The woe of a driver's license

I just got my beginner’s today and damn, does everyone else have shitty pictures on their lisence? Like honestly, is it a written rule for one to look so retarded in these things? My mom looks like a bloated hoe in hers, my dad looks like he’s about to pull out an axe, and don’t get me started on my friends who look ad equally goofy and halfwit in their lisence photo. I refuse to divulge any details on mine.

Is this only a Canadian thing? A Nova Scotian thing? Does everyone look terrible in their photo ID? Wont anyone share my pain? Please tell me the rest of you look ugly in yours.

I got my passport about a month ago and if you saw it you WOULD NOT want to meet me in real life. Ever. Don’t worry, it’s not just you.

Pierson, you look great. In my mind you have shoulder length brown hair, and you parade around with two coloured dragons sticking out of your back whilst randomly screaming Hurricane Slash! Hurricane Slash!

In reality I have short brown hair and no dragons at all whilst randomly screaming When I am rich you will pay for what you did to me! You bastards! ^^

EDIT: Also chances are I will have a slightly incredulous and bored expression on my face. It’s the special power all the English over a certain IQ master when they get out of high-school, and the reason we are loved and feared for our humour and accent across the world.

Post a pic Eva. Promise not to laugh (too hard). :stuck_out_tongue:

I think all posed pics suck, though.

Haha yeah right, maybe when I go senile I’ll think about posting such a horrid sight. it was like a mug shot, they didn’t go below my chin. Luckily it just doesn’t look like me becuase the lighting is horrible and I was biting my lip at the time horribly distorting my facial features. I tell myself that. I really do.

Yes all posed pics suck. I hate cameras with a passion. Did anyone ever see the ep of Chandler and Monica when they get their pics professionally taken and everytime Chandler looks at the camera his face scrunches up? Thats what I instinctively do. I look better in real time. But cameras. I almost passed out in fright today.

It happens, I look like a Hell’s Angels on my old learner’s license

It’s the government issue cameras. They’re actually scanning devices for detecting aliens from outer space. Intergalactic licences aren’t valid here.

I look about 40 in mine.

Mine looks similar to the pic in the media forum, just with dark circles under my eyes and for some reason my skin yellowish. I’m even wearing the same shirt.

I look stoned on my school ID. Mostly because I didn’t know a picture would be taken the next day, I hadn’t slept and I hadn’t brushed my hair, plus I suck at fake smiles.

I didnt know you were such a hillbilly TD!

I live and sleep at the computer, I’m not supposed to deal with real life situations like getting my picture taken!

Nor brushing your hair?

But I’m happy everyone sympathizes. It makes me feel good that we all suck.

I never brush my hair, I keep it washed, but brushing it is too much effort if all I’m going to do is sit in my chair and read bash :stuck_out_tongue:

My recently expired license had a decent picture, and I keep that in my wallet in front of my current license, which makes me look as if I have a moustache and chipmunk cheeks. This reminds me, I need to head back to the DMV to see if I can pull a string or two for a new picture.

In short, no, it’s definitely not a Nova Scotia thing.

For some reason [light reflection or disguise function], I wasn’t allowed to wear my glasses in my photo.

Which made me look even worse than usual!!

I’ve been told mine makes me look like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankfully it’s up for renewal soon and I can get a new one.

Yeah, mine sucks ^^

Definetly not a Nova Scotia thing. All my old school ids are horrible pics(probably has something to do with me taking them after band camp). Hate to see what my driver’s license would look like.

Oh school ID’s…I only had one in grade 10, and that was it. I skipped photo ID takes for grade 11 and 12. No way, man.