The short and sweet of it...

Weeell I lost my job. Strange feeling to write that.

I was a telemarketer.

Dot dot dot.


And I was just about ready to quit on my own, so I’m not actually upset about it. It was very stressful to me and I really didn’t like what I was working with. However, the boss and the co-workers were simply wonderful and that made it survivable for the time I was there. The boss had a very nice talk with me and the other lady who had to go, and we all agreed it was probably for the best.

Mum and dad both said I sounded like myself for the first time in weeks when I called them to talk about it yesterday.

So that explains my lack of presence in everything, really; stressful job bogging me down.

Err. That and WoW. Goddammit.

Well, I was at a job interview for informant personell at a local zoo earlier this week, and next week I have another one coming up for guide/receptionist work at a museum. Going back to studying this autumn, most probably. So yeah, getting the boot for the first time wasn’t so bad at all.

Allow me to sprinkle some powdered life joy all around once more. :slight_smile:

Er… congratulations? Maybe?

Congrats on no longer having your soul slowly leeched out of you. :smiley:

What are you doing in WoW? I quit a while ago and I feel empty :frowning:

About time you left that hell, but it’s an experience to live through. I’ve been there, and you do gain some interesting skills when it comes to dealing with people.

Wish you were on a US realm instead so I could try to recruit you, I can always use more <strike>meat for the grinder</strike> friends to play with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jesus christ never work callcenters, people.

In all seriousness, is this what typically happens after people get BAs? I mean, working as a lab techie isn’t great either, but I think it might beat being a telemarketer by some. You’re one of the most talented writers I know, and if you can’t get eighty contracts with HarperCollins then I don’t know what the rest are doing.

I’ve worked a Call Center myself. Used to support Dell computers before they moved the “I’m Racist” tax call centers to the Texas area and all other departments to the Philippines (or to India if you get the non-Dell call centers).

Was a stressful job. Lots of people calling in about issues that either were obviously their fault (“I lost my office CD. Send me a new one and new CD key or I’ll write the better business bureau!” kind of crap). I did like the issues I could actually do something about (like say, fixing their computer). I’d even go back there to work again… the money was good.

But on the plus side, the layoffs got me the opportunity to go to school for free and I’ve already done 4 certification exams without paying.

I just need a job after school finishes or I’m toast 0.o

Anyway. Grats on your liberation. Hope you get a good job with much less stress. :biggrin:

college degrees aren’t golden tickets anymore sorry :confused:

Pretty much. Unless you get a degree in something REALLY impressive (and I’m talking medicine or engineering impressive), you’ll still have that whole fucking “experience” issue, coupled with there being TOO MANY BAs ON THE MARKET TODAY. Really, the only advantage a degree offers is dressing up your resume.

And Weiila, sorry to hear you were fired. But, since you’re no longer a telemarketer, you won’t be around when that orbital laser I’m working on finally fires and wipes every one of those bastards from the planet. Good luck on your future endeavors, and please, stick around. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

The thought at working for a telemarketer is scary enough. I won’t lie. I simply detest them. Always calling when I don’t want 'em to and other stuff. Helps to turn the tables on 'em and confuse them. Haha

So grats on escaping hell. :slight_smile:
You’re bound to find something else though.

I wasn’t a telemarketer, but I worked at a call center. I completely sympathize with you. There is no job that will make you hate your life more than working at a Goddamned call center.

I, too, lost my crappy job right before I was about to quit. But at the time, I was both relieved and offended, since I was ‘fired’ not laid off, meaning they thought I wasn’t good at the job. It felt pretty good not to have to show up there anymore, though.

Weii: Well, you seem to have taken it well. Look at it as a job (and Life) experience… plus if you hated it it’s better to be out of there. I’m pretty sure a talented woman like you won’t be unemployed for long. Good luck!

And yeah, please never leave us, this place just isn’t the same without you. :wink:

I just wrote a paper on Marx and modern culture, so I have to keep my response short to keep it from getting too commie by mistake, but it’s good you don’t have that job any more. Getting fired or laid off might suck, but it’s never good to work in that sort of sytem.

Thanks for the support guys, and don’t worry, I’m not leaving. :slight_smile: I might be around a bit more now that my soul isn’t being sucked dry, haha. Gallo, I’m up for helping you with that laser… in my defense though, I was only calling companies, not private people.

Yeah, like some of you said, it’s an experience many go through. At least now I can say “been there, done that, not doing it again”. Currently I’m putting a lot of hope into my upcoming interview, but I’ll work on some more apps too of course. Hopefully I’ll go back to studying this autumn, and then it’ll be a practical education to add to my rather philosophical one.

Now I should have the piece of mind to finish my essay and earn that MA, too. If I could just focus on it instead of getting pulled into Azeroth XD Goddammit. I’m playing with an IRL friend, and that’s not helping my attempts to stay off that crack. Right now I’m playing a resto shaman. It’s actually fun to be a healer, at least when you’re playing with people who know what they’re doing. I’ve run through more instances and finsihed them in a couple of weeks than I did during my last four-months playtime a couple of years back.

What museum would that be, Weiila?

Obligatory comment about the less telemarketers in the world, the better.

That aside, it seems like you are viewing this as an opportunity to move on in your life, instead of as a setback. That alone will help you move past this. Finding a job that isn’t a soul-draining experience, and going back to school is never a bad choice in the long term, even if it is inconvenient in the short term. I wish you the best of luck both in your upcoming interviews, and in the return to school.

Rouges and hunters are the most annoying classes ever. I should know i was them. It was fun to piss people off.

I don’t get why people hate makeup so much…