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Okay, other than Aeris’ death, what other scene or song, or whatnot makes you cry in the FF universe?

I kinda got teary at the CG ending of the PS1 version of Final Fantasy 6, Celes’ theme is just so beautiful, and the showed the right scenes for the end I think.

The ending to FFX. That was the only time I felt a real emotional impact.

Oh come on, while it might have been touching, Tidus leaping off of the airship away from his friends is nothing compared to the death of Aeris!

…Are we talking about the same ending? The one where, after finally defeating the ancient evil that plagued their world, all of Tidus’ friends, and lover, have to watch him fade away into nothingness, and there isn’t a damned thign they can do to stop it? The ending where Yuna runs to him to hold him one last time, and passes right through him? That ending?

Anyone who considers Aeris’ passing even in the Top 10 as far as emotional scenes really needs to play more games.

Completely seconded - this immediately came to mind. FFX was a bit of a tearjerker for me. :smiley: I also shed a tear or two in FFX-2 at the end… ha ha.

I also cried in at least a few places in Kingdom Hearts (especially the end) and in Kingdom Hearts 2 when Roxas finds Sora. I was really attached to Roxas, and his disappearing made me sad, okay? I still haven’t finished KH2 since I’m a perfectionist and I want the sooper sekkrit ending scene but haven’t finished the Hades Paradox Cup or completed the Synthesis lists, but I have a feeling that however it ends I’ll need the Kleenex again. (edited for reinclusion so I can laugh with VE a little, whee) With the KH stuff, I think it’s the characters coming of age and how the relationships are affected and endure through their experiences that gets to me.

Also completely seconded. I wasn’t sure if KH counted, but God, the endings affected me so much. Even the opening Attraction mode to KH. When I heard that orchestral version, and watched that opening, I felt so… overwhelmed with emotion.

Which was why I was so disappointed when I went to See Play! A supposedly awesome new VG concert thingie in Detroit. THey advertised having KH music, when all they did was play like, the first thirty seconds of Simple and Clean orchestral, and then went on to jsut do Passion, from KH2. Which, while a nice song, has NOTHING on Simple and Clean.

Sorry, I’m done ranting now.

Edit: oh, sure, edit your post while I was quoting. Thanks a lot, Vicki.

KH is definately a tearjerker, I’ll give you that.
Crono if you don’t consider it one of the top ten, then which ones do you consider to be the saddest?

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Ha ha! Oh snap, sorry about that. I took out the KH part because I figured it didn’t count, but if they have fanservicey representations of FF characters it’s good enough for this. I’ll put it back in, especially for you. :smiley:

since ff characters are in kingdom hearts, it does indeed count.

Final Fantasy 10. The saddest, and Happiest. FF7- The Happiest. People somehow dont like the ff7 ending becauseits too good. Scince you dont ever REALLY cry of happieness, I think the emotional experience is more easily forgotten.

Terra, Shadow, Setzer, Cyan. And the destruction of the world (and what happened next). FF 6, being based on the characters, did it best for me (out of the FFs I’ve played).

I thought the end of X was sad especially when Yuna runs at Tidus facing and falls right throught him and then he puts his arm around her and then walks right through her But Aerith’s ahem was so funny…does tears of laughter count?

I was always partial to the FF9 ending. Not the romance scene, but when Zidane goes back for Kuja (and braves the attacking plants), and stays with him as he dies, even despite all his attempts to kill them throughout the game, just because they have the same origin. And then the Iifa tree closes in on them…

Aeris’ death is FUNNY?! Dude, that is warped.

Gal, technically.

When I was younger, I’d always get a bit choked up in FFIV when Tellah said that he couldn’t cure the twins, because they’d become stone on their own accord. Then, barely an hour of game time later, Tellah up and dies on you followed by the supposed-but-later-disproved deaths of Yang and Cid… FFIV really hit me emotionally as a kid. It still does a bit, but not to the point of tears.

After that one’s roller coaster of emotions, none of the later ones have really gotten to me… no, not even Aerith. In fact, though I felt guilty at the time, the immediate thought going through my head was “well, at least this means I don’t have to catch her up in levels…” >_>

The endings of most story-strong RPGs tend to leave me with a lump in my throat. These include but are not limited to Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, FF6-10, FFT, KH, Legend of Mana, Terranigma, Wild ARMs 1 and 3, Xenogears, Xenosaga Ep. 1, and Vagrant Story. I have to say that the Mitsuda games (CT, CC, XG, XS) have the most beautiful ending themes. CC in particular is unbelievably sad.

I have to say that the KH series is surprisingly one of the most creatively directed series I’ve played. The intro to KH1 was actually a combination of scary, cool, and curious, and the ending was gorgeous. Conversely, the intro to KH2 was gorgeous, and the ending was rather introspective - not as emotionally charged as KH1, but still great.
Honestly, the intro to KH2 was amazing to me - that first moment when the lyrics and drums kick in was like a bucket of cold water. After I finished the game I went and downloaded Sanctuary and must have listened to it twenty times in a week (which I almost NEVER do). Simple and Clean was a great song, but for some reason I got sick of it earlier than Sanctuary.

Getting the super-secret ending for KH2 isn’t really worth it IMO, especially not under Normal. Wait till you go back and do it in Proud mode and get it then.

Whenever I beat a game or play a game I feel some emotional ties to things. I thought Aeris dieing was sad, but it was nowhere near a “tear jerker”. I just hated that I lost all that materia and gil I spent on her.

No I’m just a really big Tifa fan :slight_smile: and a really big Cloud and Tifa together fan :slight_smile: and I just really hate Aerith :slight_smile:
Really I hate her. Excellent end to the first disc