This post...

…Is 1337. That’s right bitches, UNF! My 1337 post! Come bask in my 1337ness for a little while.

All hail SG teh 1337.

Hopefully he won’t post anymore to keep his post count at 1337 Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread is why “You’re not a massive loser SG” is becoming less common of a misconception SG. YOU FAIL.

No one with that avatar can be 1337. You fail, SG. In fact, you suck at life.

Congrats, SG :stuck_out_tongue: Now try reaching twice that amount :stuck_out_tongue:

Very good, SG. But the Princess is in another postcount.

But now your avatar makes me think you’re Big_Dizzy, and that is un-1337.

Y’know, for all the years i’ve been here, i’ve never made it past about 600 without someone deleting the postcounts/trimming down the message boards, and therefore, the postcounts, or something else happening to knock me back down.

Whereas I suddenly found myself with over 3000 before I realized I’d gone past 1100.

now that’s skill :o

My post counts are never over 100, no matter which forum/website it is…

Gimme your skill :bowser:

It’s cool, SG, I like my new avvy

Sorry, but that’s just too funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

1337 is nothing more than a slaughter of the English language via computer chat.

It seems Herr Rommel has not been exposed to 1337 Dante.

== 7|-|r0||g|-| |/|3 7|-|3 //4y 70 7|-|3 (i7y 0|= //03,
|g|-| |/|3 7|-|3 //4y 70 373r||41 p4i||,
7|-|r0|_|g|-| |/|3 7|-|3 //4y 4|/|0||g 7|-|3 1057.

j||57i(3 |/|0/3|) |/|y |/|4|<3r 0|| |-|ig|-|.
|)i/i||3 p0//3r |/|4|)3 |/|3,
//i5|)0|/| 5|
|pr3|/|3, 4|||) pri|/|41 10/3.

b3ph0r3 |/|3 ||07|-|i||g //45 b||7 7|-|i||g5 373r||41,
4|||) i 3|||)|
|r3 373r||411y.
4b4|||)0|| 411 |-|0p3, j00 //|-|0 3||73r |-|3r3. ==

Jesus…that just confused me and repelled me from the “language” even more. What in the world…is this?

Through me the way to the city of woe,
Through me the way to eternal pain,
Through me the way among the lost.

Justice moved my maker on high.
Divine power made me,
Wisdom supreme, and primal love.

Before me nothing was but things eternal,
And I endure eternally.
Abandon all hope, you who enter here.

The fact that all that time to make that…unless you cut and pasted…was taken to create that little ditty is pretty sad.

Yeah, I know the feeling. Back in the day, when they removed the Sabin thread or something, I lost 90% of my post. :wink:

Maybe I am un-1337, but I have no understanding of 1337 anyway.

Okay, that does it, I’m taking down my shrines and leaving.