The line to end all lines

Location: Dorval Airport
Time: 6:50 AM
Aircraft departure: 8:50AM

All times are in EST, less than twelve Air Canada employees were harmed.

We get there, me, Sinistral, Faetan and Darksand, line is…daunting to say the least but we start, it moves fairly well since there’s three people running the check-in counter or whatever it’s called, no prob right? Two employees leave, there’s about 200 people waiting to be checked in, we’re in the line to enter the line. Things did not bode well, but not only for Fae who had a plane to catch, but also for the personnel that Sinistral nearly mutilated to get an answer. In the end she got thru though, and we yelled very angrily out of the terminal, and I got about 2 hours of sleep so I’m gonna go catch up.

So…yeah, back from vacation or whatever. Not exactly a super duper happy go lucky camper so if anyone wants to suffer, just mess with my nerves a little and I’ll be glad to oblige.

Er… Sorry… But erm… Where’d you go? :hmm: And I hope the vacation was better than the flight home.

Sounds like Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport on a holiday…

I always hate having to wait in lines like that.

If you would’ve flown USair i couldve hooked you up. My aunt is pretty high up in that company, so we skip the lines and things like that.

Damn that sounds annoying. Personally I hate wating around, and that is when I’m not in a rush, so it must have been dreadful for you lot!

Actually there must have been closer to 500 people in that line.
Here’s a little diagram to give you an idea, each * if about 5 feet. and the X is the location of the only clerk going bagage check in.

_________ | _____X

******** | *******
---------* | *--------
******** | *******

Originally posted by Zero
I got about 2 hours of sleep so I’m gonna go catch up.

Good idea.

Welcome back, guys. Glad you survived it.

Sin nearly mutilated airline personnel? I wish I had him around the last time I flew out of Raleigh - I could have used him to knock some sense into a somewhat surly ticket person. Yes, I could have done it myself, but I was sort of in a hurry.

What you described sounds a lot like some of my more recent airport experiences.

Well. I see Sin’s still alive. :stuck_out_tongue: Is he over at your place now, Zero, or staying at Roots’?

Anyway, 6:50 am sucks. o_o Sin’s flight left at 9:15pm… which was a time I could handle. I would’ve been (more) upset if I had to get up that early ^^;;

And I really really… hate airports.

Ouch -_-;; Well, glad that you guys made it in the end, at least. Now go sleep, Zero… or whatever it is that reploids do…

I wouldn’t like waiting in lines. I’m a very impatient person.

Sin angry at an airport must have been a sight… I bet a few people got traumatic childhoods right there.

Can I use a terrible ‘End of Line’ Tron pun somewhere in this thread?

And yes, lines suck. BA seems to be acting as one for a change and just not bothering to be workable. Airports are why so many English people stay at home and go camping…

Camping kicks ass. Next sunday I’m off camping to Ireland for 10 days yay! But no internet ;_;

So wait… two employees left, leaving only one? And you yelled at that person? I would have yelled at the assholes who left the poor guy on his own.

That remindes me of a Dilbert…but since I don’t have a scanner, a script will have to suffice.

Panel 1
Title: Dogbert’s Airline Service
Dogbert: through an intercom We regret to inform you that all flights will be delayed infinitaly.
Panel 2
Intercom: Therefore, you are required to form a primitive society and live in the airport terminal forever.
Panel 3
Dogbert: through an intercom The good news is that you get six “Dogbert miles” that can be used on the 35th of each month!

That isn’t a perfect transcript of the strip, but you get the idea.

<hr> ?

Lines suck, so does the incompetence of some people. You sum these two and you get a Murphy event.

Try Alton Towers on a saturday holiday. Bring machine guns.