There are some sick people in the world


He not only permanently injured the dog. He did it TWICE. What an a-hole. I’d vote for equal punishment in this case. Yank one of his eyes out and burn his hands to a crisp.

“You piss me off so much, woman, that one of these days I’m gonna cook the dog!”

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

I disagree with crippling the guy too, but I do agree that the sentence was way too light. I’m basing my opinion on the fact that if he did that to the poor dog, he is too unstable to be free. He should be locked for a pretty much longer time, either in jail or in a sanitarium.

Asshole? No, that’s too nice. Mother**ing faced Son of a **** B is more like it.

Reminds me of the ones who shoved a kitten in a lit grill and laughed about it.
Conversely, someone risked their own health to save said kitten…just illustrates the spectrum of what people are capable of doing.

What a sadistic son of a bitch, that man should be punished way longer than that. He should also be put into a oven and cooked till he is a pile of burnt clump!

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The Fuhrer would be proud.

Threads should have a Hitler warning. I need to go convince my boss I’m not some sort of neo-nazi, now. Thanks, Hades. pouty face

Oh, guy, with dog. Motherfucker. May he mistake drano for water.

Dead puppies aren’t much fun.

They are when you throw them at the wall like a game of catch.

What the fuck am I saying… they’re fun to throw at the wall whether or not they’ve been burnt to a crisp :x

Very true.

Though I found deep frying puppies more fun and effective.

The dog was wearing gloves for the oven! IT WAS SUICIDE, PEOPLE! LOOK AT THE FACTS!

May he have his limbs ripped off and shoved into his mouth.

This is just ridiculous. He is, too. He is a ridiculous piece of ¤#"%.

I don’t even like dogs. I actually dislike them very much. But that’s going too far, there.

Limbs ripped off and shoved into his mouth, burnt to an oven and an eye yanked off. His lack of humanity was really disturbing.

barring the fact that cows used to be slaughtered by shoving a metal rod up their ass and electrocuting them to death

But puppies must be special animals steve.

they only stopped electrocuting them because it wasted too much meat.

barring the fact that cows used to be slaughtered by shoving a metal rod up their ass and electrocuting them to death

Note the “used to”. That means it was stopped for a reason. Not including the other fact that cows are killed for uses and not with the intent to make the animal feel pain. What was the use for what this guy did? Revenge, hate, dumbassery? Hardly good reasons anyway you look at it.

Well. In some countries they cook dogs to eat. Yes he did it out of stupidity and I don’t approve but no one seems to be posting a thread about how bad the conditions are for poultry or cows, even sheep in some cases. Im sure if you looked on the internet you could find a hundred stories similiar to this one, were some sick person attacked a dog or cat and tortured out of spite and maliciousness. But are not the people who confine cows to very overcrowded pens, or small individual ones that barely allow for the cow to turn their head just as bad?

They’re doing it out of greed, they care nothing for the animals discomfort or pain, just the money its death will brign after fattening it as fast as possiable with little care for its treament while alive.

That is still a difference in intent. Food vs. Anger. That is the reason there is not as big an outcry. If their reasons for doing that to the cow were for revenge I can bet you would get the same outcry.

Even so, a lot of dog owners do just keep their dog on a leash where they can’t move more than 3 feet in any direction. That is cruel, but there isn’t an outcry over these dogs either is there? Restricting movement vs. burning paws and removing eyes. Which is worse?

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