely correct you again!

maybe they really care about quirky calendars you dick

I hate it when any new Friday the 13th movie is released on Friday the 13th. Or when Halloween movies are released on Halloween. They’re just cashing in on a marketing ploy.

For those of us that saw the film…
Did you find 6’s comment on how they were “trapped inside” to be misleading. It got my hopes up that they would be okay.

On the side tangent…
The Omen came out on 6/6/06. I don’t think that was made specifically for the date, although it definately works. However, I do remember a couple movies coming out on 8/8/08 last year purely for the date. By which I mean that they came out on that day with no relevence to it just because it was memorable as a date. I don’t remember about '07, although if a Bond film came out- perfect!

Didn’t someone else direct the movie? I thought Tim Burton only produced this or something.

Yeah, as Kiro told me Shane Acker directed - and wrote - it. But as one of the producers, Burton helps with the visuals, right? The whole opening scene with the scientest making 9 seems right up his alley.

I’ve been following this movie since January and I was VERY pleased with the wait.

Didn’t like how 8 had to die. He was a badassed little…sockpuppet.

I was more upset about 5 and 6, but whatever. 6 was such a weird little guy.

Even when Hades is wrong, he can twist his words not into being right- but to avoid being wrong. You are very careful about what you say, too careful, my sir

You have just been through sooooo much!

That’s a possibility, yes. Though the visuals were mostly straight out of the short film, haha. It’s on Youtube if you care to look.

I’ll check it out. A note I’d like to share - a friend of mine compared 9 as a LittleBigPlanet meets Metal Gear Sold. A bizarre compbination, but funny because it’s true.

I was thinking more along the lines of LBP meets The Matrix.

I saw 9 yesterday because a theater near me FINALLY decided to show it.

I really, really liked this movie. Not overly showing of the Tim Burton influence, which was nice. I like Tim Burton, but this was definitely an effort of different people. The story was good. I like to see a movie like this, in this medium, that isn’t supposed to be for kids. I didn’t think that the story was overly predictable either. I didn’t see their maker being the creater of The Machine but maybe I was too enveloped in the movie to try to think about that stuff.

Something I’ll be buying on DVD when it’s released, for sure.

It’s not nearly postmodern enough for this to be accurate.

The movie was ok. It didn’t really go much beyond ok, there were some pretty memorable scenes and characters (though unfortunately the one ‘female’ character ended up being every kind of stereotype rolled into one…) but the ending didn’t really do enough in my opinion. It seems like it was kinda rushed.