The Half Blood Prince *Possible Spoilers*

I just got back from watching it and thought it was pretty good. There were some deiviantions from the book from what I recall from reading it, but nothing close to being major enough to bring down the film. I’m really glad that they’re breaking the last book into two seperate movies. With all that occurs in the book, there were times when the film did feel rushed so that the major points could be covered and still keep it at 2hr30min.

Your Thoughts?



I second the sentiment that they should break the last movie into two. There just wasn’t enough time to focus on anybody aside from Dumbledore hitting on Harry.

Speaking of which, does anybody know what the whole first scene was about with the reporters? I don’t have my copy of the book handy or else I’d look to see if it’s in the book.

Harry Potter: Not a billion dollar idea.

The first scene was a flashback of what must have been them coming out of the Ministry of Magic after the battle with the Death Eaters in the last movie. I don’t remember if it was in the books.

The new movie is OK. It’s got a great sense of humor and Slughorn is great. I went to see it with some people who had read the books and some who hadn’t, and the consensus is that while the characters were accurate and the comedy on target, it was an awful long movie where not much of anything happened. They also changed around a few key scenes and threw in some that weren’t in the books.

To me, the sixth book itself was more of a move to return to the charm and style of the first two books, with more emphasis on the progression of the characters and school life with segments of the underlying plot here and there up until the end, where it’s just a massive explosion of bad news leading from one foot to the other, ala the last few chapters of ‘Azkaban.’

Hoping to get the same vibe when I see the movie.

Does it seem to cover the most important plot elements?

The last HP movie I saw was the one with the huge Quidditch tourney in the beginning, where Death Eaters attack. I felt like it left out so many important storylines, the film made no sense. If this one is decent, I’d see it. I really liked the HP books.

Watched it on Friday, first HP movie I saw, read the books once (some twice).

Gagged everytime I remembered the actors are 20ish and are supposed to act sloppy teen love scenes. Also, I was in a rotten mood afterwards, as I remembered I haven’t been …snogging… with anyone in over a year. >_>;

Whenever there was action, it was well-performed… (haven’t seen earlier ones, but damn, the flame splitting was pretty sweet.)

Had to laugh inside every time I remembered “I will marry the actress who portrays Luna Lovegood”.jpg

I think the movie itself quite didn’t have enough emphasis on “mystery” of the Half-blood Prince itself to have the title… it was here and there and then poof, “I’m him,” case closed.

It had better contain the Mrs. McGonagall tit torture scene from the book, or I’m crying foul!

That was one thing I didn’t like. They did a great job of showing that he was getting attached to the book in the beginning, then it dwindled into irrelevency after the Harry and Ginny hid it in the room of requirement. Never to be mentioned again until the very end.

They’re saving it for the DVD release (or not).

I agree with most of the sentiments. It seems like the movie was made to be a summer movie, because there were a lot of booms and moments to go “Oooh” and “Aww”. I also felt like not much happened (most of the movie was focused on the relationships between the students). “I killed Sirius Black” though, that was a nice touch to Bellatrix by Helena Bohnam Carter (whose torture scene I hope they keep for the next movie(s)). I, too, thought they really left out the Half Blood Prince, and Harry’s paranoia about Malfoy. The paranoia was the only thing that really stood out about Harry from the book for me and they totally left it out.

All in all I thought it was an ok movie, I just wished there was a little more content, or substance or something.

As someone who saw the movie before reading the book, two things stood out that I didn’t like: They never develop Fenrir Greyback at all after showing us his poster at the beginning of the movie, and Dumbledore’s death would just never have realistically happened if the plot stayed true to his character. This was probably the best HP movie I’ve seen yet though, especially after the fucking uneventful mess that was HP5.

What was with Hermione getting gooey, foamy white stuff on her face, TWICE? Maybe I have a sick mind, but come on, someone’s trying to tell me something :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Sectumsempra is a BADASS spell. I liked it.

The sixth book is my favorite, and the movie is pretty good, but some things, especially the ending, were altered in very weird ways. I’m not against making changes from the source material, but the ending was just a bad change.

I never wanted to be Slytheryn so badly. <3

Emma Watson may or may not be coming to school with me.

Is this “may or may not” dependent on you, her, or the institution?

No-one, as of today, actually. Huh.

You have a mission, now. I don’t believe I have to state it. Just do it.