The Return of Final Fantasy VII!

Ok…is it just me!? Am I just a sick and twisted fool scarred by a childhood that was drowned in an ocean of obsessive RPG gaming!! Probably…:toast:
However I am ever dreaming of the return of Final Fantasy VII!!! And NO the movie was not enough! I want to see updated graphics and ALL of the same game content plus hundreds of new Materia and new Summons and new side quests. More in-depth looks into the characters backgrounds and an ending that will bring a bit more closure to the awesome game! Possibly a twist and have an option to see what would’ve happened had Aeris never died and summoned holy!! :thud:

There is a whole new generation of gamers and I think that FFVII would have an appeal even to them…even if they are now scarred by the fruity looking characters of the latest Final Fantasies :eek:

Maybe this is just my dream, Maybe every old-school RPGer wishes the same for His/Her own treasure from the past. Maybe it’s an endless cycle that will continue on until Meteor destroys us all…um I mean until the end of time :get it?:

…why? All the FF7 shit floating around is making me damn sick of it. And the only reason we have all this shit is because of people going “Oh shit, oh shit… SEVEN WAS THE BEST WHY ARE YOU MAKING ANYTHING ELSE THAT ISN’T SEVEN SQUEENIX!?” I wouldn’t mind seeing a remake, but Aeris would have to stay dead. Seeing as how that was one of the most dramatic scenes in an RPG (notice I said one of the most, not THE most).

I’m not into fan fics or crap like that because I have better things to do with my time, I don’t want a freaking figurine on my wall because I work hard to pay for my house and I don’t want it to look like a 10yr olds play room! Ok maybe I’ll get a poster or two and put it up in my spare room. Besides there is nothing like playing a game, better yet there’s nothing like playing a virgin game :hyperven: With new goals and new things to be surprised with. Maybe I’m an old fashion kind of guy, but I cant seem to fall out of love with my old woman…um I mean favorite game…::dekar!::

I know square would probably never make FFVII v2.0 using the very Japanese excuse “We strive to make fresh new games, like new flowers blooming in the spring. As the cherry blossoms fall away to make room for fresh blossoms in spring so must we continue to drop old games and poop on them like dog’s who devoured their masters chocolate to make way for newer games that will fit better into our degrading world-culture! I mean our young peoples creative prefrences”:moogle:

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with any of the other games, or making new games. But I dont think it’s right to leave wanting fans behind. If it wasn’t for us fans buying FFVII by the throngs Square would be no more and Maybe instead of Square-Enix it would have just been Enix…or maybe it would’ve been Nintendo O_O

By “FF7 shit floating around” I meant AC, BC, CC, and DoC.

Oi… While I do agree that FFVII does need a remake a LOT, I defintiely don’t give as much of a damn about this game. Seriously, I jsut don’t care.

Although I do say, if they remake it, Aeris still has to die. Putting aside my lack of feelings for her (she neevr struck me as that great of a character), her death was needed for the story. Really. Without her death, Holy couldn’t have been summoned. She knew her death was coming, and met it with dignity and grace. This is why I also hate all those “OMG REVIVE AERIS” fics, since it cheapens the sacrifice she made and, from what I can tell, she wouldn’t appreciate being revived. but that’s another story.

That said, once I get FFVI Advanced, I am officially done with Final Fantasy. I’ll have gotten everything I wanted from the franchise, or series, or… whatever I’m supposed to call it.

Maybe I’m just really old, or missed a memo, but when the hell did FF7 become part of ‘old school’?

As for remakes, don’t hold your breath. There was the PS3 technical demo, and if all the countless FF7 spin-offs don’t quell the fanboys, then it’s entirely possible S-E MAY remake the game. But I’d still find it unlikely.

There are better games out there than FF7 anyway. Though it was pretty good, despite its faults, and a lot of new J-RPGs out these days are just the same old recycled crap. Problem is, if they remake FF7, it’s still gonna be FF7, and will just be more recycled crap.

I’m waiting for S-E to give us something NEW. But the only time they’ll EVER give us anything new is when it’s something that doesn’t have the name ‘Final Fantasy’ on it.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s a very Japanese excuse. Just because someone is Japan, they don’t use fucking Cherry Blossoms as a metaphor for goddamned everything. I’m serious. I went to Japan and talked to plenty of Japanese people. When they didn’t have the obscure Japanese punk albums I wanted, they did not say that they had stopped carryting them because of fucking Cherry Blossoms. No such excuse was made. They said they did not have them. When a pair of shoes wasn’t in a different size, there was no remark about shitting on boys with narrow, malformed feed, only that “Sorry, we don’t have them in that size.” It turns out, Japanese people are pretty fucking normal, and make excuses no different than any other nation.
If you have to say stupid, totally contradicted shit about Square abandoning the FF game for which it has made the most sequals and tie-in simply because it will not make the same game over again so you buy the fucking thing twice, don’t back it up with racist bullshit trying to make a totally valid reason for not remaking the game sound fucking stupid. It’s a valid reason, not a “Japanese excuse,” and I doubt it was given in fauxetry, let alone a metaphor about Cherry Blossoms, although those are, certainly, the only fucking thing Japanese people use to explain anything. Their primitive, Japanese-exusing minds can’t come up with more than one simile or metaphor within the entire fucking nation, right?
Shut the fuck up, man. Get a valid argument, or at least one that doesn’t back up its arguments with bigoted shit too fucking stupid to have even reached that execrable level of WWII anti-Japanese propaganda.

There are two kinds of people who are different yet the same.

1:Those who follow what they think is popular opinion to fit in.
2:Those who go against what they think is popular opinion to have a sense of individuality.

I think the majority of FF7 fans/haters fall into one of these two groups.

None of us are the authority on script creation/character creation. I think almost every RPG’s storyline is flawed if you dig deep enough into it.
I’m not trying to say FFVII was the best game ever, or that it was perfect. But that the series has a large following of interested fans. If the game was remade it would definitely sell, and make many people happy.
And cause me to dish out the 600$ required to buy a PS3 :stuck_out_tongue: (I was more a Final Fantasy VII fan than I was a Sony fan…it made me switch from Nintendo…so who knows if it was on the Wii I may even switch back O_O)
:hyperven: “Blasphemy against Sony!!!”

Maybe I’m just really old, or missed a memo, but when the hell did FF7 become part of ‘old school’?

Well it’s almost 10 years old, it’ll be a classic in 2008 I guess :p…seeing as it’s 2 system generations old I assumed it had earned classic status… I played it when I was only 13…O_O only a few years before that I was sitting in my room playing Secret of Mana in technological gaming bliss :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, sorry for offending you. I am realy quite fond of Japan and all things asian. Seeing as I grew up a video-gaming-Anime-otaku-Martial-Arts buff dreaming of moving to Japan. Spent much time learning the language and culture.
I just didnt feel like spending ten minutes figuring out how I could relate their “business related excuse” with the mating cycle of a stag-beetle, the tsukikage(reflection of the moon on water), the warm and relaxing atmosphere of Shikoku in summer time, the freaking humidity in Okinawa that makes starched clothing stick to you like spandex, or the flipin Okinawan garden women that dress like grass-ninja’s to shield themselves from the aging effects of the sun!!!

Dirge of Cerberus has a solid story line…

I dunno about you guys but I’m more interested in playing new games.

If those new games are going to be like FF XII then the future of RPGs is atrocious.

FF12 was a flawed but still pretty good game, with an unbelievable localization.

And who the hell says that excuses have to be done with metaphors in any way, shape or form?
And who the hell says that knowing what “tsukikage” means makes you a Japan expert in any way, shape or form?
And who says that a remake must or must not have any individual aspect to it?

Essentially, much of what has been said in this thread is total bunk.

I think it would be a good thing to simply remake not only FFVII but maybe a few more classics, like Chrono Trigger, Tales of Destiny/Phantasia. Maybe it would get RPG’s on the right track.
Secretly I kind of hope some new company comes out of no-where and starts making RPG’s that are a lvl above the rest, a company that understands the art behind gaming fans.

1:it’s simply the Japanese business man way to be politically correct to explain yourself with a deep character assessment of your consumers and tell them what they think/want. A deep and often touching metaphor is a good way to make it seem like there is conviction behind your words.
Like MOS-Burger, one of Japans biggest fast food restaurants MOS-stands for Mountain Ocean Sea. Meaning that their love for their customers is as tall as a Mountain as deep as the Ocean and as wide as the Sea… explanation enough? If I’m the only one who got an innocent chuckle out of it then so be it.
2:I don’t know who said it? You tell me.

3:I think a remake with the original qualities of the game plus adding depth and background related quests, or maybe a few more materia, dungeons, secret things, games in the gold-sourcer, romance related things…would satisfy the craving of people who were fans of FFVII from it’s release date.

I agree we’ve gotten what we want, now let the FF7 series die. Move on to make new stories, and if sequals MUST be made, do them based on other games, such as 6, or 5. Maybe a remake of 8 but that would be the best of it.

Advent Children is awsome but the rest is crap.

I want a remake where Aeris dies, gets phoenix downed and Cloud goes in a threesome with her and Tifa. Hopefully that will be the end of FFVII.

So you are saying its fans (including you I suppose) don’t like the game based on its merits and its “haters” want to stick it to the man (^-^) ? Many of FFVII’s “haters” like the game, yet still think it gets excessive attention.

To some AC is crap and the rest is awsome so don’t impose your opinion on others. If you don’t like something it doesn’t mean it’s not good.

Weeaboo sense tingling!

if they made a remake it would suck, not the game that would be awesome but it would be for ps3 which ill never be able to afford.