The Official CV Order of Ecclesia Wiki Thread

Nulani, how do we create new shrine subfolders / main pages to get the ball rolling on new projects?

In the meantime, start posting materials here people, that way it will be wikified as soon as its up. IE soon.

We’re currently working on resolving the log in issue.

Include anything. EVERYTHING. BOSS STRATEGIES! Walkthrough! Item stats! (name! description! +atk!), spells! etc. GOGOGOGO!

Some enemies leave behind them glyphs when they die, but if you see an enemy cast a spell at you and a glyph appear, go close to him and press up to absorb it. So far: Necromancer at woods>zombie spell, sea demon at canal>icicle spell (will check their names later).

In the long corridors in Minera Prison Island you can reach the higher ledges with the chests by jumping on them from the wall where you enter the room.

You can also jump over the flashlights at the same level.

In the canal stage, underwater, you have to move the barrels with your body (just keep dragging them to the rocks and then hit them). There are two rock locations: on the right part of the stage, after you blow them up hack the wall right in front of you to get to a hidden room with a MP up, a Hearts up and a High/max(?) potion.

nightmare>Hair for the villager.

weak against strike lightning tough fire 1800hp 1800exp
Crab boss Brachyura strategy: It may look tough initially, but once you get its pattern down you’ll be having delicious crab soup in no time. The beast is weak against striking weapons and lightning, so equip Macir & Vol Fulgur or double Macir. First jump up the ledges and go to the upper left platform so that you don’t get hit. Once the crab settles down beneath the two lower ledges, the battle begins. Stay in the lower left ledge. The crag will reach to the upper left with its pincer and you can either hit it standing or use your combos (better keep them for the later stages). There’s a a slight lull you can use to hit with lightning while he retracts his claw, but duck while doing so. The crab will miss you; keep hitting while crouching. Next it’ll move its head toward you and spit bubbles at you. The bubbles are destructible, but if you move from the lower left platform to the upper right, you won’t be hit. After that return to the lower left and repeat the pattern.

Next the crab will go red. Before that happens, it’ll slowly move its pincer to the lower left platform, so jump to evade. Resume your position to the lower left and hack at him, ducking. He’ll hit the roof with his pincers , but won’t harm you. Next he’ll throw bubbles again, same deal as before. Once you deal enough damage, he’ll smash the roof with his third pincer hit.

Start climbing, using the magnets to propel yourself up (R, press down and release, holding R once you’re close to the next magnet to grab it. You’ll reach four ledges, stand on the upper left and repeat the same pattern. The only difference is that you’ll have to use the magnet to switch sides once the monster begins shooting bubbles at you. You needn’t throw yourself at the right ledge, just grab the magnet with R once it starts spitting bubbles and press right (>). The crab will become red again, keep the same tactics till he busts the roof once more.

Propel Shanoa up using the magnets as before; only this time there are just two ledges. You go to the upper one. The song (almost) remains the same. When the crab spits bubbles, you obviously can’t fling ourself to the right, so your only option is to grab the magnet and keep pressing the right button on the directional cross, as recommended before. When the bubbles disappear, release R and you’ll find yourself on your beloved lower left platform. The crab has a new last-ditch attack that targets the lower left platform. It’ll form a circle with its pincers before doing so, but you can both clearly see it coming and have enough time to jump to the ledge above. This stage is a good time to use your combos if you still have them. If you use Macir & Vol Fulgur remember to hit while the crab attacks the upper ledge so you won’t waste your hearts. The double Arcus combo doesn’t require any aiming to hit.

Brachyura destroys yet another roof. Go up using the ledges and you’ll find yourself under an elevator. Go on it using one of the man-sized holes left and right, go to the middle and press the down button. The elevator will smash that annoying crab for good. Don’t forget to use the elevator again to collect the Luminatio glyph.

Boss: Arthroverta
HP:700, EXP 300 Strong against crushing weapons, weak against slashing, fire.

This one shouldn’t trouble you. Just stand under the magnet and whack him. If it tries to attack you, hang to the magnet using R. If he throws a net or is close to you, pressing back while on the magnet gives you enough range to evade its attacks.

(Half-)Boss: Giant Skeleton HP 800 EXP 350

Its main attacks are a kick (his leg remains lifted afterwards; a prime opportunity for a few cheap shots) and a lunge at you. Once he gets to close to you, use the magnets to fly over him by pressing down and the opposite direction to him. When you get behind his back in this way, he’ll bend behind and come to you quickly. If you can hit him once fine, otherwise return back to your original position to the left of the room. If you return too quickly he’ll be still close to you. He can also hold his hands high while you’re jumping over him, but if you do it diagonally, he can’t reach you.

Your only long-range weapon at this point is the knife, which is both totally secure (hit from afar, fly over him, return, repeat) and takes an absurdly long time to kill him. Use your hardest-hitting weapon, hit and run, take advantage of the pause after the skeleton kicks you (there’s an animation of it lifting its leg just before), don’t push too hard when he tries to grab you and don’t risk hits behind its back. Time your combos so that the skeleton is on screen when you hit him.

On the Wiki? Go to it, e.g. or

I officially love the wiki.

It seems the walkthrough page is over 32K of text and the wiki says it may cause problems in some browsers. Should I split the walkthrough in two parts e.g. “Before recovering Dominus”, “After recovering Dominus” or create new subpages for what is now sections? The latter option would probably make searching worthless.

Shouldn’t the subpage feature also be activated?

You can split them if you want…but actually, some of my walkthrough pages on my shrine are 50-60 KB, and they load in like four seconds. It’s probably fine.

I’ll see if I can’t get around to it by Thursday.

Okay, thanks! I continued the walkthrough in the same page.

I enabled the subpage feature for the main namespace.

You just lowered the number of tabs I have to keep open, thanks.

The wiki is all but finished. Any recommendations?

Also, how does one keep the table in the main page on the top or to the right of the page (paging SG, Walhalla etc.)?

Should I add the categories code in all subpages or would that add too many pages to the category (i.e. it’s covered by the subpages feature)?

Finally, should I add an extra break to each paragraph in the Walkthrough page? It seems too cluttered now.

What a joy compiling the enemies page…stupid lists.

Looks really good. I might’ve done the items in a table, but that looks like it’d be a pain to do (now that I think about it). So it’s fine as is.

As for the extra break in the Walkthough, it’s not necessary I think, but do whatever.

And I imagine compiling the enemy list was a bitch. I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to figure out the stats for equipment in Soma Bringer (Most of the weapons/armor have their base stats based on the difficulty, so there’s 3 different attack/defense stats.) Also, it doesn’t help that there’s a shitload of equipment (a portion of which I don’t have listed on the wiki yet).

And the 4komas made me laugh. Some funny stuff right there.

You know, I have no idea why your info table does that. if I had to make a guess, it would be something about the templates themselves, but I’m not sure.

I don’t know, the code seems identical (I later tried copy-pasting it from your page and changing the info to the same effect).

Well, at least Castlevania had an enemy list on its own. I’m lucky I almost always described in the walkthrough the enemies you face in various rooms, so I could fix my memory gaps without too much running around. Good luck with these difficulty-dependent stats, ugh.

(sorry for the week late reply…)

Yeah, I don’t like to have the table aligned to the bottom right either. :stuck_out_tongue: Our templates are indeed identical. I noticed that the table aligns itself to the top right when there’s more text to the left. That’s what I did for the BoFV page (I added the part in italic). Not sure why it does that, though.

Thanks for the info. I’ll experiment sometime later with the text and the line breaks.

I’ve tried to mess with it a bit, but the results end up making the page look crappy or uneven. There’s probably an easier solution to be sure, but I haven’t looked into it yet.

Yeah, it’s true. You’re right. The Info table somehow only gets aligned properly to the right when there’s a decent amount of text AND a Shrine Content table to the left (again, no clue why). But please, don’t try to add Shrine Content tables to your shrines yet. We want to make only one nice template for it instead of having people make 5-6 templates for each shrine. -_-

Anyway, in the mean time, feel free to experiment with the info table to get it aligned to the top right…

The mystery’s unraveling, good.

Update at last! Especially since I don’t keep track of this kinda stuff often.

Anyways, I’ve managed to get a lot of the Soma Bringer shrine complete. After touching up some of the equipment charts and few things to finish up, I might stop it at that for a while. Listing monsters is pointless (aside from bosses, they’re fodder), and listing the unique monsters would be a bit of a pain in the ass, but that’d have to wait for a while. Just depends on what I decide to do.

Just trying to figure out what should be next for the wiki at this point…