The page that killed ninjas.

I don’t see how anyone COULD take it seriously.
Sure there are people that are so stupid they think DnD sends you to <a href=“”>hell</a>, or other stupid things… but honestly. Look at the site a few times, and you’ll see that it’s fake.

And thus another person falls victim to the internet disease, known only as, “Biggus Dickus.”

He has a wife, you know.

Incontinentia Buttocks?

Unless it was a Hanzo or Kansai ninja, or snuck up on the pirate, this is pretty acurate. Most other ninja were meant as spies, occasionally stealthy assassins, not combatants.
Also, I mean, if the ninja had hardware like a firebomb, he’d just burn the pirate’s ship, and they’d escape to sea, thus ending the fight in a draw, but that’s not too likely, seeing as firebombs were rarely given.


I have seen this page before, therefore I am better at the internet then you

Sith Lords > Ninjas, Priates and all wildlife.

Rudora, you look familiar. Do i know you?

Seifer, I am your Father.

That’s right. Nothing kills ninjas.

Btw… “Alaways” :thinking: ?

…uh… what? o.o;

He means dt. This is a prime example of when capitalisation is important, since no one should get confused with DT :3

The Mongoose…nature’s silent killer.

Old yet humourus.

That’s not real utlimate power…

This is!

Since Pierson=English and Pierson=dumbpooface then English=dumbpooface which in turn means, English=MONGOOSE FOOD!

Oh and yeah, I’m dt, DT is DT. There, no more confusion :smiley: