THE RPGC XMAS STORY 2003- Sign up Thread

D’s Silent Hill role scared you out of big roles huh? :hahaha;

Name: Azrael
Age: 27
Race: Human
Height: 5"8
Background: Azrael is a wandering swordsman, someone who is quite an egima to those who meet him. Once long ago his home was destroyed and his family killed, this fueld an unquenchable quest for vengeance; but only one problem: he has no idea of who did this…
Description: Slim, black haired, black eyes, small omega tatoo on his forehead, however he is mostly hidden beneath his cloak <img src=“” width=636 height=350>
(it goes right down to his boots) wears long “biker boots”.
-Personality: Had the tragedy that lead him on his quest not occured, he would have been a good hearted man, unfortunatly it did. Azrael is very catuious and not easy to befriend, however he is loyal and true to those friends he does have, and always maintains a sense of honour, one of the few things he remembers from his past.
Powers: None beyond that of a swordsman, however he does seem to be resistant to magic of a dark nature.
Weaknesses: Is not easily befriended, quite untrusted, and complete lack of magical power.
Skills: Very high level of swordsmanship.
Equipment: His fathers sword: Avenger <img src=“” width=241 height=500>

Is that any good?

Background: A brood prince who has been on many adventures in his time.
Description: Long Blue hair, Now wears black trousers and shirt and a grey cloak.
Personality: He behaves like most people are extremly idiotic kids
and acts like a smart ass.
Powers and Weaknesses: Kaiser Transformation, Black Magic
Skills: Swordfighting, Technological Skill(can fix most machines)
Equipment: Dragon Armour of Ladon(under his shirt) Dragon Sword of Ladon, Pistol and clips of various ammo types.

Name: Dragon God, or DG for short.
Background: A tactical genius, DG uses his high intelligence to figure out the most rational solutions to any problem.

Description: Long black hair, wears a blue trenchcoat. Slightly shorter than most people. Also has a tiny goatee. When in Dragon form, his is made of crystal-like scales, has a pink mane behind his head and neck.

Personality: He is unusually friendly even with complete strangers, will often risk his own life to help those in need.

Powers and Weaknesses: Can transform into the Sacred Dragon God, Shinryuu, at will. He is capable of breathing flames as well as a poisonous breath which incapacitates his foes.

Equipment: Just a plain white shirt, some black pants, normal shoes, his trenchcoat. He’s armed with a special rapier that can poison his foes once in a while. In Dragon form, he has a saddle that one person can climb on and hold on to while he flies to safety.

ARRGH!! ::dekar!::

I was going to start the story TONIGHT, but I came home very late (I had to work overtime today.) I’m just too tired to concentrate for long… however, I want you all to know I HAVE already written the first chapter (in my mind) and, barring anything unforseen, I’ll post it tomorrow.

This doesn’t mean this thread is closed!!! Anybody who wants to join up can still do so!

Oh, and Weiila, can I have your character’s info? Pretty please? I never did find out how you became a goddess…

Meanwhile, thanks to the rest of you, your entries are great and I’ll see how best I can use you!

Alright, we got the plans for my character set, but jsut to do things officially:

Valkyrie Esker, a.k.a. Val, Esker, Robyn (rarely known)

A warrior of Norse Origin, she has lived a thousand years, fought a thousand battles, killed more than 100,000 men. She eventually found her way to the Righteous Protectors fo Good Causes, and is now in their employ as one of their best fighters.

I don’t need to describe myself, you all should knwo this by now.

A woman of strength and power, tempered with friendliness and gentility at times, she is a person that can be hard to predict. In fact, she prefers it that way. Gives her the advantage in battle, and always makes for a good laugh, usually at someone else’s expense. But mess with one fo her friends, and they’ll never find your body. hell, in some cases, she’s erased any evidence the person existed, period.

Strengths: Excels in combat and leadership abilities, has great clerical abilites, and has a magical arsenal at her disposal that most men would sell their mother, children, and any future grandchildren for. See equipment for details.

Weaknesses: In her millenia in experience, only rarely has she tasted defeat. Thus, she has a fairly justified pride. Tautn her abilities, or defeat her in combat, and she’ll enter the Last Resort of the Norse: The Frenzy. At this point, all become foe, and will die by her blade if you are not damn good, or can run away fast.

Besides her warrior skills, her Norse heritage and thousand year life has given her many important skills. She can read what most conasider to be ancient runes easily, can sing and dance very well (and veery suggestively, i might add), can navigate a boat, and drink. Oh, Lord, can she drink. And play soem instruments.

Equipment: Go look up almost any major Legendary weapon you can think of. She probably has it. She is also aided by her loyal steed compatriot and guardian, the atmaArmor.

All in all, anyone who faces her is facign a twink’s wetdream or something.

This’ll be my first xmas here, but heres my character:

Name: Aviana

Background: Her father put her in an orphanage when she was only 3 because he was on the run. Her mother was a water nymph, but she had no idea(since she died). It turns out the reason her dad was on the run was because of a special power that people wanted and now she’s discovered she was born with it. Her father tried to hide her with a special jewel made to be worn around her neck, but this was the catalyst that awakened her power early. In the woods behind the orphanage she happened upon a small shrine. Within was a spirit of unimaginable power(and malevolece) locked away. With her appearance, it was awakened and was absorbed in her jewel. The spirit broke the seal on the jewel and now her power is growing.

Description: She’s 16, but looks younger. Deep black short wavy hair that looks blue and each time the sun hits it, it shimmers like a crystal blue sea. Her eyes are a metalic blue and if you stare into them to long horrible things could happen. She wears the too many pocket pants(don’t know short name=P) and normally just some light jacket over a tshirt. She’s rather petite and most would mistake her for a weakling(they would be wrong she can fight).

Personality: She has a never ending supply of energy and is always looking for fun. Her upbringing made her tomboyish, and a little too spirited. She puts up a front when around people and hates being left alone. Yet she’s very caring and hates to see someone cry(no matter who they are). She is also very trusting of any and all, some would call that gullibility.

Powers: Back to the jewel and spirit. She can call up the spirit in a crisis, but because her powers aren’t fully developed she can only call that one spirit in her jewel, not yet most others. She’s a fast swimmer and could practically live under water. She’s a very good fighter, and has finally learned to call up a spirit other that the evil one. This one can’t do much beyond heal, then he must go rest and regain his healing energies.

Weaknesses: though the spirit is very powerful and can be very useful if controlled, overuse could in theory strengthen it enough to escape the jewels hold and make things from bad to worse in any situation. Her trusting nature is a fault as is her sensitivity.

Equipment: only carries a dagger and doesn’t actually use it to harm others. It’s just a lockpicking tool or the like. She really doesn’t carry much else.

Well there’s my first character for RPGC.

Kairi: Not to say you’re character isn’t good, but is that your RPGC persona, or just a random character you came up with?

I don’t actually have a persona here, so its kinda a combination of my most recent character from one of my stories and some of my personality traits.

Blasted school, can’t even give me time for this place…oh, right, the story.

Name: Zhou/Sairan (Goes by either name, but real name is undecided)

Alignment: Considers himself evil, but fights on the side of good.

Background: A wanderer with no set path in mind.

Appearance: Resembles the Zhou Yu from the Dynasty Warriors game series, but has long blue hair, wears a black cloak and red magician’s robes, and has blood-red eyes.

Personality: Zhou is loyal to his friends, but near-deadly to his enemies. He is somehow always “waging war” with other people he knows, and usually wins. He fancies himself as being evil, and uses the various NPCs with him for aid if need be. He has a good sense of humor, and is adept at anima(fire, lightning, water) and dark magic. Also hates people who type similar to “omg wtf lol liek i can toly type lolololz”, and cannot stand the phrase “heal plz”. Is also constantly set on fire by GG.

Powers: Adept at dark magic, as well as various anima magic. See above for anima magic explanation.

Weaknesses: Can be a bit easy to decieve at times.

Skills: In addition to the aforementioned magic, Zhou is also quite skilled with light swords, i.e. rapiers and the like. Has also been practicing potionmaking.

Equipment: Always carries a black-bladed rapier called Mysteltain with him, has an assortment of magical gems and crystals with various uses, and has a few different potions of his own make. These potions usually just transform or explode the unsuspecting victim, though.

Now, hopefully I can check the story often enough…

OmegaflareX, aka Omega (hero)

Background: A mage who discovered his ability to use all kinds of magic when he was younger. Ever since, he has been developing it and using his skills to his advantage.
Descrition: Short, messy light brown hair, blue eyes, somewhat tanned skin, leather armor and a blue cape (which he takes off when he needs to fight physically)
Personality: Has a light and easygoing attitude and is always willing to help his friends. However, he can be headstrong and restless sometimes.
Powers/Weaknesses: Knows and is extremely powerful with all offensive magic, but he also has some swordsman skills that he’s currently developing.
Skills: Good in combat with a staff, and fair with a sword, but his main strength is his offensive magic. It takes him only a short time to chant a spell and he can do it admirably.
Equipment: His crystalline staff, which he always carries, and also his Awareness Bracelet, which nullifies silence and berserk.

Name: Sir Percival
Alignment: Lawful Good (i.e. a hero)
Age: 23
Class: Paladin

Background: Percival was a member of the Knights of the Round Table in Camelot and one of King Arthur’s most trusted knights. An ardent and passionate follower of chivalry as well as fifteenth-century European courtly culture, Percival strives to accomplish his goals with both style as well as within the tenets of code of chivalry (honour, truth, justice, temperance, charity, fealty, courtesy, humility, etc…) Percival was also one of two companions of Sir Galahad, the knight who won the Holy Grail. Since the downfall of Camelot, Sir Percival has become a knight errant and seeks to further the cause of chivalry and goodness whither he rides. He seeks to revive the glory of Camelot and constantly searches for remnants of its past glory.

Percival was once a simply country boy, but through a meeting with some of the Knights of the Round Table, he left his homeland and became a knight. Percival was formally instructed in knighthood and chivalry by a retired knight, and learnt better riding skills, as well as swordplay, jousting and proper use of heavy armour. Through his persistence and faith, he was imbued with holy power and became a paladin.

Despite the strictness of his code, Percival is social butterfly and loves to flirt, socialise (within the bounds of courtly thewes) and dance at feasts. He also enjoys making new friends with whom his alignment is compatible.

Percival is a close friend of Shalcar and considers him a wise teacher and counsellor. Otherwise, his closest friend is his destrier (war horse), a pure white stallion, with whom he has a strong empathetic relationship.

Percival does not have a lady at the moment, although he has an ideal lady in his sonnets (much like Petrarch’s Laura and Don Quixote’s Dulcinea) named Gwendolyn.

Description: Percival stands at about the height of the average human male. He has a very strong and healthy (but not excessively muscular) build, shoulder-length blonde hair and light-brown eyes. He is clean shaven and strives to keep a clean and sleek look and wears sweet but subtle cologne. When not adventuring or in battle, Percival wears colourful fifteenth-century haute couture (turn-shoes, hose, doublet). When adventuring, Percival wears sterling full plate armour of the fifteenth-century round style, topped with an armet (a type of round visored helmet). Percival’s colours are white and sky-blue.

Since he usually rides his horse, he outfits his steed in the best tack and harness available, as well as a colourful caparison. In times of war, the horse wears full bard (horse armour) and a military harness.

Coat of Arms: Percival’s blazon is as follows: The quarter chief dexter is azure, a unicorn rampant argent. The quarter chief sinister is argent, two cups statant or. The quarter base dexter is argent, a daffodil trefoil vert with blossom or. The quarter base sinister is azure, a ram rampant or.

In plain terms, Percival’s coat of arms is argent (heraldic white) and azure (heraldic blue). In the upper left corner is a rampant unicorn against an azure background. In the upper right corner are two golden cups against an argent background. In the lower left corner is a triple daffodil bloom against an argent background. In the lower right corner is a rampant golden ram against an azure background. The heraldic theme is thus one of springtime and fertility, as well as grace, honour, beauty and strength.

Personality: Percival is unfailingly courteous and very stylish. In addition to the chivalrous art of warfare, Percival has very refined tastes, which include courtly dances, fine food and wine and lyric poetry (sonnets, ballads, lays and roundels, mostly). That is the result of upbringing and culture at Camelot and Percival knows that that is the best way in which he can present himself. Percival is also an ardent optimist, out of the belief that optimism is the best inspiration.

Percival tries to be humble, although sometimes his personality passes as haughty, particularly amongst lower social classes. He has tried to correct this, but has seldom succeeded.

Powers: Percival has the standard powers of a paladin:

  1. He detect the presence of evil of in a radius of about 18 m/60 ft. Activating this power requires concentration.
  2. He can heal others by laying his hands on them (a certain amount of HP per day). He can also use this power on himself, although he usually puts the welfare of others before his own.
  3. He is immune to disease (including magical diseases) and fear (both natural and magical).
  4. He can cure most diseases (a certain number of times per week).
  5. He can cast some low-level clerical spells.
  6. He can turn/destroy undead, although not as powerfully as a cleric of his power can.
  7. He can smite evil (i.e. deliver a more powerful blow) once per week. This only affects evil enemies.
  8. He has a somewhat higher level of magic resistance than most other warriors.
  9. His horse is superior to most war horses and is more intelligent; it is his bonded mount (if you are unfamiliar with bonded mounts, I can tell you more about them).

In addition, Percival is very good swordsman and an excellent jouster and rider.


  1. Percival must obey the tenets of his code of honour to the fullest.
  2. Percival does not retain large amounts of wealth and tithes from all his income to justly causes (orphanages, charities, etc…)
  3. Percival understands strategy, but when impassioned, he charges rather than thinks, sometimes to his peril.
  4. Percival cannot tolerate evil companions and finds it very difficult to get along with chaotic ones without causing a disagreement.
  5. Percival is weak against unholy/dark magic.
  6. Percival refuses to use missile weapons and any weapons which he deems ‘not noble’. Thus, Percival would not wield a barbed scimitar or other weapons designed to specifically inflict pain.
  7. Percival knows nothing about high technology or science; he is an artefact of mediaeval culture.


  1. Excellent in mounted combat (good at combat on foot, too).
  2. An excellent memory and a thorough knowledge of history, literature, languages and heraldry.
  3. Very diplomatic and social; can make a lasting impression on others and can inspire and rally. Can be a strong leader if one is needed.


Weapons: Elegant bastard sword, heavy lance, dagger. The bastard sword is a holy avenger.
Armour: Elegant full plate armour topped with an armet, kite shield with coat of arms.
Horse: A white stallion with full tack and harness and full bard.
Other: A palfrey (pack horse) for carrying other gear, all of which is not magical.

Sheesh. I think I just overdid mine O_o.

Don’t worry, Mabat, I’m the one who has to decide what to use, remember? I’ll try to be fair to everyone. And, I’m very happy to see you join; in fact, many of the people I hoped would do so have done so. Now, If only I can get that data on Weiila…!

Unfortunately, I won’t be posting tonight either. I just realized I need to do a bit more research on Xmas (especially a certain old TV Xmas special) before I can start writing. My memory’s not what it used to be… I’ll try again tomorrow, folks!

Originally posted by Wilfredo Martinez
…in fact, many of the people I hoped would do so have done so.

[FAKEANGST]I’m not one of those people. ;_;[/FAKEANGST]


I gotta say I really can’t wait until you start. The last one was really fun. :slight_smile:

Yes, I also cannot wait to read the story for this year. I enjoyed that of last year very much.

Well, Wil, looks liek you’re a pretty popular guy now.

Wil’s ALWAYS been popular :slight_smile:

O_O REALLY? Thanks, folks!

And I’m sorry I haven’t started YET, but my life seems to be conspiring against my writing it! Every time I’m about to try, something happens!! (Mainly, I’ve been working overtime this week, and it drains most of my energy.) I’ll try again tonight!!!

I hope you all find my story to your liking; last year, it was a Comedy/Adventure, this year I’m shooting for a more straight adventure (since Galloway is already doing a Xmas Comedy.) Don’t worry, there’ll still be funny bits! (At least I HOPE they are funny…) ::dekar!::

Well just as long as you get it started and up BEFORE Christmas, I doubt anyone will care when you get to writing it.