THE RPGC XMAS STORY 2003- Sign up Thread

That’s right, I’m going to be doing a sequel to last year’s THE RPGC XMAS STORY (check it out in the Fanfic Archives.) I was planning on ASKING certain people for permission to use them via Email, but SOMETHING’S wrong with my local servers and my Email service isn’t working. And I don’t like using PMs, there’s too many people I wanted to ask and my PM box tends to fill too quickly. So I’m forced to start a thread and ask people to join here. I’ve also decided to open the story to anybody who wants to join.

So, if you want to appear in TRXS2003, you MUST post in this thread an give me your permission (don’t worry, I’ll treat all characters with respect. Still, if there’s something you DON’T want done with your character, be sure to let me know.)

TRSX2003 is going to be an ADVENTURE, not your typical touchy-feely Xmas Special. The basic story has a mystery villain turning part of RPGC evil, and the other part must defeat them!

To be used in this story, I NEED the following info from you:

*Tell me if you want to be a good guy or a “villain”.

*Describe your character WELL. I need:
-Background (how your character became what he is)
-Description (body AND clothes)
-Personality (how he/she behaves, and why)
-Powers and Weaknesses (if any)
-Skills (anything useful in an adventure.)
-Equipment (normally carried)

Note: If your character isn’t well developed, I can develop it for you, if you want.

Here’s an example:

WILFREDO MARTINEZ, aka WM or Wil (hero)
-Background: a Puerto Rican who discovered a means of Dimensional Travel when he was a teenager. An adventurer for years, he especializes in Magic. A respected member of the Righteous Protectors of Good Causes.
-Descrition: Resembles Lee Majors (go ahead and laugh, I DID. Um, about ten years ago…) but with dark hair and eyes. Wears normal clothes, always green and/or blue in color.
-Personality: Has a sarcastic sense of humor, which belies his wisdom. Has a soft spot for beautiful women (but is NOT a perv!) Cannot help caring about people.
-Powers/Weaknesses: Knows almost EVERY magic spell- but for some reason, can’t use Healing or Information spells.
-Skills: Moderately good in combat with a Staff. Very good strategist. Surprisingly good at understanding people. Has an encyclopedic knowledge of facts (both useful and useless.)
-Equipment: Owns a large collection of magic items, but doesn’t carry any in particular unless needed.

I was planning on starting this story LAST week, but unfortunately I’ve had a LOT of unexpected personal problems that have delayed me (and my OTHER stories) I’ll start the story first chance I get.

Note I can’t promise to give everyone and equal part, but everybody who posts here WILL be included. Suggestions ARE welcome.

Thank you all.

Just making sure: You remember what I wanted my character to do, right, Wil?

Do you still have that tiny little list I sent you?

-Name:GG Crono (goes by GG)
-Alignment:Good guy.
-Background: GG has been a wandering adventurer for as long as he can remember. Never with a destination in mind, GG goes wherever the road takes him, and always stops when there’s a good adventure to be had or a friend in need. (And the GG doesn’t stand for anything, just so you know.)
-Description: Average build, and looks and dresses in a style similar to that of his namesake (Chrono Trigger’s Crono), minus the spiky hair. His hair is usualy short and perpetually messing, and is dark, but tinted purple.
-Personality: GG is generaly friendly and good-humored, and is always somewhat of a wiseass. While usualy slow to anger, he tends to be quite nasty when he gets there. And while he’s not the bravest adventurer around, he is fiercly loyal to those he calls friends, and will do anything to help them with no regards to personal safety.
-Powers:Has no special powers. As such, he has no special weaknesses either, although he DOES have an unusualy low tolerance for pain.
-Skills:GG is a skilled swordsman, and knows a little magic(though he hardly uses it.) He DOES have one special technique…in extreme situations, he can don a suit of magicaly armor through the power of a mysterious blue orb he carries with him. (Description of armor: Typical medival-looking armor, shinning blue, and without a helmet.)
-Equipment: GG is never without his katana, Starcleaver. He also carries with him a “bag”, which is a near-infinite storage space. In this “bag”, he always carries his mysterious blue orb and his “secret weapon”, which he uses only in the most desperate of situations: An official Spaceballs:The Flamethrower.
(NOTE: “Bag” must ALWAYS be in quotation marks. Beacause a “bag”, is a BAG, but a bag is just a bag. ^_^)

That’s my usual RPGC persona. How’s that for ya?

Val: Err, I think so, but contact me just to make sure. Also, make sure you give me ALL the details I asked for.

d: Yes I do, but feel free to update it. (I’ve been thinking of letting you use more of those cool DragonBall techniques.)
Plus, I need the rest of the data… for example, I HAVE NO FREAKIN’ IDEA WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE!

GG: Thank you, that was pretty good!

On another note, I jus read last year’s RPGC XMas story…VERY good. I am probobly unworthy to be a part of this one. :slight_smile:

Villain to turn good.

Background: A nineteen year old boy who became jaded and dabbling in the arts of sonic magic. While this style is not inherently evil, he wallowed in his own angst, and started using it to spread woe and dissonance amongst RPGC. He was, essentially, a troll.

But the power of love and the fact that he is actually goodnatured, a nice human being, honorable, and gradually maturing is having a change of heart. does not give name of the love interest, but its mutual

Description: Well, check out my latest pic in the media thread:

You can’t see my eyes really well. One is blue and the other is green. The difference is seen moreso when I am emotional, especially when I have just been crying or am elated. I am five foot ten, medium build but with fairly broad shoulders and fairy long legs and arms. <—I hate hate HATE to use Hot Topic, but Iron Maiden’s website doesn’t sell this tee shirt anymore. This is what I’m wearing with slightly tight black jeans and steel toed black boots. In the beginning I may not smile all that much, but later on I’ll probably smile constantly. My teeth are completely perfect, which is odd but true.

Personality- at first quite angsty and… well… full of ANGER. Quite a few mood swings at the like. But he is starting to cull these, and although some villains (including IRL ones -_-) invoke his wrath, he is a very good and honourable person. He will not attack an unarmed person nor ambush anybody. He will not kill someone unless absolutely necessary. He will not harm children nor anybody weaker than him. He sees men and women equally, which is a double-edged sword. If he percieves a woman or man at equal or greater strength than him, and feels a need to attack, he will. He does not lie INTENTIONALLY to people that he respects.

Powers and Weaknesses: His voice is quite versatile, and can range from mid bass to a high falsetto (no joke). Ordinarily this would not be that bad, but he has been practicing sonic magicks, which can do anything from pierce your eardrums to coerce you into doing something you might not want to. Use your imagination. He has especially been getting into heavy metal vocals, so more aggressive spells are appropriate. He also enjoys singing more melodic things, especially by The Smiths.

Weaknesses, eh… hmm. Angered quite easily, worries easily, and is in love. There. :slight_smile:

Skills- Singing, Brawling, Persuasion, Melee weapons, able to drive, writes well, can hide objects well.

Equipment: A really cool looking rune-studded Axe!

Anything else you need, just ask me, Wil.

EDIT: Oh, he can cause insanity with certain Pink Floyd songs, too. :slight_smile:

DOUBLE EDIT: If you want a D+D type alignment, I’m chaotic good.

Name: responds to “demigod”, actual name: Sean
“Good guy”, although if you should be needing a villain, I can adjust it.

Background- Was human once upon a time, but an unusual incident involving ancient magical artifacts altered his physical form. The incident also created a physical manifestation of his conscionce as well as one of his evilness (anti-conscionce). These two are currently lost somewhere in the world and demigod has no knowledge of their locations. Since losing track of his counterparts, demigod wandered randomly seeking something to occupy his seemingly immortal existence. He has failed and is very bored.

Description- Humanoid, but clearly not human, immediately observable by the blue fur covering his entire body, as well as the darker blue feathered wings, and a tail similar to a spider monkey’s. When standing straight upright, he is lean and tall (about 6 feet), but will on occasion crouch to a near quadrapedal position. His hair is orange, but not so bright as to be blatantly obvious during night or in dark locations. His eyes are green, but mostly the black (iris or pupils? I forget which it is) are noticable. His teeth are sharp and triangular, and his hands and feet, although very similar to a humans, have retractable claws on each digit. Due to his irregular physiology, demigod cannot wear normal clothing, and suffices with what would be a toga if worn as such, but because that would restrict wing movement, he simply wears it about his waist, secured with a belt made from the hide of some animal.

Personality- demigod is often silent and passive, although flares into tremendous violence if provoked. Mostly, he is willing to assist others and sees little to no value in material possesions and money. He believes that simplicity is beauty, and frequently takes a minimalist perspective.

Powers and Weaknesses- His wings are capable of flight, and the claws are strong enough to climb rock cliffs and stone structures. Holy magic and related powers are more effective than others, and bright light (especially when in a dark place) is irritating almost to the point of physical pain when very extreme. Also, while not physically weak, demigod will fall quickly to a few solid blows. He usually avoids this unpleasant sensation thanks to has dexterity and quick reflexes.

Skills- demigod has a knowledge of simple healing and elemental attack magic. He is also capable of simple mechanical repairs.

Equipment- A simple, but sturdy and effective, steel-tipped wooden spear. Also has a pouch attached to a belt that can hold a few things and contains only a 100 ft coil of rope.

OK, lets see here…

He’s a good guy, but might be tricked by the bad guy (see weaknesses)

Name: Poke

Background: A guy in his late teens who is a minor member of Righteous Protectors.
He does the little things that, even if they aren’t important for the big cause, makes everything go smoother…
He especially likes cleaning the coffee machine. :stuck_out_tongue:
Poke is always ready to go out on any bigger asignments too, but he prefers it when he doesn’t have to.
Not really because he’s lazy, but if they don’t need the extra help, it means that the bad guys aren’t up to anything right then.
He joined RPGC a while ago, he never really cared about date or time, and he still doesn’t.

Description: He is slightly shorter that the average person, has blue hair, a pair of well worn blue jeans and a dark blue sweater.
He also wears glasses.

Personality: He is an easygoing guy who cares a lot for his friends and would (if necessary) be prepared to give his life for them. (He thinks that his life isn’t <I>that</I> important compared to others, so rather me than them.)
He is very bad at planning ahead, so he just solves problems when and where they arise.
He also considers everyone a potential friend, unless they’re obvioulsy evil. (Others call him “naïve”, he says that he’s “trusting”.)
He also likes everything that is strange and considered “not normal” by the rest of society. If it’s weird, strange, freaky or otherwhise different. He likes it.
He loves to hear about these strange things, and knows a lot, more than any sane mind should be able to handle, about them too.
And he constantly quotes a lot of things, some that are common knowledge (“A small step for man, a giant step for…”), some that are a bit more obscure (“A small step for man, a giant step for static noice orc voice STOP POKING ME!”), and some that he barely even know where they are from…

Powers: Other than being a good friend, not much. He knows some very basic magic (nothing flashier than lighting a campfire, creating a small gust of wind, moving a lump of dirt or similar things).

Weaknesses: Naïvety. He trusts people and consider them good until they’ve proven him wrong. Even if he can get more friends this way, it also gets him into a lot more trouble.

Skills: He can fight fairly good, but he don’t really want to. When he does he uses a quarterstaff because you can hurt people very seriously with it if you have to, but you can also just knock 'em out.
He is very good at cheating and bluffing in different ways, but he doesn’t use it that often. He might use it to bluff his way past a guard, but he won’t cheat when playing a game with his friends.
He also has an encyclopedic knowledge, like Wil, but its ONLY unnecesarry stuff.
While Wil knows things that are actually useful to know, Poke only knows things like that Darth Helmet was Lone Star’s father’s brother’s son’s cousin’s former roommate, or that an electric toothbrush brushes 666.666666 times per second.

Equipment: He has a quarterstaff when out on an adventure. Other than that, he has a notebook that he very rarely let anyone see and never lets anyone read in it, so no one really knows what he’s writing in there.
And those who know him (and his slight obsession with strange things) have stopped wondering “what is he writing?” and started wondering “Do we really want to know what he is writing?”.
It could be anything from a cookbook to plans of building a third Death Star, and so far he hasn’t told anyone.

I decided to leave Moranath behind this time. Just think of it like this: He doesn’t like X-Mas, so he’s not there :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my character if its not too poorly done :slight_smile:

Name: Shalcar
Alignment: Good Guy
Tell me if you want to be a good guy or a “villain”.

-Background: Shalcar’s past is very ordinary, no dark secrets, no unpaid blood debts, just two loving parents and a younger sister. Having been taught from a young age to value others above oneself, he became a cleric and spent most of his time healing the injured. The rest of the time he spend frequenting the rather more seedy taverns of the area, learning a quick wit and often getting “taken for a ride” by those less scrupulous than himself. Some consider him to have exotic perversions, but these so far have proved to be nothing more than rumors. Scholarly pursuits interest him, as does social interaction, so his mostly poor performance in the physical arena has led him to have little faith in his body. The one area he truly trusts is his reflexes, which have proved to be a great asset to him, performing above what would be expected for one unaccustomed to physical pursuits.

-Description: Shalcar has dark brown hair and light brown eyes. Always wearing a friendly grin, his features have been said to be called elvish, but there is nothing mystical about his blood. Being 6’ tall, he looks like a man of skin and bones, there is no fat, nor muscle. While very thin, he does not look sickly. His prefered clothing is the clerical robes, but he has been known to wear plate armor and carry a tower shield. He cant wear this for long without divine assitance however, due to his weak physical strength. Indeed, while so encumbered, he can not use his reflexes either and is poor in melee. Due to this, he only wears such armor if the situation is sufficiently dire.

-Personality: Shalcar is kind and easygoing, probably to his detriment, as his trusting nature has led him to be fooled time and time again. Despite this, he (foolishly) believes that this time they are telling the truth. His training from the temple has instilled in him the ability to be disiplined, able to follow orders and try to convince others to do the same. Despite this, he will refuse to abandon a comrade and will look down upon anyone whom tries to get him to do so. Shalcar is very overprotective of his family and friends, often getting labelled an annoying do-gooder. He has the greatest respect for those whom uphold the chivaristic ideals that he believes he falls short of.

-Powers: He has great powers in the healing and protective spheres of magic, while not able to raise the dead, he nevertheless can save even if there is only the slimmest of hope. His powers of greater healing drain him however, so he can only perform them rarely, with time for rest. While able to perform them without rest, the stress involved can often break him, resulting in him blacking out and sometimes going into a coma.
Lesser healings barely affect his stride, although if enough are performed, he may lose the ability to think clearly and act… erratically. Able to block most (if not all) abilities and spells from the necromantic sphere, his powers are limited against illusions. Shalcar has nearly perfected the art of instilling confidence in those near him, developed to better treat the injured whom are paranoid with pain, it is also a useful tool on the battlefield against those whom would use fear as a weapon. He has a strong mind and is rarely turned away from his task by manevelont forces.

Weaknesses: Easy to decieve combined with his ability to follow orders allows him to be easily manipulated by those whom have good powers of illusion. Inability to leave comrades, even in a hopeless situation, have lead to him being captured on more than one occasion. His lack of physical strength means that he can be quite easily rendered unconcious or killed by even the most basic physical means. Shalcar tires very easily when performing physical tasks, often working to the point of exhaustion if he gave his word something would be done. While abile to use divine powers to help his flagging strength, it is a poor solution as when these drain, he often collapses.

-Skills: Good with people, able to instill trust and compassion. A good conversationalist able to manipulate a conversation to go how he wants. This allows him to talk people into corners. Very adept with his war-hammer and able to dodge all but the fastest attacks.

-Equipment: Carries a war-hammer forged of steel and in times of war wears plate armor and a large roman style tower shield. A book of prayers and anecdotes are never far from his hands along with a small cat plushie given to him by his sister.

Hope thats enough to work with Wil!

I forgot to add one thing…

Weakness: Very bad sense of directions (think Ryoga :P)

Originally posted by pokefreak_85
Weakness: Very bad sense of directions (think Ryoga :P)

Coincidentally, I’d have the same thing. Unless I’ve been somewhere four or five times, I’ll probably get lost. X_X

d Galloway (or just Galloway)

Background: The good side of the original Galloway, seperated due to a freak accident involving the Ultra-Orb. He wandered around for a while, before finally going out and saving the world on numerous occasions (usually through his dumb luck). He is also part-Saiyan.

Description: About 5’5" in height, with a rather normal-sized body mass (no huge muscles or anything). He has red, spiky hair, and wears sunglasses practically everywhere. He also has a sword on his side.

Personality: Galloway is rather shy, and doesn’t talk unless he has to. He tends to be real nice to his few friends, and very harsh to his worst enemies.

Powers: Galloway’s Saiyan blood gives him increased strength and speed, as well as the ability to control energy. He is also capable of flight, even though he isn’t 100% perfect on the subject.

Weaknesses: A lot of people don’t like Galloway, for various reasons. As a result, few people will sit down and work with him, much less fight beside him. Also, he isn’t very intelligent, and can cause some dumbass mistakes.

Skills: Galloway knows a good deal swordplay. Unfortunately, that’s his only real skill.

Equipment: A katana, an iron breastplate, red clothing, shades, and a watch (telling time comes in handy, you know!)

Hopefully I’m qualified to jump into this…I’ve been here for more than 10 months, and I’ve never done this before, so here goes…

*Describe your character WELL. I need:

Alignment: Always goes against the majority. Seeing as how things are going, I will be strictly villianous. Though at times I may have a consience attack
so keep that in mind. Still bad guy though.

Age: 16, but don’t let it be known :wink:
-Background-Eva is a determined and anger driven character, who is often depicted as cold, cruel, and quiet. Due to certain exclusions in the past, Eva has become quite a lone wolf, and usually doesn’t need to rely on anyone, unless she takes a liking to them. She is seen alone often, but rumours have sprung up saying she abandons all perspectives and motives at once for someone in her life that she deems as special; though she’ll never admit if this is true, or who that person is. She wanders a lot, taking a liking to the rough wilderness. She has a certain place to call home, but like the special person in her life, she will offer no information on why she is journeying or when she will return from where she came. Eva is mainly out for herself, though likes to get into underground conspiracies, to cause chaos and controversy in one or many’s life, for either money or personal sarisfaction. She was quite scorned and rejected as a youth, and because of that, thinks of herself as above the “norm” and will travel to any place or situation that she feels would represent and quench her thirst for amusement best. At such a young age, she has good fighting skills and has been known to use whatever means necessary to win psychologically, emotionally or physically.

-Description- Eva is a slim, small waist-ed young woman who stands at a sturdy 5’8, with long red hair and aboriginally shaped deep black eyes(that’s really me =D ). She prefers to wear either all white, or all black, depending on the intense situation-skin tight boots that come up to her knees, overlapping low rise leather pants,a tight, long sleeved shirt, and a small jean jacket that covers her upper body. She wears her hair back in a thick headband, and has one small chain around her neck. Her arm braces are visible at the wrists, and she wears long dangling earrings.

-Personality-She is seen as snobbish, uncaring, harsh and quiet. She only talks when it is best suited for her. Overall, she is an excellent listener, prefering to stay quiet so she can examine certain situations, aspects and scenarios in her mind, and to only say what she believes as serious and intelligent. Eva is quick, suspicious but a bit paranoid. She will try to conceal her emotions by keeping her face blank at all times, and when her cool exterior cannot be cracked, only her eyes will speak to you. If she is hit internally with personal offence or distaste, her facial expressions will betray so, and that is when she will start to get hateful, reckless, and loud. Eva is a great arguer, and once she is out of “ammo” she will do anything to attack the other person, whether it be by sarcasm, immaturity, or personal taunts.
She has become this way because of many trusted persons leaving her in the past. She feels she is not understood, and therefore will doubt anyone before they meet her high expectations. She doesn’t trust easily, obviously, but she does trust only a few carefully selected people. She is not one to call attention to herself, however when she realizes she can catch a moment of glory, she will do so, and put anyone else to shame in the spotlight.

-Powers and Weaknesses- Eva is a soul reader…she can catch a person’s intent and personality by reading the emotion in their eyes. This makes her a good judge of character. She is also a great telepath, and has limited control over lightning and ice. her. Eva is weak against anything that she may feels attacks her personally. She is weak in hostile situations, and it takes her awhile to get moving in a battle and to play rough. She would rather avoid physical situations if she could. She is easy to panic, even if she doesn’t show it, and will crumble under any attack or calling of supernatural nature. She’s usually hungry all the time too.

-Skills (anything useful in an adventure.) -Eva isn’t physically strong, but she is fast and agile, and is extremely good with a yari (naginata). She has endurance where her strength fails. For back up, she carries a light pack strapped securely to her back which contains a fair sized auto crossbow (think Marle from Chrono Trigger) and 10 arrows. Eva can speak with certain animals of the wilderness, and when she is out of doors, she sometimes (but not always) can call on a beast to aid her when necessary. She is artistic, and practical, often feeding off of another’s person’s weakness to give her confidence.

-Equipment (normally carried) -A slim, 4 foot yari carried by hand at all times, a crossbow strapped to her back, and a thin, sheathed blade strapped to her inner right leg. When she can, she will carry a shoulder bag filled with some food, a gun, a few books on Demonology and Mythology (in which she is very knowledgable in) and some other light necessities.

phew long…hope that was good enough…

Name: Still unknown. Likes to be referred to by his title of Manus Dei.

Alignment: Good, although his sense of justice can be harsh at times and he has a certain guilt complex towards extremely pleasant things.

Background: This wandering Paladin is a constant daydreamer, always trying to become a better person and help others.
He is good-hearted, but not exactly outgoing. His lack of social skills can make him difficult to deal with. Although he likes reasonable suggestions, he is strong-willed, and can be very stubborn when he considers something unfair.

He is naturally gifted in some areas, and because of that, many people envied and scorned him in his early years.
He usually travels alone, like the legends of old, but his heart is bound to a handful of special people, and he will always return to them. It is said that he made an oath to those people, never to give up on life despite the hardships.
He doesn’t have a place he can call home, mostly because he feels unwelcome among his kin and because he had decided to make up for years of boredom by traveling as much as possible.

In battle, he can be ruthless, and his fury is often devastating, if not to his enemies, then to himself. He has mastered the art of the sword and developed his own unarmed technique. In his travels, he has learned all sorts of magic, but he hardly uses it, resorting to the Light instead. He tries to fight witout anger, but his fury and strength grow exponentially when someone dear to him is hurt. He hates cowards and traitors.

Personality: He is often too willing to give people a second chance, but when hurt by someone close to him, he usually feels an excruciating pain and can become very bitter for some time.
He has a very peculiar personality that makes him liked by a few, despised by the majority and hated by some. His overdeveloped sense of honor can make it tough for him to approach people who do things he wouldn’t dare to.

He has a hard time trusting people, and he usually keeps his feelings to himself. However, he he fails miserably in hiding those feelings from a few people. Some say that he wears his heart on his sleeve. He can be desperately in love with a girl, but never have the courage to tell her, but if he hates someone, he will show it clearly. If he likes someone, he will try to be friendly and helpful, sometimes even sweet, but he always tries to keep that a secret.
He often hides his heart under a shell of bitterness, and because of that he is difficult to approach. He often feels lonely, and is constantly dwelling on the past, remembering his mistakes and the friends he lost. He is always afraid of making a mistake that will upset his friends and drive them away.
He is usually quiet, mostly because he feels he has nothing interesting to say, or because he’s afraid his words will be misunderstood.

He is modest, and doesn’t stand vanity. For him, being clean is enough, and he hates combing his hair or using any kind of fragrances. He hates the spotlight and despises fame, feeling much more satisfied by fulfilling his duties.

When he’s in the presence of one of his few friends, his true side surfaces. He can be very sweet and caring, and will do anything to help a friend. Despite his lonely life, he longs to feel someone close to him. The bitter and harsh shell completely melts away, revealing a loyal friend who wants to make people happy.

When betrayed or abandoned by a friend, he implodes. He rages at himself and everything around him and then breaks down and dwells on it for years on end. He often looks down on himself and needs some encouragement now and then.

Description: He usually wears a white full plate armor with a red cross on its chestplate, and white gauntlets, as well as a red cape and a white helm with a black visor and a wide red plume. He carries a longsword and a massive-looking shield, marked with a cross and the Alpha and Omega symbols.
He seems obsessed in hiding his face, which leads some to think that he is either insanely shy or horribly looking. He eats and sleeps with his whole armor on, since the jaw protection of his helmet can be opened to let him eat.
He carries a golden ring with a strange seal, with a hand with a cross on its palm, with a golden sun symbol behind. This ring symbolizes his title.
Other than that, he is tall and seems to have a slim shape, although the armor makes that an uncertainty.

Only two people have seen his true face so far, and his real name is also a mystery to all but them. He seems to use the mask to hide from the rest of the world.

Equipment: See description + A strange wrist device that doubles out as a communicator, portable supercomputer, matter converter and nanobot dispenser.

Skills: He loves nature and most animals, and in fact he finds it easier to get along with them than with people. His years of sufering have made him fearless and immune to any form of control, and he has also learned to shield his mind. Although he’s no Hulk, he has enough strength to go around and kick some butts when the time is right. By focusing his rage, he can be almost unstoppable, until of course he is exausthed and needs to take a break. Technology fascinates him, and he can use it in surprising ways, when he’s not playing Freedom Fighters, that is.
His agility is reasonable. Even though he had some coordination problems as a child, they’re completely gone, and he can move swiftly and silently if the need arises.
He doesn’t like violence, and if his enemy isn’t actually evil, he’ll likely try to knock it out without excessively hurting it.
He is an avid reader, interested in many different areas, and an inventor in his free time.

Powers: He can call upon the Light in many different ways, channel energy through his body, armor and blade. He possesses elemental magic, but hardly uses it. He can call upon nature’s wrath to strike down his foes, and sometimes the heavens’ fury is at his command. He also possesses latent powers that are revealed at an irregular rate, and he is still ignoarnt of many of them.

Weaknesses: He has a very soft heart, making him vulnerable to betrayal. He is easily depressed, constantly doubts his abilities and is often very nervous, due to his poor social skills. His powers can be very difficult to control when he’s enraged, and he cares so much for certain people he is capable of doing something completely irrational to protect them. He doesn’t care much for his well-being, and is more than eager to sacrifice himself for others.
He is also VERY shy, and some innuendos or particular scenes still manage to make him blow a fuse and start shivering and babbling like an idiot (no nosebleeds though). He’s still shy around girls and feels uncomfortable when people actually LIKE him.


1- I hope my character acts accordingly to his relationship with the others.
2- Try not to get too mushy, at least without consulting me.
3- My face will remain hidden as long as I wish. OK?
4- Make it funny, if possible, but as you said, without disrespecting anyone.

Is this enough, Wil?
Oh, one more thing: I am sympathetic towards Val, but try to hide it, I’m fond of Weiila, neutral towards most people, since I don’t know them yet, and I intentionally avoid contact with Eva for the time being.

PC Glenton

An opportuny seeking thief, but not exactly good or evil. Just neutral. The side he is on usually depends on who is paying more.

Background: (You already used me in the last story as a freelance spy who was convinced to help you in the last story, but I will throw some more info in… just wanted to remind you I wasn’t exactly a member of the Righteous Protectors.)

Anyway… PC is pretty much a high-risk thief, taking occasional contracts for the removal of valuable items or anything requiring his skills. He has been doing this since he can remember… which is not saying much, as he can only recall a few years in his past. He did find out who he was, but chose to keep his new self, for reasons he is not quick to share.

He and Val are currently in the middle of an intense rivalry, and fights between the two erupt constantly… with no clear winner (Val, if you don’t like this, let me know).

Description: Slim and athletic. Actually, kind of lithe. Dresses all in black, most notably the black trenchcoat he wears over everything. Square-faced, with rather narrow eyes. Occasionally has a sniper rifle slung over his shoulder.

Personality: PC’s always on the look out for things to steal, yet doesn’t want to be suspected of casing potential targets… so he is kinda shifty, and quiet… often times just there, in the background.

He usually talks when he can get some info, or in a mischievious/sarcastic mood. Hey, he can’t be serious ALL the time.

Powers/Weaknesses: Stealthy, dexteritious and fast. Skilled with pistols and rifles, but bigger guns are usually too much for him. Melee combat is below RPGC average, and only used to surprise an opponent or as a last resort. Good hand/eye coordination as well

Magic, however, is his greatest weakness. To healing spells, it seems the magic is reluctant to help, and offensive spells seem eager to devour him… the cause of this is not yet determined. Using any magical item makes him a klutz, and he can’t even pronounce the simplest of spells. In other words, no magic for him!

Also of note is what could be called his limit: The orbital weapon known as Heaven’s Sniper. To put it simply, its a satillite in earths orbit capable of turning anything within a ten-mile radius into a blackened crater. Said radius is adjustable with the modified GPS that acts as his link to the satillite. Unfortunately, this weapon is rarely used due to its massive destructive power, and the fact that its not the most accurate or reliable piece of equipment. Several times it blew up locations on the other side of the planet, or came close to killing himself and his allies.

Skills: Picking locks, picking pockets. Stealth. Sniping. Moderate skill in martial arts (his own style, derived from Hong Kong Movies and enhanced by some aerobatic ability). Small gun usage, passing knowledge of computers and electronics. Trap finding and disarming, and a good eye for secrets of any kind.

Equipment: Everything except the sniper rifle are usually stuffed in his trenchcoat when not in use. The rifle is too big, and therefore is worn slung over the shoulder, when carried around.
The other items hidden in his coat are: Two pistols, a variety of grenades, the nano-augmented blade called the Dragon Tooth Sword (think blue lightsaber with oriental hilt), lockpicks, grappling hook, and a modified GPS with a satillite link to an orbital weapn system called Heaven’s Sniper (see powers for more info).

Feel free to take whatever liberties you desire… I know its a little much.

EDIT: Fixed some mistakes, mostly spelling and word usage.

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If not… I’ll edit this one to be my omni-present authoritative figure.

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Chris Maxim - Mabatsekker


  • Chris Maxim is an ordinary young man from the country of Finland, during this Very Time. Just about your average person, save the fact he possesses the potential to change his looks at will into a powerful artist form by tapping to his reserves of imagination and everlasting will to aid the powers of good as a costumed crimefighter who is also known to side with the organization known as RPGC.

As a civilian, he is a student in a Finnish highschool, and works in a toystore as temporary labourforce due to the Christmas hurries. Lives comfortably with his with his parents, but lately, has been sneaking weekly to live his foreign girlfriend Kat-Chi, who also possesses a power to aid the forces of good…


  • Civilian: Your typical Nordic Blonde with Blue eyes. As an aftershock from the discovery of his powers, he has a permanent red mark under his right eye. “Darn that knife factory”, he says. Prefers to dress up simply, but comfortably; Darker tones for the lower body, lighter for the upper. Since it’s winter, a warm coat and socks are a necessity, as it snows frequently in his country, but something just seems to keep the snowing postponed…

  • Artist: His Hair goes electric blue, his pupils go black and his overall sze gains a bit of bluk. Wears a traveller’s costume with a white robe’s top, and blue baggy pants. Occasionally, includes a blue cape as a part of his fix to his more powerful form, and goes for a lighter setup if he has a street fighter to battle. Goes for comfortability and practicality over everything else.

Curious to learn new things and fixated with the fact that he must do something all the time; You see him waiting for a bus, he’ll probably try to small-talk with people, or while sitting in one, he’ll probably dig out a sketchbook and draw. Helps you out even if you didn’t ask. A little freaky when he talks about his favourite things like games, anime, CATGIRLS, good food… Annoying, for sure, when you’ve hung up with him for a long time. Gets naive at times when in his artist form.

Powers and Weaknesses:

  • As a civilian, Chris Maxim has a tad overweight build and power of an average adult who engages in weekly exercise and has no supernatural powers, save the ability to call upon his alter ego, Mabatsekker. A Plain Mortal.

  • As Mabatsekker, he has the power to create effects and matter from thin air only limited by his knowledge of encounters with beasts and men with magical powers that he considers handy. This power is known as Blue Magic by the RPGC universe. If faced with a situation where his powers cannot aid him, he can attempt to improvise a spell that could possibly aid him, but the power has been known not only to backfire, but prevent any mana or magic based actions for a short while in the area. Backfired, he may even revert to his mortal form, unconscious. Mabatsekker has the Strenght and Endurance of an athletic superstar, and his unlimited imagination serves as genius-level intelligence. Can dance. After extensive practice, he has learned to perform martial arts maneuvres similar to Dan “the Man” Hibiki. A Plain Mortal with powerful Spirit.


  • Chris Maxim is a skilled computer-user and an artist. He has extensive knowledge of history and can speak multiple European languages.


  • Can attempt to ‘learn’ someone else’s powers and cast it as Blue Magic thanks to his ability to shape energy and matter.
  • Martial arts skills such as Gadouken blasts and Shining Dragon Punches.
  • Can manipulate matter and effects according to his inspirations (As if he could Wish in the D&D sense), but it is difficult, and requires EXTREME concentration, as he normally uses Blue MAgic he knows thru this power. Wrong use could even end fatally or worse, if the desired effect is too powerful to be contained in a mortal’s grasp.


  • As a civilian, Maxim carries a cellphone. It can be used to call people. He also wears an amulet which has the images of his family and girlfriend inside it.

  • As Mabatsekker, he wears a magical cloth mesh armor Tuulipuhu under his clothing; It can stop small-caliber bullets and blows, but too much impact could put him to danger.

  • Carries a magical short blade Hopeatuomio that can be willed to become a bastard sword which is swung with both arms.

  • The previously mentioned amulet protects him from most minor diseases and poisons, but a small piece has once chipped off due to a powerful feedback effect.

Ok, here goes:

Name: Angelo (Points to title), or Heaven’s Soldier (I don’t care which one you use)

Background: His mother died during child birth, so he know little about her. Son of a wandering warrior, who taught him everything he knew about fighting, before passing away. Ever since his father died, he has looked for a place to truly call home, but is still looking.

Description: Wears a baige leather jacket, over grey/white fighting gear (not sure what you would call it). Black hair, that is always gelled back, and crystal blue eyes. His muscles are very toned, but not huge, which makes him pretty fast during battle.

Personality: He is a very intelligent person, but does not show it that much. He nevers stays in one place for any large period of time, only as long as he is needed there. He appears quite mean at first glance (due to his father’s training methods), but once youy get to know him, he is rather friendly. He always respects others, sicne his father taught him the value of honour.

Powers/Weakness: Has the ability to form white wings on his back, which allow him to fly. And has a high tolerance for physical pain. His main weakness is that he can easily be attacked mentally (psychic attacks), and can be decieved by women very easily.

Skills: His speed and fighting style are unmatched on the battlefield, except by anyone who knows the same style he was taught by his father. No matter how good he is at fighting, he always saves it for his last resort.

Equipment: The only two things he ever has with him are keepsakes of his parents. His father’s blue katana, called “Tempest”. And his mother’s strange blueish green stone, know as the “Angel’s Tear”.

Well that’s it, hope to see myself in your fanfic, Will.


Xero, (BX, Bahamut, ect. use what name you want) used to be a normal RPG gamer, specilalizing in FF. Until one day a routine flu shot (It’s around X-mas time :hahaha; ) gave him the powers of a dragon as well as the use of magic. (I know it’s kinda lame but I made myself human for this, in most of RPs I’ve been in, I was an actual dragon).


145 lbs.
Brown hair, blue eyes
Only wears dark clothes and often uses a hood to hide his face


Very intelligent, but sometimes looks at things too rationally. He is offen aggressive, and snaps at stupidity. His zealousness often makes him look stupid, when in fact, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. He, however, is very protective of his comrades.

Powers and Weaknesses:

Breathes fire at will
Can cast all “Black Mage” spells and status spells like Haste, Mini, etc.


Can grow dragon wings and fly for short periods of time


After his transformation, Xero crafted a staff with a dragon’s head (call it the Dragon Staff) to channel his magical energies

Stick me in some some bi-character floating past or something if you want to, I don’t care for bigger roles anymore. ^^;;