The Return of Final Fantasy VII!

You can do anything if you work hard at it(the Jordan avatar should say it all)… :moogle: besides you never know when the price will drop :hahaha;

The PS3 becoming cheaper to manufacture depends on the Blu-Ray player becoming cheaper to make. And that depends on Blu-Ray actually becoming popular enough to warrent the demand. And that’s too early to tell right now, though it’s not looking good.

I would just like to say that Moonlight-Rain, thank you for joining our fourms. Your fresh, new and innovative ideas are just what we needed.


Don’t encourage him, Sorc. He probably won’t even read the line where you reveal the sarcasm.

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Like MOS-Burger, one of Japans biggest fast food restaurants MOS-stands for Mountain Ocean Sea. Meaning that their love for their customers is as tall as a Mountain as deep as the Ocean and as wide as the Sea… explanation enough? If I’m the only one who got an innocent chuckle out of it then so be it.

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[/humorous joke]


Final Fantasy VII needs no more return. It needs to die already. I was gonna play the game agian to relive my favorite moments of the game, but thanks to the whoring of the game and it’s million spin offs, I cant even look at it.

You know, I’ve been tempted to try FF7 in the past. But whenever I got close to it, the thought of a morbidly obese girl saying that Sephiroth is “her bishie” inhibitted any intent I had to play it.

I actually did start playing it again recently. I got as far as the Mountain Trail to Corel, when I stopepd and thought, “wait a minute… this isn’t fun. It’s not much of anything.” So I abandoned it to go play Valkyrie profile 2 instead. And all was well.


That’s how I feel about Inuyasha.

“Seshie is my bishie ^_^”


The phrase “my bishie” can’t ever do anything to me other than make me laugh. And that’s because of this:

I’ve played though FFVII three times already and I have absolutely no desire what-so-ever to even look at it a fourth time. I will give credit where credit’s due. The game does have a unquie story and system. However, once you know the big twist there really isn’t any reason to play FFVII again for that reason. I got two more games out of its Materia system, but the system is very shallow and really isn’t worth playing though anymore. Not only that but it’s extremely easy to overpower in this game. The characters themselves lack any real differences in abilities with one exeption but we all know what happens to that.

The second biggest reason as to why Squeenix doesn’t remake FFVII are the Weapons. Emerald and Ruby Weapons are the games biggest challenges in fact they are so challenging they require you to power up your characters to the max (or should I say your Materia) After them not only do you have no greater challenge but nowhere left to go but to finish the game. Adding a new dungeon to make your characters more powerful is pointless. And new Materia could unbalance the game even further even if they had anything left to put in the new Materia. (Maybe a coustume changing Materia but that’s about it.) A boss rush mode is also unlikely due to the pressence of the Battle Square with its final fight of that is one of the last bosses of the second disk.

Oh! and if you’re wondering what the biggest reason is for Squeenix to withhold that FFVII remake it’s because of people like you (insert fan-boy/girl name here). People who demand something more whether or not it’s a remake. It could be a sequel, a half-baked spin-off, or even simpily a cross-over. Take FFT for example, it came out shortly after FFVII and it too recevied alot of attention, and the masses wanted more and they got more with FFTA, but FFTA wasn’t nearly as good as FFT. However because FFXII was being made by the same people as FFT it too was also considered to be a subsitute, but it too could not live up to the expectations of the masses, and with other games drawing the fans away they finally desided to remake the original as well as provide a second FFTA. However since FFVII still hasn’t lost enough popularity yet which means that the bait & switch method has worked and a good chunk of the original fans as well as some new ones are still yummin’ down those sequels and spin-offs. Ultimately, though those spin-offs and cross-overs aren’t going to cut it any more, and when the level of fans has dropped below a certain point then the remake will come to start up the whole thing again.

So if you really want a remake just calm down, relax, find a game without FFVII on the cover and play that for a while (or maybe go and play FFVII some more and enjoy the very game you fell in love with so long ago), or show what you have read here to your friends and spread the wisdom to just be patient. There’s no rush. And before you know it your remake will be on its way towards your local retail store.

Also don’t bother attempting to make your own remake as I will tell you right now it won’t work. For at the very least it’ll make the offical remake come out even later so don’t worry and relax. Although I would be for the attempt myself as the project would serve as inspiration and maybe a lesson for future amature game makers.

Fucking THANK YOU. Finally someone who knows what they’re talking about.

And why are there so many threads lately that deserve a “You’re stupid.”?

No wonder this forum is dead as crap. People have no respect for others here.
If you don’t like the subject than you can post somewhere else. Or explain your opinion, which you are entitled to. You don’t need to be a jerk about it though.

A game is just that a game. New, Old, Popular, Unpopular… You have a favorite, and I dont give two craps about it, Even if it’s Chrono Trigger gasp or Xenogears tear or Zelda puke…or some rare game that you’re the only one who has playedpoop. They’re all games, if it’s your favorite great!
An RPG gamer is usually someone who sticks out in the crowed, someone with creative thinking and deep thought.
Every freaking RPG is the same crap, some useless item is needed for a useless quest to get another useless item to complete a useless game, wow I wasted a month of my life improving fake people as I stored a bazillion calories in my butt weee! But what you make out of it in your imagination is what counts.

For instance…Posts: 6,458…what the crap are you doing in RPGCC forums then. go to

Oh well. There are plenty of forums. Enjoy yourselves here, because this community wont grow.

Oh, nonsense. If we didn’t have respect for people, we wouldn’t let them post their opinions, not just criticize them when they don’t make much sense. This forum isn’t “dead as crap” - we just stick to discussing things we haven’t beat to death before, with the exception that every few years we do revisit a topic. I mean, you can’t really expect everyone to jump in on an FF7 thread when we just did that whole deal not long ago (in the FFCompendium Forum).

Of course, if you’re talking about Hades, don’t bother listening to him. He doesn’t like the whole idea of being able to be wrong on anything, so he’ll condemn a game like FF12 when he’s only played a couple hours of it. Induction can be a bitch sometimes.

Yeah, because we’re all out of our minds because we’d prefer compelling new content over shitty rehashed content? Shit, this forum is doomed.

There’s no real reason why new RPGs couldn’t be instant classics, y’know. So fans of new RPGs could find their place in here. Just my two cents. RPGClassics isn’t the place for people just because of RPGs. It could be the people too. <strike>Or back in the days, Spoonybard’s SPC collection.</strike>

And I’d assume RPG_Dragon’s post count predates to the days when a pixel, a dagger and a fire spell were all you needed to save the world. That was new back then.

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This is the only forum besides guild forums I’ve ever been to. It’s all I know D:

Trolling and banning people, obviously. I mean, jesus christ, it’s not rocket science.

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Do not expect any single group of people to be more creative or better than the rest; you’ll just set yourself up for disappointment. No such group exists, apart from your friends.