The page that killed ninjas.

WARNING! Do not enter if you want to keep thinking that ninjas are cool.

Enter at own risk

You’re kidding right?

I don’t think he is.

lol sup 1994?

Did you see the page of hate mails? It’s like 100 times longer than his main page.

I bought his book :\ Ninjas are stil cool.

I know Dev already said it, but…

<B>Brian on Family Guy</B>: Is it 1981?

1994 called, they want their jokes back lol burned.

Ah, haha, I’ve seen this before, but still nice… although Insulting! Beri Beri Inshulting!


Yeah, I’ll be blunt since no one else is. This site is OLD, and it’s pretty much the reason we all LOVE ninjas :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that hurt… X/
That has got to be the stupidest page I’ve ever seen on the entire internet. Too bad the creator seems impervious to common sense so it wouldn’t help even if you told him he was wrong…

Oh hell…I’ve seen that website before. Maddox has or at least had this on his links. The Jay-Z music makes it gay, that and a little prepubescent twat makes rants about ninjas. This did make my liking of ninjas die a little on the outside…c’est la vie.

I don’t love Ninjas. I respect them, but I could never love something that could so easily be defeated by Pirates.

But even the mighty Pirates are susceptible to a solitary Mongoose.

I kind of wish he retorted the hate mail like Maddox does on his page, but I guess there’s no real need when all the hate mails are “I’m an idiot who takes this page too seriously.” and such.


I never even thought about it that way… >_>

Run pirates! That mongoose will eat you!!!

That’s snakes DT.

Where the bloody hell did he get his information from? I thought ninjas were orgionaly trained assassins? Code of honor and all that stuff.

Reminds me of the stupid things people believe about the Masamune/Muramasa legends.

The site is a joke. The news articles about being sued are jokes. His fucking last NAME is a joke. The site is so goddamn old it’s hard to believe anyone takes it seriously anymore.

It’s not that hard to believe, Steve, a few people in this topic took it seriously. :chupon: