The you mess with Infonick, you mess with me thread

YOU MESS WITH INFONICK, AND YOU MESS WITH ME! Leave my darling infonick alone! if I see anyone pick on him, I’ll put a cigarette out on your damn eye!

Thanks Charl, that’s exactly why you’re my boy. Just for this, I may get drunk just for you sicne I know how much you love watching it.

I’ll take you both with my cracked bat!

: Mr. Santa Smilie says ‘Merry Christmas! Have a Charlemagne! HoHoHoHo.’

What two or three people start insulting you Infonick? You can’t cast that off?

It’s more than that:
Cherry Blossom (chat)

It jsut gets annoying. I can’t post anything without getting flamed. I could say “You’re a great person” and someone would be like “Fuck you stupid jerk ass.” It just gets annoying when it goes on for several hours straight.

Good night everyone. I’m taking the rest of Sunday away from RPGC. There are just too many assholes on the prowel.



Fuck you stupid jerk ass.

The following people have 48 hours to fucking apologize to Infonick:
Cherry Blossom (chat)

Hades, you ass, you apologize most of all!

Ah few more people in a few hours time. It does get annoying thats why you spend time doing something else that doesn’t piss you off before you start trying to argue or simply replying back with childish crap such as you’re a fag or the like. It just keeps getting stupider if it continues and it doesn’t usually make you look better. hades is cherry blossom btw.

Can’t we just forgive and forget?

Dude, I’m always on the prowl.

Lol. Holy shit you guys. ; p It can’t be any worse than what I go through whenever I say something stupid ; p Anyways, sorry Infonick. Though, tonight I’ve learned that people are usually joking, and I learned much other stuff. I even listened to a story. But yeah, just learn to take it all as a joke ; p They probably are kidding.

Fucking cherry_blossom. He is such a jackass. I fucking hate him.

But hades, man, hades is alright. Nothing like that cherry_blosom fuckshit.

And info, you’re alright too man. I dont really know who you are, i mean, im new here and we havn’t had to many exchanges of dialogue, but hey, you seem like a nice enough guy. Plus you used to have a kickass avatar.

What ever happened to christmastime tux man? =P

Devillion is new here? O_o

If anyone believes he’s new here with over 1,600 posts…

remember when you said that?

Lol. I’m sorry, I don’t look at people’s post counts ;p. And yes Charle, as a matter of fact, I just laughed my ass off ;p

I just spam alot, im not even at a year.