The Kingdom Hearts Trilogy: Angels Rise Again Chapter 1

Yes. Take your time if you have to.

Oh, I will…

I loved this both the prolouge and the chapter 1. You are a great writer and i cant wait for the next chapter, but dont rush take your time and do it good like the rest. :cool:

smiles You mean like me Wil? :hahaha;

Chris-chris makes loads of mistakes… yes, that be true, but! I don’t make as many mistakes as I use too. :slight_smile:

Anyways, I really liked this chappie, keep it coming, (at your own time please). :):yipee:

I love it it sooooo good i guess i have to play the game to get it better but its heeps good cant wait till chapter 2!!! but like the others said take ur time :cool: hey wat u doin this weekend???
keep the good work up high five “dont leave me hanging” lol :yipee:

Hello! Sorry…I was out at the movies! Thanks to everyone who reviewed while I was out, and I think that answers Marshmellows’ question.

:yipee: I am SOOOO hyper!:yipee:

To stop this becoming necrotic, was the movie any good?

The movie was great!! I recommend you see it! I looove romance and comedies. They are such a funny pair!:hahaha;

Sorry, who are such a great pair? I’ve never heard of the film.

This is very interesting, and I’ll be sure to check it regularly for updates. Nice work!:yipee:

Thanks for the review, Dei, and to answer Pierson’s question I was referring to comedy x romance, although Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellwegger are just as good!..I guess…