They stole my name

I"m the one and only Mew64, but they stole my name! Mew64


[strike]DEY TUK UR JURBS![/strike]

How unfortunate.

Earn money!
Become rich!

I"m the legendary Mew64. There can only be one Mew64!

Just your name? Better check your wallet dood.

shoots Mew64 Now theres only one heres a barrage of I’m Mew64’s
::dekar!:: ahhhh stop the insanity nukes the Mews

oh no

they have taken your name.

why not just change your name to mew65 and be happy. :moogle:

Thanks for shooting them

I’m legendary. I am probably a lot more famous then Ben Aflick

Like, who even cares about Ben aflick! :hyperven:

You stole your name from Nintendo, so shut up bitchslaps Mew64

Actually, Mew is not originally Nintendo name. It is what cats say in Japan. But there is a Pokemon called Mew, but its cause he looks like a cat.

Uhh, 64 is pretty cool too. My Nvidia graphics card gots 64 megs


Ignore this. Stupid computer.

Dude, the N64 was horrible.

Agreed. I had one. Most games were lame.

Mario Kart 64 and Donkey Kong will always hold a place in my heart.

Who are you?

I’m sure that there are several other Mew64s on forums/chatrooms everywhere. Rest assured you are not the “one and only.”

psh, theres like 10 devillions. Each of us spells it different ways, though. I’m the best of course. >> << >_>

No hardware items either, to the best of my knowledge, though i think i have seen “devil’s lion mousetraps” before.

I see you haven’t grown up at all since the last time I saw you, Mew.

Begun the Clone War has… erm… oops, wrong line. ^^;