The perfect woman?

Note: The image does not reflect the poster’s opinion, it just amused him.

Heh. I already have the perfect woman!! thpppt!


Except there is NO perfect woman out there :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by ahkeeyuu
Except there is NO perfect woman out there :stuck_out_tongue:

That depends on a person’s tastes doesn’t it?

EDIT:: Oh yeah… referring to the picture, she’s not perfect, not
by a long shot :hahaha;

A tad risque, don’t you think? ;p Where’s a poster for the “perfect” man, to be fair?

Oh, and… that was cute, Starstorm. ^^ gives him and Weiila brownies

The great thing is, she doesn’t have to be like that to be perfect… Not that I’d MIND a few of those attitudes… Namely 6 and 9… but I’m more of a Penthouse kinda guy… And yes, please refrain from the obvious joke…

6 and 15 are my favs. That’s what I’d want in a woman. Except 15 might be a bit tricky to work out…

Easy… strap-ons. Going lezzie now, Val?

Forget about that bitch!
I’m the perfect woman!:kissy:

But seriously, if I was a man two days with such a woman would make me gay.:runaway:

I think she meant working out as how to convince the chick into going into number 15.

By the way, don’t forget that you’ve got to see things by all angles if you don’t want to get yourselves into trouble. You’ve only seen the good side of it. Now dispell the illusion:

There’s no perfect anything- it’s all relative. I don’t drink, do drugs or care about golf or football, for example. Substitute with “tolerance for crazy stuff” (like RPGs) and “intelligent conversations” and I’m game. :ah-ha!:

You know, a woman that submissive and crass at the same time would turn me off greatly. =p

Nice <!-- one, --> ass.

I believe the correct term for that is not the perfect woman, but rather, the perfect airhead. >=P

Originally posted by Astral
A tad risque, don’t you think? ;p Where’s a poster for the “perfect” man, to be fair?

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Yeah, a women has got to have a least some intelligence, and personality. For the odd bit of conversation, that is usually nice in a relationship.

However there were a couple on that list that still sound appealing, like 6. But hey, no man could possibly resist that, now could they?

Fae draws TD’s clothes alot like Merl’s. Huh.

984, I strongly think that they may have the same tailor.

Well, Mabat, I guess it wouldn’t be the first time two RPGCers had the same tailor. coughSynchrocough