Those poor American soldiers...

No soldier should have to suffer this fate. My heart goes out to anyone involved in this atrocity.

For a second I thought something bad actually happened. Then I read the article and realized that death would’ve been mercy.

awww, that was a nice thing for ‘Puddle of Mudd’ to do

May God have mercy on their souls…

Puddle of Mudd isn’t THAT bad.

Think of this as an educational experience, that way the troops stationed there will understand why Iraq hates America so much.

Why the fuck did that injured soldier give them his Bronze Star? He lost his eyes for it and he gives it to fucking THEM?!

He must have lost his ears too.

Tis a fate worse than death.

May I have mercy on their souls.

May Nulani have merc- wait! What do you have to do with it?!

Aren’t we supposed to be ENCOURAGING the troops? O.o

Yep, I guess they just didn’t get the idea.

Nul is the incarnation of Death. You know, black robe, scythe, unavoidable destiny and all that stuff.

Oh, I’m the incarnation of Dangerously Hyper Cat People With Bazookas. Although I don’t think Rikku is supposed to be sharing a body with me in the form of split a personality…Rikku: Shhhhhhhhh!

Pumps kiro full of tranquilizer. Hey, weren’t you Rikku as well.

I’m imune to tranquilizers. Pulls it out And if you read my edited post I said that. Rikku: Yep! She did!

Slips quietly out of room, then runs very fast in no direction in particular. Cat girls+Hyper+Rikku=DOOM. We’re all doomed I tell you.

Don’t forget the Bazooka! Now it’s double doom! Oh, and back on topicness, poor soldiers…

For an actual second I thought it was another big IED attack…but this just confirms my belief that sometimes death can be more satisfying than suffering through Puddle of Mudd.