The Rpgc Xmas Story 2003

by Wilfredo Martinez

(My thanks to all those who asked to be included, and had the patience to wait for me to start.)

XMASVILLE: A town located at the North Pole.
Well, not the ACTUAL North Pole of Earth, which is just a geographical point in the middle of the frozen Artic Ocean- there’s no land there, just shifting ice. Instead, Xmasville exists in another dimension- Faeryland- in a region that happens to correspond to Earth’s North Pole.

It was night, and the town was covered in snow, as always. There were lights on in all the houses, and figures could be seen, coming and going, inside.

At the very center of the town, there stood an actual Barber’s Pole- complete with swirling red and blue stripes. It was an old joke, inspired by some old cartoons, but had since become a fixture much loved by the town’s inhabitants.

Next to the Pole stood a figure clad in thick furs. He had white hair, a long white beard, and carried a long, wooden pipe in his mouth.

The figure took a deep breath, then exhaled a perfect circle of smoke. A second later, he poofed a tiny ball of smoke, which such force that it caught up to the expanding circle and passed right thru its center.
Bullseye! the man thought, then giggled.
Wouldn’t people be upset to see Santa Claus smoking?

Santa Claus. He had come to dislike that name, which was a fact few people knew.
Not that he HATED it or anything… but it was just wrong.

First of all, his name was Neclaus, which meant “Necille’s little one” in the language of the faery that had raised him; Thought it had been translated as Nicholas or Nicolas in human tongues, and he answered to those, as well.

Then, there was the fact that people kept confusing him with Saint Nicolas, who was an actual Saint in the Christian Church. He would be the last person in the world to claim the identity of a Holy Man for himself.

And there was the fact that “Santa Claus” - a mistranslation of Saint Nicolas- had been “cartoonified” so much thru the years. NO, he didn’t have a belly “like a full bowl of jelly!” -Ok, so he was overweight, but hey, when you live in the cold, being fat helps you keep warm, everyone knew that, no? And, he didn’t wear a white-and-red costume. Well, unless he was in a Special Mission, to visit some child who wanted- and NEEDED- to meet the real Santa Claus.

He sighed. For better or worse, the legend of Santa Claus had become part of the human culture. And it was a legend that brought great joy to children all over World. And THAT was what he truly cared about. For the Children, he’d do anything, even put up with the overcomercialization of his image.

He looked at the North Star -which was also visible from Faerieland- and sighed again. If ONLY everything in the tales were true. If ONLY he had the power to deliver toys, and joy, to EVERY child on Earth.
But, there were limits, even to Faerie Magic. All he could do, was make toys for a few select children, those that, he hoped, would benefit the most from them.
Fortunately, with the coming of industrialization, and with it, the mass-production of toys, most children in the World received toys. Even better, most children were well-cared for. Oh, how he remembered the Dark Ages, when he began his life’s quest! How terrible it was, to watch children suffer in poverty, all because of the greed of nobles and corrupt Church Officials! Giving them toys did so little to help them… but at least, it brought some joy into their lives. It was children like those, that he concentrated in helping, to this day.

Nicolas shook his head, exhaled the last of his pipe’s smoke, then proceeded to walk towards the toy shops. He’d taken a small break for a smoke- his only personal vice- but there was still much work to be done. He still made toys the old-fashioned way, by hand; such toys required a lot of work, but possessed a charm that most of today’s toys lacked. In his opinion, any way.
Fortunately, he always had help from the faeries. Not just elves, as the tales mentioned, but everything from sprites to gnomes. They were all more than happy to help Nicolas in his eternal mission.
He smiled. This year, he had a very special helper: his daughter, Jingle Belle. Half-human and half-elf, Jingle had been a source of annoyance in the past. She was just too much into the “modern” teenagers thing, and had very little Christmas Spirit. Having lived in Xmasville all her life, to her, the season was nothing special, just hard work.
But that changed last Christmas, thanks to Nicolas’ friend, Wilfredo. Quite remarkable, that lad. An adventurer and magician, they’d been friends for years. Kinda rough on the surface, but inside, very much dedicated to all things noble. That’s why he’d gotten him to take Jingle along on his quest last year; he knew that if there was someone that could both deal with his daughter’s poor temper, AND teach her about the true meaning of Christmas, it was him.

And it worked. Despite some unexpected danger, Jingle did indeed learn just what it was that made this season so special. And, THIS year, she was more than happy to help with the preparations.

Enough reminiscing, Nicolas told himself; he’d better get back to work. Christmas eve was fast approaching, and there were still loads of toys to be prepared.
As he walked thru the snow, his breath visible in the cold air, Nicolas heard some noises. He couldn’t make them out at first, but something about them made him stop and pause.

He listened again.

Those sounds like…


The sounds came closer. They were definitely, blood-curling screams!!
Nicolas froze in place. What was happening??? Why was he overcome suddenly with a feeling of-
Nicolas saw several figures running towards him in the darkness. He was only able to make them out when they came closer.
Then he saw that they were several of his elves- not the frilly ones you see at shopping malls beside Store Santas, but the real, coarse, nature-warriors that they truly were.
And they looked- scared. Frightened! What could possibly scare such proud warriors?! His dark feelings deepened…
Then he noticed the silver-blonde elven girl running with them:
-“Jingle!” he gasped. “What’s going on??”
-“DAD!!!” the girl screamed, at the top of her lungs. “We’re under attack!!!”
-“What?? By whom??”
-“I don’t know!! Monsters!!!”
-“W-what?” Nicolas stammered. He and his people were under the protection of Ak, the Master of All Woods. Who would dare to defy his edict? Unless- the Awgwas? No! That cannot be! They were defeated long ago!
Jingle reached her father, and hugged him desperately, crying.
-" Dad!! You gotta get away from here!!"
-"No! I can’t do that, Jingle, the people of Xmasville need me!’
-"Dad! You don’t understand! These monsters, they’re fiends!! They’re tearing the fearies limb from limb!! And the madwoman leading them, she’s the worst of them all!!
-“Madwoman?” Nicolas asked, but before Jingle could answer, a figure jumped at them from the dark.
-“SIRE! Flee! We’ll take care of her!!” the elven warriors cried, and, drawing their swords, charged at the dark figure.
-“Dad!! Let’s get out of here!! PLEASE!!”
-“No! I cannot do that! YOU leave!!”
-“No!! I won’t leave without you!!!”

Their argument was interrupted by the cries of the elves.

Despite their speed and skill, the shadow cut them down with ridiculous ease. Wielding a spear, she jumped, screaming like a berserker, striking at them from mid-air, hitting one elf, bouncing off him before he’d even hit the ground, to attack the next one.
The spectacle had caused father and daughter to freeze in terror. Finally, Nicolas gripped his daughter by the arms, hard, and shouted:
-"Jingle! Go! Find Martinez! Tell him about this! Tell him to call the Righteous Protectors!!
-“but, Dad-”
-“NO BUTS! GO! NOW!!” then he turned, and whistled. In an instant, a deer had come out of the nearby stables and ran up to them.
Nicolas lifted Jingle and forced her to sit on the deer. Then he slapped the beast, causing it to run into the air, at unbelievable speed.
Nicolas turned around, only to see all of his elven bodyguards laying in the snow- and the she-warrior jumped again, this time- towars him!
Before he could do anything, she’d slammed at him with the force of a charging buffalo. Knocked breathless, Nicolas found himself, laying in the snow, with the figure standing above him.

It was only now, thanks to the light from a nearby house, that he could clearly see his attacker.

He gasped in shock!

It was a young-looking woman, hardly more than a teen; her hair was long and golden, as was the armor she wore. In her hand was a tri-pointed spear, dripping with fresh blood; and in her beautiful face, was the look of a hungry wolf.
Worst of all, he recognized her.

It was VALKYRIE ESKER, a member of the RPGC- the very same people that he’d sent his daughter to!

Oh my god- what have I done?? he gasped in his mind.

Meanwhile, somewhere else, in a dark room, a robed, thin figure played with a set of wooden chess pieces, colored red and black.
with a long-fingered hand, he picked up a black knight, and used it to knock down a red bishop.
-“And so… the game begins” he whispered.

And then he laughed. Like a madman.

There was no answer to his words, as there was NO one sitting across from him…

NEXT: And where are the good guys?

WM’s Challenge: Can YOU guess the identity of this year’s villain? Last year, Rountree (Cybercompost) came the closest. Who will this year?
Yes, it is a villain from one of my stories. No, it’s NOT the same one from last year!
I’ll be giving subtle clues to his identity.


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Go wil. YOu rock man. This is why you got my vote back at that king of fanfiction thing. The only one who’s work might be more my fav than yours is percivals but since he doesn’t write much other than poetry you wins.

Originally posted by Heaven’s Soldier
And who the “Righteous Protectors” all are. By the way that is a really odd name, althought it’s probably better than anything I could come up with.

Wow O_O
Really great start. I love the chess playing bit…
wonders what I would be if I were on a chess board

Probably a what-ever-they’re-called…
The ones in the front…

Pokefreak: You mean a pawn right. Possibly the weakest piece (unless you know how to use them). I’d probably be a Rook, or something, I don’t know.

CC: I sort of figured that’s where the name had come from. I’ll have to read that when I get a chance.


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Life happens Wil, dont push yourself too hard or you will burn out and we dont want that :slight_smile:

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-"…NO!" the young woman snapped.
-“But Wei!” the man following her pleaded.
-“I said no!” the girl snapped, and turned around, walking away from him.
As she did, her long brown hair flowed majestically, like in those shampoo comercials. So did her long, flowing white robe- and her two large feathered wings.
Her divine grace contrasted shaply with the expression in her face. She walked with her eyes tightly shut, her dainty nose stuck up, her lips a thin angry line, and her reading glasses slipping down her nose.
-“Aww, common, Weiila!” the man following her said. He had a striking resemblance to Lee Majors, except his hair and eyes were black. His clothes were casual, hip, and green in color.
-“For the last time, NO!” Weiila snapped, turning around in the process.
-“But, why not? Why won’t you let me help with this years’ RPGC Xmas party?”
-“Have you forgotten what happened LAST year, Wil??”
-“That wasn’t my fault!!” Wil protested.
-"YES it was!! You allowed Val to bring Absolut Alcohol to the party! Everyone was fighting drunk in minutes!!
-“How was I going to know she was going to SHARE it? I thought she was going to drink it all by herself!!”
-“Why are you interested this year, anyway? Last year when I asked you to help, you were reluctant!”
-“Well, I was new here, I didn’t know how much fun It could be. But now, I really dig the Xmas Spirit! Pleeease, Weily?”
-“NO!!!” she shouted, and this time, a small thundercloud, complete with miniature lightning bolts, formed over her head.
-“Ulp” Wil said sheepishly, “I guess when a goddess says no, she means no.” Then he bolted out of the room.
Weiila snorted, then returned to her work. In addition to being in charge of the RPGC Xmas party, Weiila also took care of the group’s archives, and she had many reports to file.
As she checked the most recent records, she noticed something odd.
Several RPGC members hadn’t reported in a while.
That was unusual…
Especially in d Galloway’s case. He reported in almost every night.
She wondered where he was now…

Sir Percival stood by a window in one of the RPGC building’s waiting rooms, basking in the sunlight, and enjoying the beauty of a nearby park.
He was a blue-eyed, long haired blonde young man. He wore medieval-style clothes, sky-blue in color, and he carried his broadsword in a sheath at his side. His features were both noble and handsome; however, they were shadowed by some internal worry.
For despite himself, Percival couldn’t relax today. He had an ominous feeling, but he didn’t know why. Could it be he was tired of living in the Modern World, he asked himself?
This strange world, so many centuries beyond the time when he was born, was both baffling and exasperating. People here had no manners, no ideals to live for, nothing but an apparently unquenchable thirst for material possessions. How VERY different from the middle ages, where SURVIVING was a goal in and of itself, and faith in The Lord sustained people thru poverty and tyranny.
But of course, that was why Camelot was founded, to help bring hope to people’s lifes. He was proud to have been once a member of the Round Table, just as he was dismayed when The Dream ended due to treachery.
But it wasn’t over, he reminded himself, not really. Merlin himself had told him, that what they had achieved, would be remembered forever, and the legacy of their legends would do more good to humanity than all the dragons they’d slayed. Furthermore, the Wise One had told him, Percival himself had a destiny yet to fulfill, and sent him on an adventure, one that defied the very forces of time, and had brought him to the 21st century. Why he didn’t know, but he couldn’t deny, in his time here, he’d come to see great wonders, and battle great evils- even more, he’d found, in the RPGC, a group of warriors as courageous as any knight, and in here, he’d found a place he could call home, at least until Fate took him elsewhere again.

Percival was so sunk in reminiscence that he almost failed to notice the person who entered the room.

He turned to look at him-
and gasped!

Before him stood a mountain of a man, clad in emerald-green armor. Only his head was uncovered, well, by armor anyway; for this man had a hair and a beard almost as long as Merlin’s, except that it was GREEN in color- as green as the leaves of an oak tree. Visible among all that wild hair were a pair of deep, staring eyes, that seemed to gaze into Percival’s soul.

And he RECOGNIZED this man!

-“The GREEN KNIGHT!!” the young knight gasped.
-“What? Where?” Wilfredo responded.

Percival blinked.

Wilfredo Martinez? When had he walked into the room?
And WHERE was the Green Knight?
He looked around, but there was nothing else in the room, except comfortable furniture.
And Wilfredo, who was also looking around for the misterious knight.

Then Percival realized that it had been MARTINEZ that he’d seen standing before him, except for some reason, he’d seen him as the tree-green warrior. But why?
He shook his head. Nay, t’is must have been but a daydream he thought.
-“Perc? You OK?” Martinez asked.
-“Aye, Friend Martinez. I was just… distracted, is all.”
-"Did you say something about the Green Knight?’
-“Ah… Aye. For a moment there… I thought… I saw him, standing where thou arts.”
-“Huh, really?”
-“My apologies, Martinez. I guess I miss my home time more than I thought.”
-“Oh” Wil responded, thought he still looked suspicious. “Are you OK, Perc?”
-“Indeed. Please, worry not about me.”
-"Humble as ever, eh, Perci? Look, my offer still stands, you know: If you want, I can help you return to your own time.’
-“Nay” Percival responded strongly but respectfully. “As thou well knowst, I cannot leave this era until I find out what mine destiny here is, and fulfill it.”
-“Okay… but if you ever change your mind, don’t hesitate to ask” the latino man added. Then he turned around and left the room. He had a great appreciation for Percival, but for some reason, this small incident disturbed him.
As Percival watched Wil leave, he went deep into thought. Why did he see that vision? Of all the Knights he’d known, the Green Knight was the most enigmatic, a champion of the Old Faith that reigned in England before the coming of Christianity; he was an enemy of the Table, yet, he was also noble and hated the forces of evil as well. They were never able to figure him out.
And why did he see Martinez, of all people, as such a strange figure?

Wil walked around the building a while more, and decided to get some snacks. Dragonessa had made a special batch of her cookies for Xmas, and WM loved them. But before he could reach the kitchen, a figure jumped at him out of a side corridor!
-“YAH!” Wil gasped in surprise.
-“WIL!!!” the girl cried out, as she hung to him. It was Jingle Belle!
-“Jingle!! You scared me!!” Wil gasped.
-“Wil! This isn’t a joke! Not this time! Something TERRIBLE has happened!!!” she screamed.
-“CALM DOWN, J! I can hardly understand you? OK, tell me what’s going on!
Doing her best to comply, JB, between tears, told Wil all about the nightmarish events she’d just lived thru.
-”-and -and -and Dad forced me to sit on Prancer and before I could do anything he’d sent me off and I don’t know if he’s alright and-"
-“Please, Jing, I understand your feelings, but if you don’t calm down, I can’t help! Now- are you SURE it was Valkyrie Esker who attacked you?”
-“OF COURSE I AM!! I perfectly remember that bitch from last year!! I KNEW she was no good!!”
-“STOP it, JB! VE is my friend, she would never do anything like that, I assure you!”
-“And I’m telling you, I SAW HER!!!”
Wil decided not to argue. “Look, let’s just go check out by ourselves, OK?”
-“Oh God, thank you, Wil, PLEASE hurry up-” But before they could even move, two figures suddenly darted out of another nearby corridor.
One of them was Weiila. “WIL!!!” she screamed.
Yikes, I’m very in demand today WM thought.
Running next to her was Shalcar the Cleric, a young, tall man of brown hair and eyes, wearing a green robe.
-“Come here!! It’s an emergency!!” Shalcar shouted.
What, ANOTHER one!? Wil thought.
-“I was watching Good Morning America on TV- they were doing this report on Macy’s Annual Xmas Store Display, when suddenly-” Shalcar tried to explain, but he was too nervous to focus. “Ohh, just come and see for yourself!!” And he grabbed Wil by an arm, and yanked him along.
-“But I have to-” Wil protested.
-“No, Wil, he’s right, you have got to see this with your own eyes!” Weiila added, and that convinced him to go along.
-“Wil!!” Jingle snapped.
-“Umm, just a moment, JB!” Wil added, and continued to run along his friends to the TV room. Jingle followed them.
There, in a large-screen TV, was a scene of what appeared to be a city’s streets, except the place had been trashed, with cars and stores broken and smoking. It looked like a war zone!
A woman with a microphone then appeared in front of the camera.
-“Hi, I’m Katie Kouric, reporting live from Midtown Manhattan, where, only moments ago, a man- YES, ONE man- attacked and destroyed everything in sight. HOW? We don’t know; he seems not to be armed, but used HIS BARE HANDS to tear apart everything from trucks to fire hydrants. We have no idea how this is possible, but we assure you that it’s true! We- what? OHMYGOD!! He’s coming again!! Quick!! Get a shot!!!”

The camara then turned around, to show a young man, shirtless, shoeless, and with spiky red hair, glowing like he had a spotlight inside his body- and punching a Porsche into so much scrap metal.

Wil gasped when he realized who it was.
-“We don’t know! But he’s been tearing apart Macy’s and its surroundings for several minutes now!”
-“Maybe he got mad at the toy prices?” Wil joked.
He got three very angry stares.

“Sorry!” he said sheepishly. “OK, there’s two possibilities: Either that’s an impostor, or someone’s mind-controlling him. Either way, SOMEONE has to stop him before people get hurt!”
-“Exactly!” Weiila stated.

Silence for a second.

-"…What, you mean ME??" Wil gasped.
-“You’re the most powerful RPGCer currently here!”
-“What about YOU? You’re a goddess!!”
-“I’m a pacifist, you know that!”
-“Pacifist. Right.”
Weiila gave him a killer stare.
-“Uh, I mean, yessir, Madam, right away!”
-“WHAT? Wil!! Have you forgotten already???”
-“Oh, right! Sorry, Wei, you’ll have to find another-”
But their talk was interrupted by a loud BOOOM that came from the TV.
-“OHMYGOD!” Kourik gasped, “The glowing man just tossed a cadillac thru the main display window of Macy’s, and it exploded and is on flames!! And we have confirmed reports that there are still people inside!!!”

The four heroes stood watching in silence.

“…Wil. Please.” Jingle cried.

Wil looked at her.

Then at the TV screen.

For a second, he stood there, in silence, his face twisted with anguish.

“…Shalc!” he finally snapped.
-“Uh, yeah?”
-“Go with Jingle! Her people are in danger!!”
-“What? Why me??”
-“She says they’re badly hurt- you’re our best healer!”
-“But, but, I’m no fighter!”
-“Fear not, mine Friend!” a noble voice said. The heroes turned, and standing behind them, was Percival, who had walked into the room unnoticed. “I’ll be honored to accompany Shalcar and yon lass on any mission!”
-“Perci! That’s great!!” Shalcar said, breathing easier.
-“Wil?” Jingle asked.
-“It’s OK, JB, I’d trust these people with my life. Take them to Xmasville. I’ll catch up soon as I can, I swear!”
-"O-Ok… " she nodded, then led the two magical heroes out of the room.
-“Weii, call the others. I’m gonna need help with this!”
-“Of course!” she said, and also left the room, leaving Wil staring at the TV.
-Now all I have to do… is figure out how to stop a Super Saiyan! he thought. Gulp

NEXT: The fight you’ve been waiting for!!


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