The let's help me with RPG Maker 2003 thread!

On Sairan’s first pic, do you see how “Event Graphic” is set to the sprite of the elf girl? And on the second pic, it’s just a blank space?

You change it there. The easiest way to set it to blank is to choose an empty part of the chip set.

To not set a character sprite, select “*Tileset 1” from the graphic menu, and click on the blank space in the upper-left.

And Izlude, while I also like RMXP, it’s missing some things that I like to use…such as an easy way to make a world map. :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys ROCK. I have no questions for the time being, but expect a flood of them tonight when I come home from work and play with this all night.

The world map thing wasnt so bad for me. I stopped doing the world maps back with RM2K3. I figured that it took away from the feeling of traveling over long distances and gave me a larger challenge when fleshing out the world if I made it “zone” based and had actual fields and horses and stuff.

Giving the characters a horse to ride around on at an accelerated speed helped alot and (imo) made things more interesting.

Try to hop on AIM. Chances are, either me or Sairan’ll be on when you are.

You two are not on :frowning:

How do I make a save point >>

Well, I’m about to go to bed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho…unless you disable it, you can save anywhere just by choosing the “save” option in the menu. You could simply disable it everywhere exept the world map.

But if you insist on save points, there’s a “call save menu” command in the event menu. It’s not too hard to rig a save point.

Okies, now, I can’t figure out what I messed up. There are no enemies appearing in the map, when I want them to. There are three random enemy groups that I have set, and the encounter rate is 25 (?) but still nothing will show up…

It might have something to do with the terrain. Every type of terrain has an encounter %. Whatever you set it to, encounters on that terrain will be that likely yo happen depending on how many steps you set. If you have it set to 0%, no encounters.

On that note, you probobly want to set the encounter rate to a higher number of steps. Whatever system they used to estimate that, it doesnt work. 40-50 for most maps is ideal.

The map is only a tiny one, i dont want to have to walk a lot to get into a battle…and the terrain was at 100% and I increased it, but its still not doing anything :frowning:

edit: problem solved, as you know >>

Since I am feeling guilty, I am ressurecting this thread. I don’t want to bother you guys on AIM anymore :frowning:

So, how do you make a character be introduced into the party at say, lvl 10? And get him to stay at that level? I am trying to do this, and although this works in a test battle, the character’s stats seem to hit lvl 1 again when in a real battle.