The Official CV Order of Ecclesia Wiki Thread

Good job, Ultratech. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t the wiki on hiatus until the new layout is complete? New games can still be covered, obvs.

Yeah, staffwork always goes slow, but you guys don’t have to move at the same pace as we do. If you guys feel compelled to make a wiki for any games you want, go for it.

Go right ahead. The layout and content are two separate entities so there’s no reason to wait.

Originally Posted by Ultratech87
[i][Just trying to figure out what should be next for the wiki at this point… /I]

Might I suggest a DQ V DS wiki? I’m certain a lot of the new capturable monsters could use added details like level limits and skill acquisition.

Plus, I can actually help with this one too.

Just log in and start it. Easy as cake :wink:

If you wanna start it, Killmore, go ahead. I’ll help in whatever way I can. I was thinking about it though, but there’s quite a bit of stuff to go through. Even then, I still gotta beat the game first.