The series changing it's name. Good or Bad?

As we as all know first the series was SaGa: Subtitle, SaGa 2: Subtitle and then SaGa 3: Subtitle. I forgot what the subtitle for each game was. Then when the fourth game came out they decided to call it Romancing SaGa then by the seventh game they were calling it SaGa Frontier. We finally end up with Unlimited SaGa. And now because the current game is a remake we end up with Romancing SaGa used again.

So the thing to ask is this. Is it really such a good idea? Would it be better if we were talking about SaGa 7 for playstation instead of SaGa Frontier? Should Romancing SaGa Minstrel Song in reality be officially called SaGa 4: Minstrel Song? Does the constant name changing seem more like a gimmick? Or perhaps it’s the other way around. That by changing the name slightly it keeps things fresh. It gives a different feel to the series. And that it keeps the numbers from getting too high. That it’s far to be have SaGa Frontier 2 as the title then SaGa 8. This is what I’d like discussed here.

Personally speaking I like the idea of name changing. It certainly adds fun to the series titles. I’m actually wondering what will be next after Unlimited SaGa. I mean in terms of a new title used. They’ve used Unlimited, Frontier and Romancing. So who knows what they could use next? Either way it will be interesting to see. Still if we look at Romancing SaGa, the fact the remake has a subtitle reminds me of the Gameboy series. So perhaps they are not only bring back the classic name Romancing SaGa, but the subtitle idea from the gameboy games.

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That’s fine, but what does that have to do with the subject of the topic?

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So do I Presea is cool, but on topic I think it may be because Square did not want people to know that another game series was tied (or close to tying) for number of games with FF so they continued to change the name.

The name changing was one of the big Square mysteries but it seems to vary according to the original platform e.g. SaGa on gb, Romancing on snes, Frontier on PS and Unlimited on PS2. I think it’s good that they still make new SaGas 'cos Final Fantasy sometimes annoys me to no end >_>

I like it. If there’s another SaGa for PS2, it’ll probobly be Unlimited SaGa 2.

:eek: Gasp what if Square’s merge with Enix was all a plot to change the Dragon Warrior names so that FF would have even less competition for rpg series with most games.

On a side note I went back to an avatar of Presea for the sake of you people. On another note well actually that would be an evil plot by Square, but it would have a flaw in it. It would gain the name changing coolness of SaGa making Dragon Quest even more interesting.


Good is what the name change is.

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You’re trying to make me feel guilty about changing my avatar I bet. In any case it would be cool if other SaGas got subtitles. I wonder what subtitle Romancing SaGa 3 would get. Wait let me guess Death Eclipse.

But that would still make FF more unique too.

Some nonserious SaGa names :wink:

Sa Ga 2: When Dad’s away
Sa Ga 3: So, how many F117s are there?
Romancing Sa Ga: WTH are these stones?
Romancing Sa Ga 2: If you beat the boss, you’re better than us!
Romancing Sa Ga 3: Where fairies are stronger than elephants!

Dude, fairies ARE stronger then elephants. Fairies get jacked up on that pixie dust crap and proceed to believe they’re invincible, which cranks out the endorphines in their brain.
Elephants are too slow to have any technique in their attacks so, although they might be able to throw their weight around, anybody with a hint of dexterity will knock them on their back in a minute.

And Rankin’ already mentioned the platform=name-change, which is something I adore. It creates another distinction between SaGa and the other bubblegum RPGs.

Elephants are too slow to have any technique in their attacks so, although they might be able to throw their weight around, anybody with a hint of dexterity will knock them on their back in a minute

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