The New Welcoming Thread!

Aight, now that we’re getting a slightly larger number of users, I thought I should make something like a thread to unite us. Basically, this is just a welcoming thread though :stuck_out_tongue:

For those of you from the old community, while I act as a moderator, sfsakana and Dragon Flare will have authority (if they decide to come around now), and they will have the password for the subsite. I’ll put up the main page in a few days, but I need to get some stuff straightened out with my fellow staff members.

For everyone, this place is basically a branch off of the RPGClassics community. The rules here, and in all parts of the Message Board, are pretty straight forward: Don’t be mean, don’t do stuff that sucks, no rom requests, yada yada. There will, however, be more leniency when linking to sites in THIS forum, because if you’ll take a look at the threads here, a good deal of them are just links to SaGa-related resources.

Also, to note, the rest of the Message Boards are a fine place, as RPGClassics is a rather welcoming community compared to most. So, don’t feel nervous to venture out of here. I think you’ll find the rest of this place to be just as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable at times.

Lastly, I know this place is small, but if you guys want to set up a chat for this place sometime, I could register one. So, if you guys are up to that idea, we can discuss that right here.

Other than that, welcome to the boards, kids. :smiley:

Makes sense. I won’t have much trouble following those rules, they are preetty much along the same lines as, which I know pretty well.

Originally posted by Skankin’ Garbage
Also, to note, the rest of the Message Boards are a fine place, as RPGClassics is a rather welcoming community compared to most. So, don’t feel nervous to venture out of here. I think you’ll find the rest of this place to be just as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable at times.

Hisssss hisssss

I don’t think you’re helping, CH =P

Isn’t St. Ajora also one of the people in charge? Or am I just drunk again?

I’m not in charge of anything last I checked. I’m just someone who is known as

A. Strong presence in the SaGa Community

B. Obsessed Freak who needs help.


Oops, sorry about CH, he sprung a leak again. We’ll send him to the shop for repairs right away!

Hey all. Its great to see other SaGa Fanatics out there! I was beginning to think I was the only one…

I hope to learn alot from you guys. I am a Saga newb. Love it so far.

hey-ho everyone. been playing SaGa since I first got my gameboy many moons ago…Final Fantasy Legend II (aka SaGa II) was one of my first rpgs ever. Gods was it hard, but very rewarding to beat. I just got Unlimited SaGa recently and haven’t “gotten into it yet,” but I’m not giving up!:hahaha;

Hey all. I saw this website and decided to make a username, when I discovered I already had one here! I’ve been using this name for everything for quite a few years. And yes, it’s great to see other SaGa fans out there. It’s a place for this semi-obscure series. I hope this forum doesn’t ever die.

Welcome. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I’ve felt burned out by everything. I only remembered to come back because I saw Skanking’s sig in a post at Gamefaqs awhile ago.

Yeah, Ajora, I just got back into the swing of things myself. Since my classes are almost over, I decided to pick up SaGa Frontier 2 again and finish my walkthrough (it’ll be up on RPGC by monday probly :D), and I started Unlimited SaGa again. Even if I’m not that big on the game, I think I’m at least gonna finish Laura’s scenario, so I can feel content. Then maybe I’ll do other ones if I feel the desire to afterwards. MAYBE. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I’ve just joined this community recently, but I’ve been on the SaGa Frontier and USaGa boards at GameFAQS for a while, and have been a SaGa Fan since `98 or so, when me and a couple of friends all got SaGa Frontier 1 within a week of each other and started playing like crazy. I’ve since played SaGa 2 and 3, SaGa Frontier 2 and USaGa. I Loved them all, w/SaGa 3 being the weakest by far, but still fun. I’ve been dying to get any of the RS games, but i only recently got a computer (still no home internet), and have had an evil time getting RS3, (I still need DirectX 8.0+).

Favorite Characters from SaGas (in no particular order)
Gen, Roufas, Mesarthim, Silence, Ruby, Sapphire, Lynn, Meythia, Cordelia, Gustave, Anzan and Silver Girl.

Fuckin’ right on. A community that understands the greatness of the SaGa series. Everywhere else I go, it’s Final Fantasy babbling from alleged “long time fans” who’ve never played 1 through 5.
Anyway, I’ve played all of them with the exception of RS1 and RS2 (since they’re not translated). RS3 is my personal favorite, and I played through Julian’s scenario like 6 times, Mikhails, Katalinas, and I’d started Harids before I bought Unlimited. Unlimited I managed to pull off Laura, Kurt, Judy, Mythe, and Ventus’ scenarios before falling into the same fate I did with Chrono Trigger. Endless, nonstop playing until I take a break for 2 or 3 days. And when I get back, bam, I’m bored.
Fear me ::doh::


I guess that’s the reason why I don’t see any Unlimited Saga thread, eh?

Nah, I played Saga Frontier 2 before getting stuck, but I enjoyed,a nd I have yet to really get into RS3 yet. Unlimited Saga just bores me.

Hi there! :slight_smile:

Hello there. Just thought I’d drop in and say hi. I look forward to spending some time here.
BTW, I’ve completed SaGa 1-3, own (but have yet to play, due to lack of time) SaGa fRONTIER I, II and U SaGa, and have never played the RS’s.

Welcome. I still need to play RS2 myself. I’m still waiting off for more of a translation. I’m surprised I guessed my way through RS1.

Thank you, Ajora. I’ve seen your name a lot over on GameFAQs. (My name over there is Chronic PokeAbuser, in case you wanted to know.) How is Romancing Saga III? I have the ROM, but nowhere near enough time to play it. (Actually, I have nowhere near enoguh time to play ANY games.) When I get closer to actually playing it, I’ll ask a few more pointed questions.