The pet posting thread.

This is taking up bandiwdth so I’m gonna kill the link

Nulani, Norska Skogkatt?

does it respond to anything else?

He knows “walk” and “bye bye go”

Here are some pics of my cat Petey.

He so cute when hes asleep.

Whats he looking at?

Gah Zombie!

:moogle: You have a waterbed?

Aww, Petey is cute.

Here are my kittens when they were two weeks old.

and my Smuckers at two weeks.

They’re a lot bigger now, but I can’t see them 'till Thanksgiving.

I know. He rocks.

No. Blue-masked birma.

Cool thread. Thanks CH.
I had no idea that RPGC had so many cat lovers.

This is my posse: Fujin and Raijin taking a snow bath

A slightly better view of Raijin

A short resume :
Fuj is a westie, or a West Highland White Terrier, real name is Denis - the Menace and he really hates playing the role of a bitch, people petting him, people looking at him, people who get in his personal space (and if he can see you – that means you are in his personal space).
As for Raij, he is a Bouvier des Flandres, real name Timo - short for Morse D’Avergniac(long story); he is like a teddy bear – big, cute and cuddly. The only thing he hates is my plastic gunblade :wink:
And just like in the game, tiny Fujin (20 lbs) beats huge Raijin (130 lbs) every time.

Aww isn’t my cat so cute??? :cool:

Meh, got 9 lizards. :slight_smile: Here we go:

Terra, my first one. Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana). I have 2 Iguanas now.

Gaia, my second lizard. Clown Agama (Laudakia Stellio Brachydactyla)

Pic I made of my Bearded Dragon (Pogona Vitticeps) when I was bored. :stuck_out_tongue: I have 3 of these; 2 adults and a small one.

One of my Golden Geckos (Gecko Ulkovski). I have 2 of these.

I also have a striped Gecko, but I don’t got a pic of it right now.

My kitties of doom:



Best in show for dogs goes to Rajin.

For cats, Figaro.
Those pictures look proffesional.

Here are my pets.

My cat, Sam.


Aint that cute?

My cuuuuuuute dog!

This is my buddy Radar.

Psycho cat:

My pet is

Here we go:

This is my senile old Sparkey cat. He’s 16 this month. Sparkey.jpg