The return... before the departure

Well, I don’t care how many people believe me or not, but I’m going to try to explain a few things.

As some of you know, I fell into a coma about a week or so ago. They found a brain tumor in my head that they believed caused it. They let me return home today, but under heavy watch and going for treatment weekly.

I want to go on the record and appologize for my redneck cousin. And I want to appologize for my past actions (like the Rulakir incident, though I never knew about it until the doctors told me). I don’t blame any of you for thinking this, and this does sound a lot like the boy who cried wolf. I guess I do deserve it.

What did happen to me though was true. If I pulled a trick like this, I would be the lowest man in the world. It is too harsh for a joke… so please, I’m telling you that it is not a joke. It did happen. My father has already talked to Merlin and tried to explain a few things.

I feel bad somehow for this. You guys didn’t believe my cousin (which I don’t blame you), and for some reason, I feel at fault for all of this, though I shouldn’t, as this was not my fault.

After looking at a thread or two that my cousin made, I’ve been feeling like people are here after my heads. My emotions are not ready to get into arguments anymore, so go ahead and do what you must, say what you must. I will not be around much longer. I am releasing all of my shrines for staff to maintain, then I’m going to silently work on 5 more shrines, then leave for good. Don’t ask why I am leaving, all I can say is that after this coma, I’ve come to realize that life is too short, and that while here in RPGC, I haven’t been living my life.

Again, if you guys believe me, that’s fine. I’ll try not to be mad or anything. You have all the right reasons to be suspiscious, I just ask that you try to believe what has happened. I don’t want pity or sympathy or anything. I’m just explaining things.

Goodbye, Orak, I will miss seeing you here.:wave:

I doubt everyone is going to react in a mature fashion to this, si expect a flame war. I, however, hold no malice towards you. You have done some preety sick stuff (Rulakir) but you’re going through some deep psychological shit, as I am, so I understand where you’re coming from. On behalf of RPGC, I apologize to you and all the non-staffers for any…bad vibes that some staffers may have sent regarding this inciident. Good luck and God speed.

And I ask certain staffers (you know who you are) to refrain from replying, especially if you’re only going to repeat what has been said lately. Showing some restraint will help heal the damages.

You’ve done some pretty egotistical and smartmouthed stuff, but you’re a good person. You’ve done a lot for RPGClassics, and I’m sure the staff is grateful for your work. Good luck, Orak, I really hope this works out for you.

EDIT: My own shrine isn’t completed yet, but I’ll gladly look after one of yours as well.

Considering the story we got was dead for two hours then miraculously your heart started again I can understand why not many of us actually believed you.

Yes, uh, to NOT hint amibiguously towards people who say their honest opinions and apologize for their actions when they have no reason to do so themselves, good luck Orakio, and get better.

Originally posted by Zombie_Ori
Considering the story we got was dead for two hours then miraculously your heart started again I can understand why not many of us actually believed you.

It was only for five minutes, i think, actually.

A great loss for RPGClassics :frowning:

I knew it was way too much to be a joke. Don’t feel like that, we don’t hold any harsh feelings for you.

It’s a pitty that you are going but I agree that after something like that you have to start thinking about your life seriously.

Farewell Orakian Hero and drop by at least once in a while.

Opinions have their places; this was one of those rare occasions that was not one of them. An honest man and a wise man are not always one and the same, and I think Merlin would appreciate it if the stuff that was done was not rationalized any further.

<font color=#C0B3FF>Orakio…it’s a shame I never really got to know you. But in the short time that I did, I’ve found you to be a good person…

Goodbye, Orakio. Do come back from time to time…Live life to the fullest. ^_^</font>

Orakio I for one will surely miss you. I found out through someone about what happened and I was shocked. I became worried about your health and when I heard about more of this…I was shocked yet again. I, however, didn’t want to make any judgements until I heard everything and though I wasn’t there, I believe that you are going through what you say. Maybe one day you will return after you feel things are going well for you. You can live your life and still come here, just not stay here all day everyday. At any rate I wish you the best and hope you take care of yourself.

Thank you for that, now please demonstrate some of this wisdom by toning down your future posts a bit so they don’t appear so … provoking. “Stop spouting this shit”. Sheesh.

I never said I contained this wisdom |-P But seriously, enough IS enough, this thread needs mushy feelgood-ness, not…the stuff that’s been clogging the Staff board.

There’s only been one former RPGCer whose departure I did not at all find regrettable, but his name shall be forever in the…


So, of course, I’ll miss you.

I was going to say, “Good luck, please duck, oh fuck, goodbye,” but I thought that just a little innapropriate. Godspeed then.

A man makes choices in life, and I hope you will be successful in the path chosen without regrets, opinions and arguments won’t be part of my post, you’ve made your decision and I’ll abide by that.

You can help that motive further by not using bad language and structuring your posts so that it doesn’t sound like you’re pre-emptively assuming that people will “start flame wars” or “react immaturely”. I know that’s not your intention, of course, just that it could be more eloquent.


True, but I have yet to be proven wrong v.v But, you do many a good point, as you wish…

I hope you fix your problems.

meh… seeya