"…the streets of America will run red with blood…"

Maybe it’s because it’s not my country the one that’s being threatened, but I don’t believe this. Isn’t it a little too convenient that days before the election, a terrorist threat appears, so that the citizens of America-city need to flash the Bush-Signal to call for their hero Bushman?

October surprise.

…The October surprise is upon us…

Too be fair, while it could be bush propaganda, consider… when would be a better time to strike? The election! It would hurt american pride to be hit on what is supposed to be a good day (well, for at least 51% the populace at least). However, I stand on the side of it being propaganda.

Say, does anyone have a link to the video itself? The site requires to pay for it there.

I think this may be a hoax, even if it is “October Surprise”
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Why didn’t Al Jazeera get this. Isn’t it a little convenient for ABC to buy it for 500 bucks in Pakistan? That’s the gist of how I heard they got it.

With American security the way it is today? Not bloody likely.

$500 for transportation fees according to the article.

Also, note how the evil terrorist hates specifically Bush’s government? And the fact that he is an American just makes it so much stupider, if you are going to fake it at least have the decency to get a real Arab.

I think you’re all a little TOO suspicious on this one. Despite Bush’s mistakes, terrorism IS a real threat, and not just from Al Qaeda. A potential attack on or shortly before Election Day has been talked about since the train bombings in Spain.

al quieda is going trick or treating this year…

I doubt anything will happen. Mostly due to the fact that in these past three years we have had so many terror threats thrown at us. It’s rather ridiculous.

That sounds pretty bogus to me somehow.

It may or may not be bogus. But it would be a very bad idea to get jaded about things like this.

<< A man describing himself as an American member of al Qaeda says a new wave of terror attacks against the United States could come “at any moment,” according to a videotape obtained by ABC News. >>

Yeah, big news. Tell me something I don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, october is almost over. Nevertheless, I have a bad feeling about all of this. Maybe I’m seeing omens in everything again, but gee. :o It’s just not getting better. Seems more like the silence before the storm…

Terrorism is the new political boogie-man, like the War on Communism in the 80’s and the War on Drugs in the 90’s. In 10-15 years there’ll be a new one and people will forget all about Terrorism. They’re all real problems, no doubt about it, but they are easily exploited by the government in order to sway the people how they wish.

I don’t know whether or not this message is real, but it would not surprise me in the least if it turned out to be a fraud.

sniff sniff…I smell a faint trace of bullshit.

I very much expect something to happen in America on voting day, to try and scare people into re-electing Bush. Bush has been Al Queda’s greatest ally ever. Osama’s #1 goal was to get the American bases off the holy land (Saudi Arabia), Shortly after Sept. 11, Bush pulled out of all those bases, essentially surrendering to Osama. Osama also hated Saddam Hussein for his secular, progressive nation. Yeah, Saddam was a pretty bad guy, but Bin Laden was furious that his government was Arab, yet ruled by a secular government. Bush removed Saddam for Osama. (Wasn’t that nice of him?) At the same time, he got the “Infidels in America” to attack an Arab nation with no cause, causeing Al Queda’s recruitment to skyrocket to the point where their numbers are nearly ten times what they were back in '01. Osama loves Bush, and would love to scare the people into re-electing him, so that he will invade Iran and Syria, and finally cause the war hes been begging for.

And if this is true ( the link that you gave on another thread ):
it would give another boost to real believers to fight the infidels.
Allah akhbar.