The let's help me with RPG Maker 2003 thread!

Instead of bugging people on IM I figured I can post here.

I am trying to make a map but the hero keeps going through walls.

I have made the walls impassable.

As well as the directional thingy.

Why why why?

Try right-clicking on said wall while in the upper layer of the tileset. Is the tile that it selects passable, or does it have a star instead of an X or O? If it doesn’t have that star, that might be your problem.

I dont understand what you mean…the wall is in the lower layer. From the pictures I’ve shown you, I’ve marked the wall with X.

Yeah, but the upper layer can override the lower layer. If the blank tile in the upper layer is passable, the tile in the lower layer will be too. The star means “above the hero” and doesn’t affect the lower layer.

Although, if that’s not the problem, do you have any events on that wall that’re below the hero? If so, there’s the problem.

If it’s not either of those two, then I can’t think of anything else. :stuck_out_tongue:

Noo there’s absolutely no events on the map…that star is there on the upper layer so I guess I can’t do anything else…

sigh There’s ALWAYS a problem when I tinker around in this thing…-_-;; This is shit because I can’t upload any maps then!

edit: um, I just made another shitty map just to test it out and the blockades work…I guess it was that particular map, that wasn’t letting me do it (for some reason?) so I guess I’ll have to scrap it and do it again on this new map.

This probobly isn’t the problem, but if you’re in Test Play mode, your hero will walk through anything if you’re holding Ctrl.

Alright, now say, if a character approaches a barrel and receives an item…how do I make that happen? Does that involve the dreaded switch?

Ah, yes…the newbie switch dillema. When you get used to it, you’ll be amazed that you ever found it hard.

Okay, so you create an event. The event is the barrel. In this event, you creatre two pages.

What you make the event do is give you the item, make it say “You got So-and-so!”, then have it activate a switch. Use the “Change Switch” command and make it turn the switch ON.

Then, on the second page, make the event’s start condition “Switch So-and-so is ON”. Then just leave the events blank. If you have one, change the sprite to an open barrel.

I don’t understand what to do on the second page…and how does the item appear in my inventory?

edit:where is the first thing you mentioned? In the list of commands? I’m not sure what it would be called since I’m using 2003…

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of switches.

  1. Create an event.
  2. In this event, click “New Page” at the top. The event shold now have two pages.
  3. In the first page, right-click the white area to bring up the list of commands. Choose “Item Management”
  4. Choose what item you want the hero to recieve and the amount of that item.
  5. Bring up the command list again, choose “Message”, and type a message letting the player know they’ve received the item.
  6. Bring up the command list again, and choose “Switch Operations”. Choose a switch, name it, and make sure “Turn ON” is selected.
  7. On the second page, check one of the boxes at the upper left marked “Switch”. Select the switch you just named.
  8. Congratulations! You’ve just made a switch! :D!

I’m not receiving it…

edit: when I used a treasure box, it did, but not a barrel. How can I make the hero find something in random objects?

edit 2: Oh oh and how do I make the chest look like it has opened afterward?

With most Chest sprites, they looked opened if you make them face another direction. Select “Fixed Graphic” as its movement, then on the second page, have the sprite facing a direction besides down. And for random objects, you can either A, find sprite sets containing random objects, or B, place a spriteless event over a point in the chip set. If you do this, make sure the event is set to “Same level as hero”, otherwise it won’t work right.

Hmm I’ve done that but it wont stop giving me items if I keep prompting it.

edit: Also, how do you make a sprite disappear once you want it in your party? Like I know how to do the command to add a member, but what if that member’s sprite is standing in front of you and you want it to go away (move back into the hero, I guess? Think FF6)

If it won’t stop giving you items, you haven’t got the switch right. Make sure the second page is blank, and the start condition for it is the switch.

Party members work on the same principal. After they join you, use a switch to make them dissapear. But if said party member is going to be with you for the entire game, you can make the event start condition “So-and-so is in your party”, and it’ll work the same way. But the switch would be undone if he or sher leaves the party for any reason in this case.

Okay so how do I set that up.

Here’s some pictures of a simple “character joins the party” event. It also shows how switches work.

If your “character joins the party” event looks something like this, it should work.
(note: due to large size, images might take a bit of time to load)

Okay I’ve done that, now how do I get the character sprite to disappear after she’s joined me? I don’t exactly understand what I did with the Hero box clicked. The girl will be with me for a short while and will disappear a few minutes into the game. Was that set up right?

Heh, once again, Sairan pwns me.

I feel I should make it known that I use mainly RPG Maker 2000, which, while working more or less the same, uses different terminology than 2k3.

EDIT: The character sprite will dissapear as long as you have no sprite set to the second page.

RPGMaker XP is also out guys. I dont know if anyone else is experimenting with it…

I found it to be the best to date as far as events and layers go… Much more flexibility than ever before. Not hard to learn either, especially if you were already a veteran to RPGMaker 2k and higher.

How do I not set a character sprite for the second page? It seems like I have to choose something.