The "leave Big Nutter the F alone" thread

But then I didn’t say he was human, I was he was more human than other FF heroes.

Who cares how human he was, all he did was bitch and whine about Yuna, his Pops and Auron. Sometimes he whined about Zanarkand.

He also pulled through when it mattered. We just look for different things.

Meanie! ;_;

Red XIII was the most human FF character evar… Then again, Umaro reminds me of one of my friends… so he could be the runner up…

And I still say people shouldn’t take me so seriously. I mean, I can’t stay mad at Big Nutter! He gives me RM2K sprites of the OS girls when I need 'em! :smiley:

p:unch:: SOK

The only thing bad about Tidus was his need to grow a pair.

Or the fact that the main character never goes for the really interesting girl.

But thats all Main characters in general. Not just titus.