The "leave Big Nutter the F alone" thread

also I’m still hearing people bitch about InfoNick, he’s my pal. leave him alone, as well as Big Nutter. Or feel the wrath or Merlin.

liek omg, u no coolz no more merlz

…feel the wrath “or” Merlin?


Yeah, feel the merlin!

I agree that too many people mess with Big Nutter. Has it ever come acrossed anyones mind that some people make more mistakes than others?

Not being able to write properly does not excuse being a tragically unfunny plagarist.

But okay. I’ll shut up from now on.

Y’know, I may not like Info, or Nutter, but that guy I really have a problem with is Charlie. What the fuck is he on, that fucking retard. All he does is go around and post things that noone cares about. None of them are memorable. So I think if anything you should go make a LEAVE CHARLIES MANE alone, cuz omg i h8orz him. omgo omg not him, but him! HIM AS IN CHARLIE! NOT HIM AS IN HIM! U UNDR STND DN’T U!?


as for me, i like big nutter. he’s never bitched at me or anything like that.

All Big Nutter plagerized was stuff that someone plagerized from other video games/anime/OS girls

Add RPG Staff on the list then… Merl, Any Tips to get from under this…

Big Nutter
My head Hurts!!

Even his copy/pastes have typos >>;

Nope, That is a Paperback Dictionary about 21 years old on the Right hand side on my Moniter. so If I’ve been Seeming to Ignore some posts… That post was me Looking at that Dictionary…

Big Nutter

I guess I don’t read enough threads, or just don’t pay attention when people pick on one another cause I had no idea that Big Nutter was getting shafted by anyone…

You’re a good man, [STRIKE]Charlie Brown[/STRIKE] Big Nutter. I like how you’re observant of the little things in FF games that other people miss.

Like the fact that Tidus sucks ass. I agree!

I liked Tidus, I thought he was one of the more believable and human FF heroes.

Thats kinda funny, since he wasn’t really human. Oh yeah, uhh spoiler or something

That’s Titus, not me

I agree. People like cloud dont exist.

EDIT: Oh yeah. gropes merlin