The true most bad-ass final fantasy enemy

It is not Seph or Kefka it is Beatrix.
Why she is the only person who no matter how much you level you can not beat her (ain’t Chimmhazzard a bitch). And also she is the only one who you can not beat that defeats your whole party

There’s lots of bosses that cannot be defeated in many RPGs. Kuja beats you, Exdeath beats you, Dalton’s pet Golem beats you, Lavos beats you, etc. Sometimes, even if you do enough damage to beat them, they win anyway.

Rigged battles.

It’s either you can’t win, or if you win you lose.

How odd.

When the game “cheats” to progress the story or make an enemy seem unbeatable, that doesnt make the enemy badass. Character development, style, power, etc… those make a badass. While I agree that Beatrix was a badass, I’d hardly say that she was the True most Badass of all Final Fantasy villans. In fact, since I’ve been here, I’ve seen way too many people argue, make debates, and otherwise insult each other for deciding such ideas.

The end result is that we dont know who would beat who because they havent fought each other in an official square game. So lets let the poor dog die. Instead of “Whos the most badass” why not offer up topics like “Who’s your FAVE and why?”, then you’ll get true answers because someone’s fave is thier opinion. Stating that someone is the best of the best is claiming a fact out of an opinion.

Kefka wins. lolerskates

I would have to say Ruby Weapon from FF7. I’ve played FF7 close to a Million times, and only beat Ruby Weapon once(even harder than Ultimate Weapon). The battle with Ruby Weapon is in itself a bit of a challenge to attain, also

For the coolness factor, I guess it’d be Sephiroth. He was awesome, but I just didn’t really hate him…and honestly, I thought Aeris was too empty and under-developed to get emotional over…So none of the things Sephy did really made me hate him. In my opinion, a really well-done villain is one you can really truly hate, and almost begin to sympathize with. I guess I kinda sympathized with Sephy sometimes, but I just couldn’t find it in myself to hate the guy.

Now for character development…I think I gotta go with Kefka. I really hated this guy. I mean, this stuff he did just really got me worked up!!! Plus, he was pretty darn hilarious sometimes too. XD I ended up both liking and hating the guy… If I had any problem at all, with him, it would be that some of his motives weren’t entirely clear. But he was a lunatic. A very believable lunatic too. I could kinda see the reason why he wouldn’t even need any motive to do the things he did.

hmm there were many Badass-Bosses in many RPGs some were insane, some stereotype

and some even boring.

However no one ever surpassed the insanity of Kefka… (his laughs haunts me)

(the most boring boss i think was Ahzi Daharka from Dragon Valor (although it’s more an adventure than an RPG) i mean I’m a Dragonslayer what could be final boss??? WOW a dragon I’m surpised…)

Eh, Seymour! No wait…Ansem(His game is part FF)! Eh, yeah a tie between them…they are Points to topic title but for some stange reason I like them to…

Actually the Golem is quite easy to beat even when not on new game+
The only thing that the golem has that are really strong are his physical attacks his magic sucks. I just keep using Cube Toss (which does 1500 damage) and makes him use his weak ass ice attacks

Hey but isn’t Beatrix the only “boss-you-cant-beat” that you never kill?

I have trouble believing that Kefka was big on character development. he always wasn’t a lunatic. Come on, there were so many characters in FF6 that only a select few moved past their character biases. Kefa did not. He just said funny things and didn’t do anything else. Oo he destroyed a continent, big deal. There was nothing memorable in dialogue or anything like that because his character was NOT developed, and that’s acceptable, seeing as it was an SNES game. Kekfa just had a few screws loose, and he was entirely predictable. If Sephiroth was a whiny bitch, then Kefka was an unextraordinary, 2D half-of-the-world conqueror.

That being said, i can’t believe people find “beatrix” badass or even cool. She was totally uninteresting and was FF9’s cliche bad guy turned good. Nothing new there and her design was totally ugly. Her presence in the game did not even command power, like say, Orlandu of Tactics did.

Lion(FFXI) is the most badass of all. I think i’ll go to Norg just to see her…

I liked Grahf and Id as Badasses, although Grahf wasn’t bad all the time and Id is just Feis

“trashcan”, both are enemies i loved to encounter…

An Id destroyed a continent too…

(Although tey are not from FF)

Beatrix wasn’t “bad-ass” so much as she was cheap, stereotypical,and uninteresting.

If anybody was bad-ass it was Seifer. He betrays Garden, defends the sorceress with his life, and pretty much takes over the entire Galbadian govt. Hell, he even kills off GF Odin! Can Beatrix say that? NOOOO.

And he did it all in a raggedy gray trenchcoat. ::doh::

Orlandu may not have been a villain, but he definitely was a badass

ohh yeah Lion wasnt an enemy… she was jsut badass… enemies… Garland was badass. I mean, this dude controlled time, and had the universe in a 1000 year time loop. I bet Seipher couldnt manipulate time into a 1000 year time loop…

Gilgamesh! Mainly because of his cool theme song.

Oops yeah haha I forgot we were doing the villains. But he was on the bad guy side, so.


…or not.

Shin Gouki

wait… hes not in final fantasy…