The Kingdom Hearts Trilogy: Angels Rise Again Chapter 1

Okay, this is Chappie Number 1, people! If ya don’t like it, just say so! I know it’s kinda small, but if it’s okay with Weiila or whoever puts the stories on, can ya please connect it with the other chapters that are coming, until it’s a little too much? Well, here it is:

†~Chapter 1: The Girl in Kingdom Hearts~†

Riku’s heart and stomach felt like they were falling down a never-ending pit. Sure, he was happy that the darkness was sealed away, and that he got to see his friend one last time, but…the fact that it was the last time he’d see anyone again, and the light of day, made him sad. Also because of his stupid decisions in the past. He found it hard to forgive himself for it. He wanted to try and let it go, and convince himself that the others forgave him, but…it was too hard for him to bear.

“Well…that’s that!” King Mickey said cheerfully as he took a seat on one of the weird rock-shaped structures near the huge pole in the middle of the room “Kingdom Hearts is sealed!” He looked at the depressed Riku, and his smile faded away for a moment, and then he got cheery again. “Aw…c’mon kid!” he said to Riku, and Riku glanced at him “Cheer up! I know, and I am positive about this, that everyone forgives you for your mistakes! You saw Sora’s face. He was glad to see you, not upset or angry, just plain happy!”

“Yeah…I guess…” Riku replied softly, giving him a dull smile, but a smile, nevertheless. The same question kept ringing in his head…what would he do now? What was there to do? King Mickey suddenly shot up, and started walking toward one of the gaps in the walls. “What are you doing…?” Riku asked, both curiously and in confusion.

“Seeing if there’s a way out” King Mickey answered. He turned around to see Riku’s doubtful face. “Hey, you don’t seriously think it’s the end, do you?” he asked, smiling as always “We can’t stay here, our friends need us!”

(Maybe…) Riku thought, trying to fight back his tears (But how? What more can we do? We’re stuck in Kingdom Hearts. They’re couldn’t possibly a way out. If there was, the Heartless would easily have been able to get out, even with the door shut and locked)

(Wow…you sure are a negative thinker, aren’t you?) A female voice said in his head, a familiar one, and he shot up and looked around (You deserve the award for party pooper of the day!)

“Who are you?” Riku said aloud, catching King Mickey by surprise.

“I’m King Mickey…didn’t you hear?” King Mickey replied, confused, and Riku turned to him, giving him the same confused look, before he finally understood.

“Didn’t you hear that voice…?” he asked, and King Mickey shook his head, keeping the confused look on his usually smiling face. Riku looked around for a moment again, just as confused as King Mickey was. King Mickey went back to looking around for an exit again.

(He can’t hear me, silly!) The female voice said again, giggling (I choose who I want to hear me!)

(Who are you?) Riku thought, hoping that she would hear (Actually…it’s more like what are you?)

(Who I am isn’t important until you’ve met me!) The voice explained (And I’m human, like you…in a manner of speaking…) Riku was confused by what the voice was telling him. Human…yet not human?

(What do you mean…?) He asked again, this time with more confusion that the last time (I don’t understand) The voice giggled again.

(You will understand!) She said in reassurance (For now, you guys have to get out of here, before the Heartless come back to that area. It shouldn’t be too long, either!)

(What are you talking about?) Riku yelled in his thoughts (There is no way out! We’re in Kingdom Hearts!)

(I know,) the female voice answered, giggling harder (‘Cause I am, too!)


Sora stopped in the middle of the winding road, and panted heavily, Donald and Goofy dropping down beside him. He remained standing, but put his hands on his knees, struggling to breathe. They had lost Pluto when wandering through the forest, and didn’t have anything else to do but run straight ahead. They didn’t want to get lost, just in case trouble came. Sora looked ahead, and suddenly noticed something in the distance. It was too far away to see properly, but it looked like buildings.

“Hey…!” he cried cheerfully, his hopes high “That looks like a town, or even a city up ahead, doesn’t it?” Donald and Goofy looked just as hopefully up ahead, and also sighted the figures that looked like houses up ahead.

“I sure hope so,” Goofy said, still panting, “‘Cause my legs don’t feel the same nomore. I’m so tired I can barely stand up!” Donald only gave a few pants to show he agreed with Goofy.

“Well,” Sora said, trying his best to stop his continuous panting, “Let’s go…” When he stared walking, he collapsed on his feet again. “Argh…I’m too tired to keep going…” he said, sounding a little upset. He had been waiting forever to find another person in this world, and now there was a whole town up ahead…and he was too tired to carry on. All of them looked down, their hopes dashed. They didn’t even hear the footsteps of another person coming their way.

“Well, well, well…look who we have here…” a deep, familiar voice said. Sora’s heart lifted, as he looked up and faced Cloud. “If it isn’t Sora,” he said, smiling, and offering Sora his hand, to help him up “What are you doing here?” Sora grinned, and accepted his hand.

“We ended up here after we sealed Kingdom Hearts,” he said as Cloud dragged him up, and wandered over to Donald and Goofy to do the same “Wherever ‘here’ is…”

“This is where we’re from,” Cloud explained, noticing Sora’s confused face after mentioning that this was his home “You see, Aerith, Yuffie, a few other people you have to meet and myself were all born here. But, one of my friends had a sister being born in the Hollow Bastion, so we went over there to stay for a while. But we liked it so much, that we decided to live there for a while until the new little sister grew up a little. But, a while after another sister was born…”

“The Hollow Bastion was destroyed?” Sora asked in reply, and Cloud gave a dim nod in answer.

“We thought we’d end up in the Hollow Bastion forever, after Kingdom Hearts was sealed,” Cloud said, continuing his tutorial “But then a friend of mine from here, the same one whose little sister was being born here, arrived and helped us get back”

“How?” Donald asked, completely confused “Didn’t the invisible walls make it impossible for anything, even a Gummi Ship, to get to the other worlds. Even so, isn’t it still meddling because the Heartless are gone?” Cloud looked down, feeling a little upset.

“That’s the thing,” Cloud said “The Heartless…are still alive”

Meanwhile…on the Destiny Islands…

Kairi looked up hopefully at the sky, thinking about may things. Sora…Kingdom Hearts…and Riku. It was all too confusing, and she was starting to feel a little lonely now that her two best friends were gone. Still, there was always Selphie, Tidus and Wakka. They seemed happy to be back. Then again, everyone was. Sora and Riku’s mothers however, were deeply sad, and Kairi went to visit them everyday, just for comfort. Suddenly, a huge calling of her name interrupted Kairi’s thoughts.

“Kairi!” a female voice cried, and Selphie ran up from behind the Seaside Shack, seeming to be in a state of panic “You have to come see this!” She ran up to Kairi, and gripped her wrists tightly.

“What is it?” Kairi asked in concern but also hopeful “What’s wrong, Selphie?”

“Some complete stranger is lying on the beach in the Cove!” Selphie cried. Kairi’s hopes dimmed a little, but she started to feel great concern for this stranger.

“Well, why are we standing here!?” Kairi cried “Let’s go! Take me to them!” Selphie nodded, and the two ran along the beach, bursting through the door to the Cove, and running in the water, both their hearts thumping wildly. As soon as they reached the top of the stairs, Kairi sighed Tidus and Wakka, but also a girl with fiery-red hair lying unconscious in front of them. She jumped down with Selphie and ran up to the two familiar faces and the unconscious stranger.

“See!?” Selphie cried, pointing to the girl, and Kairi sat down next to Tidus, just as Selphie also sat down on he other side. Kairi examined the girl carefully. She looked strangely familiar to her…

“Do you know what happened to her?” she said, turning to Tidus and Wakka.

“She’s not injured,” Tidus explained “We just found her here as soon as we came back. Do you think maybe she got stranded here after the worlds returned to normal…almost?”

“Seems like it” Kairi said in agreement. The girl groaned, and all four looked down at her. The girl weakly opened her eyes, which were an emerald green, and looked up at Kairi, Tidus, Selphie and Wakka. The girl gasped and shot up, looking at them as she sat up on her legs.

“Hey…chill, ya?” Wakka said, trying to calm the nervous girl down “Welcome to the Destiny Islands! The name’s Wakka! What’s yours?” The girl glanced at them, calming down slightly.

“I’m Kira,” she said in reply, realising the warmth and welcome in everyone’s eyes.

“Kira, huh?” Kairi said, smiling “That’s a pretty name! I’m Kairi, and this is Selphie and Tidus” She pointed to them both, and they both grinned at Kira.

“Kairi!” the girl cried in surprise, her eyes widening with shock “You’re the seventh Heart Princess, aren’t you?” Tidus, Selphie and Wakka both glanced at Kairi in complete surprise. Kairi gave a nod, glancing at Kira with the same shocked face.

“But…how did you know?” she asked curiously, feeling as if what she had to say would be the beginning of another long and dangerous journey…

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To Number 3: Thank you!! Erm…do I have to redo the whole thing jsut 'cause I have to correct that little error!? :moogle:

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