Tinky Winky – Gay or just plain stupid?

An old anthem for a new generation giggles evilly. So if the purple teletubby gay, or just lame?

Y’know, I’d ask the latter of you.

It’s a show for babies.

Nah, I didn’t know that sarcastically I just thought it would be a fun thread to see

Fun in the way that people laugh at you?

Do you not have anything better to do with your time?

There is nothing that would say Tinky Winky is any gayer than the other Teletubbies. Oh wow. He’s purple. So many people have forgotten the significance of the color purple it’s absurd. If here a rainbow, then yeah. But not purple.

Didn’t he carry a purse and have a triangle for an antenna or something like that? 'Cause, you see, that would make some imaginary creature a raging homosexual.

The point is, it’s lame. Old school Sesame Street is the best in young children’s entertainment. :smiley:

Butt pirates FTW.

I visited Enschede, Holland on Pink Saturday once, but I didn’t see much purple there. :stuck_out_tongue:

You shouldn’t believe everything that insane televangelists said about five years ago. Sorry to disenchant you.

It’s no so much the purple as it is the purse and the voice.

The purple was a big point made by Falwell though. And then Ziggy made sure to highlight the purple. Also, all the Teletubbies talked that high, not just Tinky Winky.

As for the purse, it’s a European carry all.

I’m just killing time untill my afternoon luncheon with the royal Dutch of Dukes.

I know your question is rethorical, but no, we don’t. And that is why we signed up.

Mr. Show!!! You sir, are no Dutch of Dukes!!!

I really don’t understand this, what is it with purple being thought of as a gay color?

Why can’t Tinky Winky be both?


Tinky Winky? More like TWINKY WINKY!


It’s just something that’s been instituted in a very distant past. Men must’nt wear pink nor purple, under risk of losing their malehood.