The series changing it's name. Good or Bad?

Maybe I should use Zo next time. Hey even if I always use Tatiana and of course the main, I still have a slot for him. Hey it would make deciding the wind user easy. Hmm Katerina (Noble), Tatiana, Zo, Fairy and Undine maybe.

Theme a team up. Make a “colorful characters” team. Zo, Fullbright, Tatyana, Yuki, and… the most colorful main?

Its no fun to just… recruit dudes…
People who just use the basic bunch (Thomas, julian, ellen, etc) until the end of the game bore me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! when I played through RS3 (I’ve only actually went ahead and finished the game once :P), I used Julian, Ellen, Thomas, Wood, and Robin. :stuck_out_tongue: They’re pretty awesome, and I’m a bigger fan of using characters you can get really early. That’s why I don’t use other characters like Yousei, Zo, or whoever else. :stuck_out_tongue: Though, I must admit, Robin was pretty crappy. If I played through again, I would likely not use him. Everyone else in my group I was thoroughly pleased with.

I’m suddenly bored :stuck_out_tongue:

I used regular Robin in my Katarina party and somehow he managed to swing off Final Letter (never gotten it since). He kicked ass with it.

If you want a late-char party challenge, use Mikhail, Undine, Tiberius, Leonid, and Yan Fan. I call it the “Leaders” party, and damn, did I have a hard time making them good.

I would agree that Yan Fan would be very hard to make good…but for example, Mikhail and Leonid, are just…good. :stuck_out_tongue: It seems like an average, ok party though.

Mikhail’s good? I never liked him. He doesn’t specialize in anything, so he ends up being a jack of all trades, master of none.
Leonid’s not so hot against the final boss. Once he goes down, he’s down. I used the Genbu formation to double his regen.

Kagon (He did the RS3 shrine here) showed me that Mikhail is actually pretty damn good with spears. You’re right about Leonid though, heh. At least you’re not using like, Herman or the Snowman, lol!

Leonid’s not so hot against the final boss. Once he goes down, he’s down. I used the Genbu formation to double his regen.

I’d say that he pretty much rocks. Use Genbu as you said and the Dark Wing doesn’t hurt him anyway (a GOOD thing). Place in a rarely targeted place (the far up or down of Genbu) and you’re pretty much set for some kickass undead actions. Tiger Breaks rocks against the Destroyer and increase your stats, too so you’ll deal more and more damage :smiley:

Yeah, but if he uses fatal mirror though, that’s a one way trip to damnnation, the best damn nation there is :open_mouth:

Well, there’s always hope and save(states) ^_~

In my Katarina party, I had her, Robin, Black, Boston, and the Snowman. He was useless as far as damage went, so I just had him every battle casting Waterball and the two water heal spells.
It kicked ass because my whole team had regen every turn and waterball just rocks.

I usually take Thomas (sword + magic), Poet (Axes or Martial Arts), Muse (Big Sword + magic), Zhi Ling and Sharl. They pretty much rock though I haven’t been using water magic for a long time now. I usually take moon and earth for someone.

Snowman can be pretty good for “tank” purposes but don’t except him to dish out the damage before lv20 (most characters tend to “catch up” with the weapon when hitting lv20). And you must remember to use dexterity weapons (Epee, Bow) 'cos his Strength is way down.

Anyway, you should really check out Snow Wanderer’s awesome FAQ (still under construction). The latest update is at:

Enjoy :wink:

Snow Wander knows me too well when it comes to Tatiana Razajev. But he’s right, I must use her every chance I get. Besides being a run away girl it makes sense for her not to be well uber, but ah well.

You changed your avatar again now it’s Sophia from Star Ocean.

Aaaaaaah it’s just like Anime on DVD. Even here my avatar changing gets noticed. Yes it is Sophia of course. I’m in a Star Ocean till the end of time mood right now.

I don’t mind the name change so long as SaGa is somewhere in there and the fact that they don’t totally overhaul the gameplay, IMO that’s what makes the SaGa games so unique. Ajora, how is the new S.O.?

Star Ocean till the end of time is definitely very good. It was worth playing plus I love Maria the most. I just need a better image of her eventually. Still Sophia is pretty cool with all the spells she gets. I’m also a fan of Peppita and of course Nel. It’s one of those games that takes a bit of time to get used to though. So just like the SaGa series, Star Ocean till the end of time while not hard per say is also not a game that let’s people win.

I think the combat system is a bit over complicated.

Hmmm, so Star Ocean 3 is actually good, huh? :stuck_out_tongue: I thought Star Ocean 2 was like, the worst RPG I ever played, so I didn’t even bother to try SO3, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Star Ocean 3 is good. Of course I also think Star Ocean 2 is also. Although SO3 is better. And I never found SO3 to be too complicated then again I never found a bunch of other games to be complicated so what do I know?