The Ninjatown thread

Try it. Seriously. It is awesome.

The visuals do appeal and the concept of ninjas with cookie stars sounds like something to be put to the test one year during a halloween - What is the game about? The trailer seemed like it’s some sort of a “plant ninja here - make it defend town from monsters” sorta experience…

This does look really cool, but I sure wish more places offered DS games for rental. :confused: Does it have any Wi-Fi or Local Multiplayer capabilities?

Rental? Jesus man, the game costs 20 dollars. If you have a wii you can sync it with your DS to play demos. Nintendo is a bit stupid in how it doesn’t have all the demos available at all times though.

The multiplayer is most likely local. The gameplay has been described as tower defense. You build ninja huts that make different types of ninjas and you try to stop Mr Demon from getting through. The story bits are great.

Aww yes, it’s impossible not to like this game. They’re ninjas! And they eat cookies! The game requires a bit of strategy in how your choose your units to defend different districts of Ninjatown, but it’s generally easy enough so even I can play without failing (too much >.>). The Business Ninjas are my favorites along with the Anti-Ninjas. :smiley:

“Anti-Ninja knows he looks fab since orange is this year’s black”

Gaaah. o_o

This game actually looks pretty fun. I’ve been looking for a decent strategy game for the DS, and the cute factor just ups the ante.

I’ll admit, I’ve been wanting to play this. Had a chance or two about a month ago, but never did mess with it. Lately, I’ve been pretty addicted to PSZ (awesome game), so I’ve been playing that on the DS the last week or so.

Though I’ve read some of the dialogue for Ninjatown. It’s priceless :slight_smile:
Until then, it’s on my ever growing to-play list.

Go to this page to get an idea of what the gameplay is like. It doesn’t touch on the humor and style that just burst from the game.

I’ve been playing this the last few days and it’s quite addictive. The difficulty of the stages varies, though it seems to become a bit easier later in the game as you learn the ropes. The stage with the four 4x4 grids is my favorite so far (2/3 of the game in). And yes, sometimes the humour works very well.

My local library, it turns out, has a small selection of DS games for rental, and this was one of them. So I nabbed it. It’s quite fun, and surprisingly challenging in places.

OK, is there anywhere in Canada that I can find this game? So far I have not seen it in stores, which is disappointing because it sounds great.

Okay, I absolutely cannot beat the first level of the Foothills, “Jagged Path”. Any Protips?

Protips level 1: sell all the buildings you’re given and build a ninja temple in the middle of the stage. Your aim is to kill the Bully with Magnifryer glass, not to withstand all the waves.

Protips level 2 (full build): [SPOILER]Make two anti-ninja huts next to the ninja temple (both on the upper side, around the middle of the road) and business ninja huts on the lower end of the road (you can afford to build one at first). Your priority is on upgrading the anti-ninjas; add a business hut only when it’s cheaper than upgrading the antis, but try upgrading than building antis in a row. The first upgrade to 2 business huts wouldn’t hurt.

When you’ve got two antis fully upgraded, add & upgrade a new anti lower than your other buildings but close to them. You’ll be raking in cokkies by now, so add perhaps a couple business lower to catch stray business demons and then build an extra anti higher than your other ninjas.

In the beginning conserve some magic power for Get Off My Lawn. When the big waves (13-20) start you’ll have enough magic power to magnifry the bully.[/SPOILER]

I tested it and you can get an A this way. Btw I beat the game yesterday.

Thanks for the advice.

The difficulty curve seemed to lag a bit in the middle - after I cleared the business district, I got mostly As until the pirate ship level. But it seems to have snapped back up with a vengeance.

Yes, I found levels 2 and 3 the most difficult of the lot, especially as one doesn’t know what’s effective or not yet.

I finally got this game. I’m sure I’ll be checking here often since it looks to be challenging.

Aim for As in the first stages. It’s better to understand the logic behind efficient hut placement early on even if it means replaying.

General tip: Anti-ninjas are great if there are many or if you have a back-up hut to harass faster enemies till the antis can catch up.

A backup hut is very useful. I liked using a lot of “Get off my lawn!” too.

I found the hardest stages were in the Business District, for some reason. But once you understand how to position your huts against the different types of demons, the rest is much easier (with the exception of 1 or 2 stages, maybe).

Yeah, I’m having a lot of trouble with the Sugar Exchange map.

Is the Sugar Exchange the one with the crossroads?

What worked for me was building two Business Ninjas and two Sniper Ninjas in the middle, opposite from eachother diagonally, then a Business Ninja on each of the corners. Rally Point placement is key. Don’t bother upgrading the White Ninja huts you start with until you have nothing else to upgrade. And you won’t get much time to breathe, so use Stop! Ninja Time! a lot.

Also: In later levels, Business Ninjas are great for keeping devils in place while Antis pound on them, so build them close together.