The Ninjatown thread

No, Sugar Exchange is the upside down Y shaped map. You don’t start with any premade buildings. I think I’ll start with anti’s. I’ve been using wee ninjas, business and snipers all this time.

I used Anti ninjas at the corners of the Y next to hte road and next to those houses on the sides were more anti ninjas and business ninjas (start with 2 anti , 2 business - 1 anti and 1 business on each side). In the middle on the other side of the road from those corners I put 1 hut of white ninjas and I put 2-3 sniper ninjas above the anti ninjas on the road leading up right before the flyers start appearing. You have to be very quick with your use of “Get off my lawn!” because some will get through occasionally. You may want to consider putting a ninja baby or a ninja dropping at the intersection to fuck with mr dermon’s forces. You can put however many you like and not affect your score.

By the way, you can beat the game without using any tokens. Get off my lawn rocks, but the shouty thing (blow in the mic) is also useful against bosses or huge mobs.