Thread to discuss how we can start making more interesting threads.

Maybe it is because the theme sucks, but I have noticed that all the threads are really declining in quality lately. Let’s discuss and make suggestions on how we can all start making better threads.


Make the threads more question based, instead of the usual “hey look what I found”

Thats all I got.

Reduce the number of mods. Just because you made a shrine doesn’t mean you’re qualified to be a mod. I imagine it’s best to have the least amount of authority you can get away with.

The best way is to actually work on the site instead of watching it slowly decay so we get new members :<

I’d like it if certain mods couldn’t abuse anyone they disagree with or pummel us with the same, predictable bs, until everyone they disagree with quits.

There aren’t nearly as many mods as there are staff members.

Start by banning everyone but me

The mods pretty much don’t do anything any more. The vast majority of recent mod actions has been to remove some spam threads. But railing against the mods does make me wonder which ban evader you are.

the best one imo

That’s not it. I cannot add a mod to my ignore list. I would love nothing more than to do so, but I can’t. That is the only reason I don’t use this site as my primary discussion and gaming discussion forum. I don’t care if you’re a troll, if your signature is a giant wall of page-expanding text, or if you brag about it as long as I don’t have to look at it, but because it is so easy to be a mod, and mods are unignorable, I have to look at it.

New rule: No page expanding

what is page expanding

So easy to be a mod? Hell, we haven’t changed mods in YEARS despite over half of them being inactive. To be a Mod, you have to be a Staffer, and to be a Staffer, you have to have made a Shrine. No one ever claims that shrining is an easy thing to do.

And I’m pretty sure most forums make mods and admins unignorable. If it’s their duty to enforce the rules, and that includes telling people when rules have been broken, it makes absolutely no sense to think you should then be able to ignore them. But I’m glad that you’re blaming one minor function of the forum software (which may not even be changeable, I don’t know, ask vBulletin) on why you don’t come here as much. You could potentially also just ignore them the old fashioned way of just paying them no mind. Ask Wilf about that; he took that immature route already.

You can turn off signatures in the Forum Settings. Or you can stop being a whiny bitch.

I try posting whatever I find that I think will be of interest here. Not just game-related stuff. Sort of a see-what-sticks approach.

I think we could use being a little more polite to other posters too.

The board needs more Kagon. That’ll fix things.

Kill someone off.

Oh, and more posts about our personal/romance lives. That’s always fresh. - nod -

It actually probably would.

Well if we’re bringing back Kagon, might as well bring back Mazrim Taim while we’re at it, this place could use some old fashionned optimism.

Unless he turned into a brooding cynic as he reached dream-crushing adulthood, then it’d be cool to have him around but for an entirely different reason.

Let’s bring back X2K. Was he really THAT bad? I thought he was really entertaining if you could just take a step back and treat him like a campy movie.