Tissue Time

The most emotional impact that Final Fantasy had on me was when Vivi saw the Black Walts destroy the other Black Mages.

Oh yeah that was really sad. I also felt sad when Garnet was watching Bahamut destroy Alexandria

OH YA! that too

Dude, You’ve got a point. With the disk ending the way it did. And Aerith and Zack belong together, so I’m happy they went to Heaven so he could bonk her brains out in AC.

Xenosaga also left me with a lump in my throat, there there was more emotion I think in parts of the anime than the game. “Shion, Will Pain make me feel more real?” Man, KOS-MOS was kinda jacked up in that part.

Sorry for going off topic like that.

I didn’t know Aeris even knew Zack : /.

No I liked the way the disc ended because I hate Aerith and it made way for Tifa to be the proper main girl in the game (which she should be because Tifa rocks!)

Right, hence all the Tifa pics as your avatar, although in the scene where they fight Bahamut, and she flips Cloud into the air, she either seems to have dirty underarms, or growing underarm hair. I think its the first.

Why did they make her look like Rinoa?

Yeah, she and Zack were a couple, and since he left with her at the end of the movie, I think she has the hots for him. Maybe its Aerith whose going to bonk poor Zack’s brains out.

Cid, I thought about that (since I forgot to start in Proud Mode), but after the fight against the Nobody with a Sitar Whose Name I Can’t Remember Right This Minute among other things… I just don’t know if I have it in me to start over, and I want that secret ending NOW. :smiley:

OK point 1
Why were you even looking at under her arm?shakes head On second thought, I’m not going to go there…

point 2

FFVII was made before FFVIII so it was Riona that was made like Tifa (cause she rocks) and in AC they had to make Tifa in Ac look like Tifa in FFVII

Point 3
I’m not sure who Aerith likes, cause first she likes Zack then Cloud and now Zack? Confusing…or maybe she knew that Cloud was Tifa’s and Tifa would have kicked her ass…

Ok, never has any RPG ever put me into tears, but there were numerous scenes in RPGs that made me feel sad on the inside. I’ve forgetten most of them and need to review, but I can comment on what has been said.

Aerith’s death-I hate Aerith so much. Tifa is so much hotter, and deserves to be with Cloud so much more than Aerith. I too laughed during her death.

FFX’s ending-Considering Tidus comes back in FFX-2, it didn’t really make me feel sad at all.

The endings of FFX-2 and KH2-Memorible, but not anything to be sad over.

KH1’s ending-Seeing as I knew everything would be fixed by the end of the sequel, I wasn’t sad at all either.

FF9-All of the destruction parts and innocent deaths made me feel sad, but they are what supports FF9’s wonderful theme of war. And seeing the characters feel the way they felt made me feel extra sad. The death’s of Queen Brahne and
Kuja left me in more sorrow than any other part in the game. Seeing Zidane next to his brother and Dagger with her
step-mother during those times truly made me feel very sorry for them.

FF4-The death of Tellah and the ending both left me in sorrow. Originally, I felt sad about what happend to Palom, Porom, Yang, and Cid. But when I found out they weren’t dead, that sorrow went away.

Okay point 1: She only lifts her arm to throw him, so what should I do, look away when she does? They’re cute at anyrate! ^^

Point 2: I’ll give you that, but Tifa looks more like Rinoa in Ac than she does in FF7. Rinoa doesn’t look anything like the FF7 Tifa.

Point 3: Maybe Aerith doesn’t like anybody, but this means she’s not getting her brains bonked? Hmmm poor Aerith!

FF9 and FF6 had a lot of good moments, but I still think the saddest ending goes to Lufia 2.

I was rather touched by that, too. I always love an ending dealing with victory, but the realization that there isn’t always a happy ending all around. Poor Jeros…

unfortunately I never got a chance to play Lufia 2

Cid, I thought about that (since I forgot to start in Proud Mode), but after the fight against the Nobody with a Sitar Whose Name I Can’t Remember Right This Minute among other things… I just don’t know if I have it in me to start over, and I want that secret ending NOW. :smiley:

Honestly, the secret ending isn’t all that amazing to look at, nowhere near as cool as KH1’s and almost as confusing. I’m sure you can download an AVI online somewhere in any case.

Maybe I’ll look into that after the sales tax holiday in August, when I finally upgrade my computer. Honestly, trying to watch anything right now is near torture.

It’s true, I didn’t cackle with joy with Tidus jumped off the ship.

The part in FF7 when RedXIII goes back home and discovers that Seto was turned into stone defending the canyon, rather than running away. That part to me was way sadder than the Aeris thing. ;-;

AS to the actual saddest moment, I think some of the bits in Legend of Mana (which isn’t FF, but Cid mentioned it so I can too), especially the Jumi and Heaven’s Gate cycles, were really sad. Larc’s curse was pretty sad, too, but nowhere near Irwin rejecting Matilda in the Underworld. That’s probably my saddest videogame moment.
In FFs, I’ll agree the X ending mentioned was pretty sad. I wasn’t that big a fan of X’s characters, but it still managed to touch me.
FF6 didn’t so much have a sad moment as the entire game was a wave negative emotion. It was kind of like T.S. Eliot’s post-WWI poems like the Wasteland, where there’s nothing really sad, it’s just this feeling of sadness and crushing hopelessness. I mean, you’ve got a thief with too much conscious for his work and a dead lover, Celes trying futiley to attach to him and reconcile with her will to die, All the other character’s troubles, and combined with all of that, the world is ending around them, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Good FF6 point Arac. Though they get their act together in the end to deal with it (as much as they can, anyway). FF6 after the island incident was literally a Wasteland.

As we’ve branched away from FF, Terranigma gets another vote. You have to resurrect the world only to find out you’ve been betrayed from the beginning and Elle and you are sweet crystal bubbles. Terranigma had this bittersweet humour which was quite fitting.