The pet posting thread.

Alright a couple people posted pictures of their adorable kitty-cats in the other thread. That’s fine and dandy, but we should probably have another to encourage more pet posting since they’re way cuter than most of you ugly mugs. Any type of pet is ok, but snakes have to be linked so I don’t have to look at them. Dead pets are ok, but they have to have been alive at the time of the photo.

I have black pimp cat named Shawdow
and a yellow lab named Leo.

EDIT:Pictures to come once they’re resized - the image is to big to be attatched.

Such a great idea.

Joséphine (sorry for the snake plushie in the background, CH :P):



Random black stray cat that is allowed to come into our house and sleep on the couch:

Awww it’s alright CH, my mom’s afraid of snakes too.

So yes people, go ahead and post your pussies! Walhalla made a nice start <.< Picture of my birdie shall come later.

Well, I have a nice pic of a pissy pussy then.
Is a big pic, so it’s linked: I don’t think Jeffery likes his picture taken.

Arf !

Ain’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen ? :smiley:

I really need to update with more recent pics of the hairball <<

my dog is a completely stupid black lab named dusty. she got her name by crawling under the cabinets and coming out w/ dustbunnies all over her face.

I made my roommate get rid of his two cats when we moved into our new place.


My parents are holding onto my cat, a complete black named Ranger. They also have his mom, which is one of those black and white ones like Walhalla’s Marius. Almost identical, actually. Two dogs, one a mini-dachsund named Winnie and a mixed Chow named Magic (gayest…name…ev0r…). And I can’t forget the pig, whose name is Matilda (remember Deadly Nightshade, my sister? You can thank her for both of those craptacular names :P).

Man Spazzy, your cat’s picture freaked me out when it just suddenly jumped on my monitor…

“Cats are good for skeet practice and target shoots.”-my dad

<a href=“”>Tinkerbell</a>
<a href=“”>Socks</a> <-- <3
<a href=“”>An absolute bitch</a>

Figaro: The world out there shall be mine!

This is taking up bandiwdth so I’m gonna kill the link

Um…Kaiser, what is that?

Figaromust be one of the most sophisticaed cats I’ve ever seen, and that effect is striking even through a photo. o.o It’s the perfect cat for you, nul.

It’s my dog Shaggy

does it sit on your foot all the time? when i tell my dog to sit she tries to sit on my shoes.

My dog doesn’t respond to “sit”

Dude, does your dog have a head?

That is a messed up picture…