The group hug thread!

Here’s a neat idea from the Godawful Fanfiction forums; a group hug thread. The idea is that you say something nice about the previous poster… and that’s the only rule :slight_smile:
For example:
Jing is one heck of a cool lil’ sis :slight_smile:

I’m so jealous SS has such a hot angelic girlfiend like Weiila.

I already made a thread like this and it died because of dummies.

opens arms hug plz!

Charle keeps the boards interesting. :slight_smile:

Wow, Hades and Charle aren’t very good at this. :stuck_out_tongue:

BahamutXero, you’ve always struck me as being a solid gamer, the kinda person for whom these forums were made - you don’t fuck around with like, posting about emotional issues or politics or your favorite pet or whatever - you’re a solid RPG player, and I think that’s really cool and I respect that, cause I know you’re an awesome, wonderful person - you just don’t need to throw it all at the boards and at the community to be part of it. Rock on, man, and happy early 2-year anniversary of being at RPGC. :victoly:

edit: Noooo! Danger, danger! About to fuck up! (sorry GG)

Maz is the man for many reasons. Foremost of which is the fact that he laughs at all my jokes, and helps me make fun of foreign people on the subway.

Sorc is badass because he’ll give you his opinion straight and he wont pussy out like most people would. Brutally honest and gives off that “you can chill with me” vibe. Well I think so.

twiddles thumbs and waits

Eva has, uh, boobs?

TD is just plain the man. I mean, look at his avatar!

I was expecting a big ego boost! Thanks for that, captain obvious!

edit: Yar is still next in line.

I’ll just pre-empt everyone by saying what I like about everyone on these forums at once:

Sinistral: Your hair kicks ass. I wish I had nice, flowing hair like you, and those circular glasses are awesome too.

Mazrim: You’re just awesome in every way. I talk to you all the time and tell you what I think is awesome about you, so yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorc: You choose not to post if all you’re gonna be doing is stating the obvious, you always contribute in some way, and that’s cool. I also like your music.

Char: Even when your jokes get old, they’re still hillarious. And your Zeppelin avatar is sexy.

Zeppelin: You’re sexy, and you gave me advice on what song I should learn to play on guitar. “Horizons” is the best song ever.

Merlin: I don’t interact with you much, but you change my user name when I ask you to, so I guess you’re cool.

Pierson: I like your sword, and your soft, delicate complexion. Will you go on a date with me?

Steve: You’re cool when you’re not calling me an asshole :frowning:

Weiila: You’re uh… good at… stuff >>; I’ll be honest, I’ve never read a single one of your stories, but I bet they’re great.

Jing: It’s cute when Char obsesses over you. Other than that I don’t know much about you.

Jango: You stink D: On the upside, you’re from Vancouver, the best city in the world.

Tenchimaru Draconis: Your name is Raymond Vermeulen and you like Cowboy Bebop. You can’t get much cooler than that.

Sephiroth Katana: You should run for president. You really do your homework when it comes to stuff like that.

Epic Gamer: You send me roms and insult people with me when they’re acting stupid. I find that rawsome.

Nessa: You don’t go here anymore, but you have a very colorful personality :smiley:

Cless: You play some badass Starcraft. Like today when we building spammed in team melee and built our army inside their base.

I’m sure I missed a tonne of people, so I’ll add more later :smiley:


I think someone already did Charle, so I’ll do Hades. He’s uh…not afraid to flame people? No…he…uh…tells whats on his mind! Thats it!

hades roxorz my boxorz in bed.

Hey Evangelion, one word: Leather!

This thread has died.

Hades is awesome because he manages to be an asshole, yet I never really feel the need to take him seriously like I do other assholes.

I am not your whore Hades. Be civilized for once!

Yes you are!