They stole my name

Yeah, because Japanese cats sound different then cats elsewhere…

You should hear cats from the Netherlands East Indies. ::doh::

Get over it, it’s not like your name is in any way, shape, or form creative.

PeterL, you evaluate me a lot.

Oh hey! IT’s the “butt or box” boy! He’s back!

Donkey Kong 64??? That was pretty mediocre. Donkey Kong 64 is merely a shadow of Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, two of the best games on the system.

Pfft, Conker’s Bad fur Day owns every N64 platformer out there. Except for Super Mario 64, which is pure gameplay distilled into cartridge format. :-p~~~~~~

Oh, and if we’re talking unique usernames, rest assured there is only one “Nebagram” :smiley:

Coulda sworn DK64 was released before B-K. Definitely before the 2nd.

i smell law suit! first you sue them… then poke’mon sues you… then you sue them for sueing you… then they sue me for givign you the idea to sue them for sueing you… then i sue you for lettign them know i gave you the idea to sue them… then they sue me for giving you the idea to sue them for suing me for sueing you for letting them know i gave you the idea to sue them for sueign you… then i sue you for for givign them the idea to sue me for givign you the idea to sue them for… wait, ok im lost :frowning:

N64 was average, but Playstation rocks.

Starstorm, I never heard of you before. I remember that convo. Wow you havent known me for that long though.

I’m not saying the N64 is the best out there, but it’s not a piece of shit.

edit: i already posted this sorry

I’ve seen the way you act for years now. Don’t act like you don’t know me, because I know you know me.


Pity. One Mew64 was bad enough already.

Anyway, this device looks weird oO And I have an N64, and I <i>like</i> it! ;_;

It’s rather hard not to remember you, despite my best attempts, because of that conversation.

I mean, I remember Peterl.

This is the advantage to having such an odd screenname; not once (save for signing up for an AIM account) have I seen someone else named Ion Mage

Oh wow, you’re cool. A veteran wanderer!