The Megaman X8 demo.

Along with Megaman X Command Mission on the PS2 (I don’t know about GCN) is a playable demo of Megaman X8. I tried it, and I must say, it’s ex-o-lent.

Since there’s only one level playable in the demo, and I don’t know enough about the story or music to judge it, I’ll just talk briefly about the graphics, and a lot about the gameplay. Overall, the gameplay mechanics are a HUGE improvement over X7. So, what makes it better?

First of all, the speed. X7 was very slow, which worked for the 3D parts of the game, but not the parts that were in 2D perspective. In fact, the 2D parts of X7 were not only slow, but they were just damn ugly as well :stuck_out_tongue: X8 is all 3D Graphics, played in 2D aspect. The speed of the game is intensely fast…or at least, if feels that way. It’s probly not any faster than the SNES ones, but the huge 3D sprites moving at that speed, just looks, well, fast. :stuck_out_tongue:

Second of all, and this might seem insignificant, but it was the FIRST thign I checked: They made wall kicks useful again :stuck_out_tongue: In X7, if you did a wall kick, you would shoot out, but after you flew outward, you’d lose all the speed. They soooo fixed that in this game. I’m pleased.

Minor note: In X7, everyone was automatically given the ability to air dash, and that remains present in X8. Also present in X7 was the auto lock on system, which was present cos of the 3D aspect. This was removed from the game.

As for specific character improvements, the gameplay has been balanced a lot. In X7, the Axl was pathetically stupid, Zero struggled a lot because he had no edge, and X was just so absurdly powerful that it was ridiculous.

X still has an absurdly strong, large charge shot, however, he really doesn’t have any neat tricks like Zero and Axl do, which I’ll get into later. Also, since there’s no auto lock-on in X8, X once again only fires forward.

Zero once again has the old 3 hit string, with the last hit rising upward, a la X6. His combo is pretty nice, as some of the hits reach behind him, and the saber is once again very powerful, to balance out the issue of range. He has a dash slash (in older games attacking during a dash would stop him on a dime.), which is pretty nice. His jump slash also has an incredibly wide range; it’s a half circle slash right in front of him, haha :stuck_out_tongue: He still has the double jump…and did I mention, he’s FAST again? Zero has his edge back, buddy. Hell yeah.

Axl made the biggest improvement. In X7, he was pretty much there to keep X’s spot warm for him til you got him. He had no charge shot, his copy shot was absolutely useless, his glide couldn’t reach as far as X’s glide could, and the commando roll was very impractical in 3D, where you could just dash to the left or right. :stuck_out_tongue: But! Axl is pretty fucking intense in this game. He plays a bit more like Bass does in Rockman and Forte: Axl has his glide, which is now activiated by pressing the jump button in air (So it’s USEFUL now! :P), and his commando roll (also now useful), which can be done by pressing down and dash simultaneously. He no longer has his copy shot (so it seems; I’m not sure what they’ll do with him), but he does have an attack edge that X doesn’t: Easy Rapid Fire, and the ability to aim :stuck_out_tongue: The way Axl fires is different from X. Axl has a short warm up time before he begins to fire, and then, once he starts, he keeps firing as long as you hold the button down. If you shoot with him in mid air, he stays in the air, too! The only con is, he can no longer move while firing. Also, on aiming: Since there’s no auto lock-on system, X has to fire forward, but Axl can aim in any direction he wants, even down by his feet. This is especially useful for hitting smaller enemies, as Axl can jump up, and then fire downwards while in midair. Phew, they made him so much better. :stuck_out_tongue:

With all those specific character changes in mind, the game is much more balanced. There are nice ways of dealing with things with every character, and in the demo level, every character has their particular place to shine.

Speaking of which, the use-two-characters-at-once deal still is used in the game; however, you can’t choose your characters. The level seems to have it scripted. For example, in the level demo, the characters available goes liek this:

X + Axl – Axl – Axl + Zero – Zero – Zero + X

So, you can’t really choose when you have a character, or who you use in a level, I imagine. This forces you to use every one, sort of. In one way, this kind of sucks to me because personally, I love trying to solo through the X games, and see how well I can do. On the other hand, I think most people will enjoy this, because you’re forced to get a little good with everyone, and since each character can actually hold their own this time around, it’s not a bad thing.

Also, there is a silly little thing they added to the game: Team attacks. This is kind of like Giga attacks. Basically, when fighting a boss or subboss, little crystals come down when you hit them, or the little flunkies. When you accumulate enough, you can press either R button, and your team mate will come down and do a special attack for a grippe of damage. I think this is kind of ridiculous cos it’s so strong, but on the other hand, it’s kidna hard to pull off. I think you have to be standing in a spot where you are very close to the enemy and can hit them with a normal attack from your position. This might sound easy enough, but I’ve cheesed a couple of times, and I wasn’t able to do it against the boss of the level…not that you really need to. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, most importantly to me, is, this game appears to not rely on funky ass powerups, which I think seriously killed X6, and made X7 pretty damn subpar too. Gone were the days where you could beat X games with the absolute bare minimum. Well, it really looks like those days are back, but with enough innovation to make it not quite like a rehash of the same old crap.

My verdict: Mega Man X8 will almost certainly be a good game. It might even be one of the better ones in the series. I was thoroughly impressed.

Great! I was thinking it might be good, since capcom basically alternates between producing crap and awesome stuff. “It rocks! It sucks! It rocks! It sucks!” etc etc…

SInce we’ve had 2 bad X games in a row, I was thinking that capcom would balance it out with an awesome game.

Sounds like it’ll be a huge improvement over X7, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll capture what I loved about X1-X4, just building up and worrying about X. X5 and X6 made concentrating on X possible, but the multiple armors, and not wearing a piece right awat sort of detracted from that. Then in X7, X was sort of an extra. Did they change the way that reploids are handled? Are they in it? Do they die so fucking easily? Reploid weren’t too bad in X5 and X6, but in X7 you pretty much had to forget about a couple of reploids.

First of all, the speed. X7 was very slow, which worked for the 3D parts of the game, but not the parts that were in 2D perspective. In fact, the 2D parts of X7 were not only slow, but they were just damn ugly as well :stuck_out_tongue: X8 is all 3D Graphics, played in 2D aspect. The speed of the game is intensely fast…or at least, if feels that way. It’s probly not any faster than the SNES ones, but the huge 3D sprites moving at that speed, just looks, well, fast. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, X7 speed sucked, man. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m glad they fixed it.

Also present in X7 was the auto lock on system, which was present cos of the 3D aspect. This was removed from the game.

Well, this made the game too easy anyway. cough

I think it’s kind of cool to have to play with 2 specific characters depending on the levels. It’s true that Axl was too incompetent, so I never bothered to use him much. I didn’t get what they tried to do by adding such a bad character. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope the music will be good, though. X7 tracks disappointed me.

Anyway, I haven’t played enough MMX games to compare properly and I can’t make comments that look smart here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Infonick, I’m not sure how the scientist thing will be handled, as there were none present in the demo. Maybe they got rid of them entirely, which would be cool…but, you collect these little triangular things when you kill enemies, it reminds me of souls in X6. Maybe it’s just for hunter rank? Who knows? And yeah, I liked being able to solo with just one character, and I liked being able to do it with nothing. That’s how I enjoyed X1-X5. For all I know, a lot of features are in the game that aren’t available in the demo; I found a few secrets in the level that were just plain innaccessible. I don’t know if they were meant to be that way, or what. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I am reminded of one more very nitpicky set of differences. Dashing, which since the PSX versions, had a bit of a warm up and cooldown time, are more instantaneous, like the SNES ones, and the Jumping is a lot like jumping in every other game, but it just happens a lot faster. The quickness is tough to get used to at first cos it seems like you’re not in the air long at all, but it’s actually pretty nice, cos it’s more fluid, and easier to the distance of your jumps (this makes short hops a lot easier).

X5 big flaw was how heavily unbalanced it was. Even after you got the Falcon Armor, Zero was still ten times better than X up to the point were you COULD NOT LOSE as long as you used the red guy. I think they tried to fix that in X6 by not doubling the effects of Life expansions, but that only resulted in having the character you don’t normally use dying after three hits.

SG: Isn’t it possible that they just had you use all the character in the demo? Just to make everyone happy. Or maybe it’s just that one level where you have to use everyone.

Seraphim Ephyon: That’s kinda incorrect, I think. I could beat X5 with X using absolutely nothing: No heart tanks, no armor, no special weapons, nothing. I’d like to see anyone do that with Zero. :stuck_out_tongue: On the contrary, X6 is rather unbalanced for X until you get the Shadow Armor, which makes it so easy that’s it’s not even fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

And Ramza, it might have just been a demo, but there was dialogue in the level, and they made their sudden departures relevant with the dialogue. Also, I couldn’t choose who exactly left my party. That’s what leads me to believe it’s scripted. Plus, the boss at the end of the level needs to be knocked down before it can be damaged; Zero can knock him down with only the last swing of his combo, and X can only knock him down with a charged shot. How could Axl do it? :stuck_out_tongue: But also, it might have just been the intro stage; I never thought about that til right now.

I liked X6 more than X5. I liked how X could use the sword and Zero could shoot again like he originally did in X1. The initial time limit in X5 annoyed me a lot. Strange, I found X in X5 to be just fine. Once I got the Falcon armor, X was a blast to use. While I love the Falcon armor, it was a little to powerful.

The only thing I used in X5 was Zero’s C-Sword. Nothing more.

I really really hope it was just the intro. : \ I much prefer choosing who I want to be and only using them the entire time. x.x; That way I can have a special file for each of the characters. Seems like anytime something is fixed in a game, they have to do something else to fuck up something else. Oh well, maybe I’ll get used to it.

Sorry Ramza, but just because you are forced to use someone else other then zero doesn’t really mean it’s fucked up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and before I forget, the MMX8 demo was only for the ps2 verison not the gc verison.

It is in a way fucking things up since Mega Man gaems have always been about choosing your path and how you play that path. Not choosing a character would really fuck up that history,e specially since X games are part of the main series. The demo level could just be that first section of all Ega Man X games before you start fighting the bosses and that would explain the scripted control.

Yeah. That would be cool. That’d give me an idea of whether or not I liked Axl. And yes Sonic, it is fucking it up. I don’t like it, so therefore, to me, it’s fucked up.

I just find it funny that people blame capcom for not innovating with the MM games, but when capcom does this stuff people complain that they shouldn’t fix whats broken in the first place.

I haven’t heard that comment before. I’ve heard people blame Capcom for milking its products to death, but not for the lack of innovation. Besides, innovation doesn’t mean it’ll be good. Hell, if anything, thsi complaint is about them tking freedom away from the player, which is somewhat counter-productive to innovation.

For the record, I side with the ‘dont fix what isn’t broke’.

And I have on more than one occassion heard people complain about lack of innovation. Mostly those stupid paid (read: bribed) ‘professionals’ for magazines. But a few others as well.

Yeah, like Infonick said, innovation does not equal good. Unlimited SaGa was innovative, case in point :stuck_out_tongue: But, personally, I like rehashes of games I really like, but I’m in a vast minority. There are tons of small improvements that could have been made on X games, but starting with X5, they kinda started going bonkers trying weird stuff. X5 didn’t turn out all that bad, but X6 sucked and X7 was weird…plus a lot of people didn’t like it. I might be jumping to conclusions, but it looks like X8’s got it right.

I must be unique in the fact that I play games with the specific intentions of enjoying the game I’m playing right in front of me, and rarely if evere compare it to others in the process.

I don’t think you are. The difference with the Mega Man series is, ever since the very first one, you’re led to expect the same gameplay from them. Is it BAD that it’s changed? No. Is it still weird to see certain innovations in Mega Man games? Hell yes it is. :stuck_out_tongue: